How Much Does A Car Battery Weigh?

Ever wondered about the weight of a car battery? It’s a crucial component, responsible for starting your engine and powering your car’s electrical systems. Whether you’re changing a dead battery or just curious, this article has the answers and info on various battery types. Read on!

Why the weight of your car battery is important?

Wondering why battery weight matters? If you ever need to remove it from your car, the weight determines the ease of handling. When buying a new one, opt for a similar weight to ensure comparable power. Battery weight also influences vehicle performance, too heavy or light can impact efficiency. It’s essential to match the right weight for optimal performance.

Why the weight of your car battery is important?

How to know your car battery’s weight?

If you’ve never checked a car battery’s weight, here are simple ways to find the answer.

  1. Check the label on the battery for weight, usually listed in pounds or kilograms, located on the top or side. If the label is worn, consult the agent’s handbook or owner’s manual.
  2. Use the BCI group number, found on the battery’s side, to look up weight in a chart or online if there’s no label or it’s worn.
  3. Ask the manufacturer for precise battery weight, along with dimensions and other essential details.

How much does a car battery weigh? 

A car battery typically weighs 25 to 50 pounds, varying with factors like type, voltage, fluid level, and vehicle type. Weight decreases as the electrolyte solution evaporates when the battery is empty. Here are some common types of batteries and their weights:

Type of BatteryWeight Range (Pounds)Additional Information
Standard Batteries30 – 60Most common in cars, trucks, and SUVs.
Lightweight Batteries10 – 25 (sometimes more)Found in small cars and electric vehicles. Capable of efficiently powering a car. Research compatibility with your car’s power efficiency before buying.
Electric Car Batteries1,000 – 3,000Primary source of energy for electric vehicles. Weight varies based on size, type, and manufacturer.
Hybrid Car BatteriesStarter: 26 – 41 Electric: 50 – 120Hybrid vehicles have both a standard 12-volt starter and an electric battery. Weights vary by model. Starter could be lead-acid or lithium-ion.
Heavy-Duty BatteriesTractor: 25 – 60 Bus: 130 – 190Found in buses, large trucks, tractors, and heavy-duty vehicles. Weights vary; tractor batteries range from 25 to 60 pounds, while bus batteries weigh 130 to 190 pounds.

What makes a battery heavy?

A car battery’s weight is influenced by various factors. The substantial content, particularly the heavy element lead, significantly contributes to its weight. Additionally, the battery’s dimensions, influenced by the number of cells, and the charge level also affect its weight. Weather protection, plastic usage, and the type of batteries (for electric cars) are additional factors contributing to the overall weight.

What makes a battery heavy?

Are heavy batteries more efficient? 

Not necessarily. For batteries of the same size, a heavier one is likely cheaper and more available locally. However, lighter batteries excel in longevity, cold-cranking amps, and overall power. The drawback is their higher cost and limited availability for the average consumer.

BCI Group 24 Batteries Comparison Chart

ModelBattery TypeChemistryCapacity (Ah)RC (min)CCAMCAWeight (lbs/kg)
ACDelco M24AGMDeep CycleAGM8014050062543.0 lbs; ~19.5 kg
Battle Born BB1250Deep CycleLiFePO45012060A const.100A 30s22 lbs; 9.96 kg
Battle Born BB1275Deep CycleLiFePO475180100A const.200A 30s27 lbs; 12.23 kg
Exide Edge FP-AGM24DPDual PurposeAGM7514577593050 lbs; ~22.7 kg
Lifeline GPL-24TDeep CycleAGM8014955068056 lbs; 25.5 kg
LiTime 12V 100Ah MiniDeep CycleLiFePO4100240100A cont.250A 5 sec19 lbs; 8.6 kg
Mighty Max ML75-12Deep CycleAGM7750.71 lbs; ~22.97 kg
Mighty Max ML75-12 GelDeep CycleGel7550.55 lbs; 22.9 kg
NorthStar NSB-AGM24FDual PurposeAGM76160840100057 lbs; ~25.8 kg
Power Sonic PS-12750Deep CycleAGM78900A 5s50.6 lbs; 22.9 kg
UPG UB12750Deep CycleAGM7549.1 lbs; ~22.3 kg
VMAXTANKS FLP24-1265Deep CycleLiFePO465~15065A const.120A 3s15.5 lbs, 7.0 kg
VMAXTANKS MB107-85Deep CycleAGM8517055 lbs; ~24.9 kg
VMAXTANKS MR107-85Deep CycleAGM8516070055 lbs; ~24.9 kg
VMAXTANKS SLR-85Deep CycleAGM8518055 lbs; ~24.9 kg
Weize FP12750/TL1275Deep CycleAGM7746 lbs; 20.9 kg

BCI Group 24 batteries, mainly deep-cycle and dual-purpose, are commonly used in cars with dual battery systems. They weigh approximately 43-57 pounds (~19.5-25.8 kg) on average, mostly being lead-acid batteries.

If you’re in need of a starting BCI Group 24 battery and can’t find one, consider opting for a starting Group 34 battery. Although smaller and lighter, Group 34 batteries are optimized for cranking applications, offering stronger currents compared to deep-cycle Group 24 batteries.

ModelBattery TypeChemistryCapacityRCCCAMCAWeight (lbs/kg)
ACDelco 34AGMStartingAGM6011538.7 lbs; 17.4 kg
Banshee 34MDual PurposeFlooded6610075087037.0 lbs; 16.8 kg
Banshee LFP-34MDual PurposeLiFePO450~12080013.8 lbs; 6.25 kg
Deka 9A34Dual PurposeAGM5512075095541 lbs; 18.6 kg
Delphi BU9034StartingAGM5512077542.5 lbs; 19.3 kg
DieHard 38232StartingAGM5512077544.5 lbs; 20.2 kg
Exide Edge FP-AGM34Dual PurposeAGM6012077045.9 lbs; 20.8 kg
Interstate MTZ-34StartingAGM63125800100047 lbs; 21.3 kg
Interstate MTZ-34RStartingAGM63125800100047 lbs; 21.3 kg
Mighty Max ML-GROUP34Deep CycleAGM6039.7 lbs; 18 kg
NorthStar NSB-AGM34Dual PurposeAGM65134880105051 lbs; 23.1 kg
NorthStar NSB-AGM34/78Dual PurposeAGM65134880105051 lbs; 23.1 kg
Odyssey 34-PC1500TDual PurposeAGM68135850105049.5 lbs; 22.4 kg
Optima RedTop 34StartingAGM50100800100037.9 lbs; 17.2 kg
Optima 8016-103 D34MDual PurposeAGM5512075087043.5 lbs; 19.7 kg
VMAXTANKS XTR34-75Deep CycleAGM75145825*45.0 lbs; 20.4 kg
Weize 34M Dual PurposeDual PurposeAGM5512065078042.6 lbs; 19.3 kg
XS Power D3400 12V 65 AhDual PurposeAGM65135100047.0 lbs; 21.32 kg
XS Power D3400 12V 80AhDual PurposeAGM80160115050 lbs; 22.67 kg

Group 34 lead-acid batteries typically weigh 37-51 pounds (~16.8-23.1 kg), whereas lithium Group 34 batteries weigh approximately 14 pounds (~6.3 kg).

BCI Group 34/78 Batteries Comparison Chart

ModelBattery TypeCell TypeCapacity (Ah)RC (min)CCAMCAWeight (lbs/kg)
ACDelco 78AGMStartingAGM6011574089037.8 lbs; 17.2 kg
Bosch Group 78 PlatinumDual PurposeAGM6012077043 lbs; 19.5 kg
Delphi BU9078 MaxStartStartingAGM5512077543 lbs; 19.5 kg
Northstar NSB-AGM34/78Dual PurposeAGM65134880105051 lbs; 23.1 kg
Northstar NSB-AGM78Dual PurposeAGM65134880105051 lbs; 23.1 kg
Odyssey 34/78-PC1500DTDual PurposeAGM68135850105049.5 lbs; 22.4 kg
Odyssey 78 PC1500Dual PurposeAGM68135850105049.5 lbs; 22.4 kg
Odyssey 78-790Dual PurposeAGM6111479299047.1 lbs; 21.4 kg
Optima 8004-003 34/78 RedTopStartingAGM50100800100038.8 lbs; 17.6 kg
Optima 8014-045 D34/78 YellowTopDual PurposeAGM5512075087043.5 lbs; 19.7 kg
Optima 8078-109 78 RedTopStartingAGM50100800100039.5 lbs; 17.9 kg

Group 34/78 lead-acid batteries typically weigh 37-51 pounds (~16.8-23.1 kg) on average.

BCI Group 35 Batteries Comparison Chart

ModelBattery TypeBattery ChemistryAhRCCCAMCAWeight (lbs/kg)
Arc-Angel Group 35StartingLiFePO440~9690016 lbs; 7.3 kg
Bosch S6523BDual PurposeAGM5311065078040 lbs; 18.1 kg
Delphi BU9035Dual PurposeAGM5010068040 lbs; 18.1 kg
DieHard 38275Dual PurposeAGM5010065042 lbs; 19.0 kg
NorthStar NSB-AGM35Dual PurposeAGM6011574088049 lbs; 22.2 kg
Optima 8020-164 35 RedTopStartingAGM449072091031.7 lbs; 14.4 kg
Optima 8040-218 D35 YellowTopDual PurposeAGM489862077036.4 lbs; 16.5 kg
Odyssey 35-PC1400TDual PurposeAGM6513085095050 lbs; 22.7 kg
Odyssey ODP-AGM35Dual PurposeAGM5911067545.9 lbs; 20.8 kg
PowerTex PTLG35Dual PurposeLiFePO448~11543091013.5 lbs; 6.1 kg
XING CELL Group 35Dual PurposeLiFePO442~10050013.6 lbs; 6.2 kg

Group 35 lead-acid batteries weigh 31-50 pounds (~14-22.7 kg) on average, whereas lithium Group 35 batteries weigh approximately 16 pounds (~7.3 kg).

BCI Group 47 (H5, L2, 55L2) Batteries Comparison Chart

ModelBattery TypeCell TypeCapacity (Ah)RC (min)CCAMCAWeight (lbs/kg)
ACDelco 47AGM ProfessionalStartingAGM6011563039.2 lbs; 17.8 kg
ACDelco 47AGMA GoldStartingAGM6010566039.24 lbs; 17.8 kg
Deka 9A47 IntimidatorDual PurposeAGM6010060069039 lbs; 17.7 kg
Delphi BU9047 MaxStartStartingAGM6010060038.5 lbs; 17.5 kg
Interstate Group 47/H5 BatteryStartingWet/Flooded5410065081032.9 lbs; 14.9 kg
Interstate Group 47/H5 AGM BatteryStartingAGM6068038.9 lbs; 17.6 kg
PowerTex Group 47 BatteryDual PurposeLiFePO44811543091013.5 lbs; 6.1 kg
Weize Group 47 BatteryDual PurposeAGM6010068041.6 lbs; 18.9 kg
XS Power D4700 BatteryDual PurposeAGM5010574541.2 lbs; 18.7 kg

Group 47 (H5, L2, 55L2) lead-acid batteries typically weigh 39-41 pounds (~17.7-18.6 kg) on average.

BCI Group 48 (H6, L3, 66L3) Batteries Comparison Chart

ModelBattery TypeCell TypeCapacity (Ah)RC (Min)CCAMCAWeight (lbs/kg)
ACDelco 48AGM ProfessionalStartingAGM7012076045.5 lbs; 20.6 kg
Deka 9A48 IntimidatorDual PurposeAGM7012076087545 lbs; 20.4 kg
Delphi BU9048 MaxStartStartingAGM7012076045.5 lbs; 20.6 kg
MARXON Group 48 H6 L3StartingAGM7012076046.53 lbs; 21.1 kg
NorthStar NSB-AGM48Dual PurposeAGM6913577588048 lbs; 21.8 kg
Odyssey Battery 48-720 BatteryDual PurposeAGM6913072384248 lbs; 21.8 kg
Optima Batteries DH6 YellowTopDual PurposeAGM7214080092854 lbs; 24.5 kg
UPLUS Group 48 BatteryStartingAGM7012076046.53 lbs; 21.1 kg
Weize Group 48 BatteryDual PurposeAGM7012076047.5 lbs; 21.5 kg
XingCell PH6 LithiumStartingLiFePO44811556015.8 lbs; 7.16 kg
XS Power D4800Dual PurposeAGM6012081547.6 lbs; 21.6 kg

Group 48 (H6, L3, 66L3) lead-acid batteries typically weigh 45-54 pounds (~20.4-24.5 kg) on average.

BCI Group 49 (H8, L5, 88L5) Batteries Comparison Chart

ModelBattery TypeCell TypeCapacity (Ah)RC (min)CCAMCAWeight (lbs/kg)
ACDelco 49AGM ProfessionalStartingAGM9516090058.6 lbs; 26.6 kg
Bosch S6588B S6 Flat Plate AGM BatteryStartingAGM9216085061.9 lbs; 28.1 kg
Deka 9AGM49 AGM Intimidator BatteryStartingAGM9217085097558.5 lbs; 26.5 kg
Delphi BU9049 MaxStartStartingAGM9217085058 lbs; 26.3 kg
Duracell AGM49 BatteryStartingAGM9217085097557.8 lbs; 26.2 kg
Exide Edge FP-AGML5/49 Flat Plate AGMDual PurposeAGM9216085059.8 lbs; 27.1 kg
Full River FT890-49Dual PurposeAGM80168890107061.1 lbs; 27.7 kg
Interstate MTX-49/H8StartingAGM95160900100059 lbs; 26.7 kg
Odyssey 49-950 PerformanceDual PurposeAGM94160950115062.8 lbs; 28.5 kg
Weize Group 49 BatteryDual PurposeAGM9516090056.43 lbs; 25.56 kg
XS Power D4900Dual PurposeAGM80169107559 lbs; 26.8 kg

Group 49 (H8, L5, 88L5) lead-acid batteries typically weigh 57-63 pounds (~25.9-28.6 kg) on average.

BCI Group 51 and 51R Batteries Comparison Chart

ModelBattery TypeCell TypeCapacity (Ah)RC (min)CCAMCAWeight (lbs/kg)
ACDelco ACDB24RDual PurposeAGM457032539029.11 lbs; 13.2 kg
Deka/East Penn 8AMU1RStartingAGM4532040025 lbs; 11.3 kg
Delphi BU9051P MaxStartDual PurposeAGM466032539029.5 lbs; 13.4 kg
Optima 8071-167 D51Dual PurposeAGM386645057526 lbs; 11.8 kg
Optima 8073-167 D51RDual PurposeAGM386645057526 lbs; 11.8 kg
VMAXTANKS SLR60Deep CycleAGM6013543 lbs; 19.5 kg
XS Power D5100 XSDual PurposeAGM6010074539.6 lbs; 18.0 kg
XS Power D5100R XSDual PurposeAGM6010074539.6 lbs; 18.0 kg

Group 51/51R lead-acid batteries typically weigh 25-43 pounds (~11.4-19.5 kg), with deep cycle variants being notably heavier than starting batteries in this group.

BCI Group 65 Batteries Comparison Chart

ModelBattery TypeCell TypeCapacity (Ah)RC (min)CCAMCAWeight (lbs/kg)
ACDelco 65AGMDual PurposeAGM12075042.5 lbs; 19.3 kg
ACDelco 65AGMHRCDual PurposeAGM7015077545.8 lbs; 20.75 kg
ACDelco 65XAGMDual PurposeAGM7414595058 lbs; 26.3 kg
Bosch S6551B S6Dual PurposeAGM7014076091054.9 lbs; 24.9 kg
Deka 9A65Dual PurposeAGM7515077595546 lbs; 20.85 kg
Delphi BU9065 65Dual PurposeAGM7515075047.5 lbs; 21.5 kg
Full Throttle FT930-65Dual PurposeAGM75150930107057.5 lbs; 26.1 kg
NORTHSTAR NSB-AGM65Dual PurposeAGM69135930107055 lbs; 24.9 kg
Odyssey 65-760Dual PurposeAGM6412976289049.8 lbs; 22.6 kg
Odyssey 65-PC1750TDual PurposeAGM74145950107054 lbs; 24.5 kg
Renogy RBT100LFP12S-G1Deep CycleLithium100~240100A max. cont.26 lbs; 11.8 kg
XS Power D6500Dual PurposeAGM75150107058.3 lbs; 26.4 kg

BCI group 65 lead-acid batteries: 45-57 lbs (~20.4-25.9 kg), lithium group 65 batteries: ~26 lbs (~11.8 kg).

BCI Group 75 Batteries Comparison Chart

ModelBattery TypeCell TypeCapacity (Ah)RC (min)CCAMCAWeight (lbs/kg)
Delphi BU9075DT MaxStartStartingAGM6010068041.0 lbs; 18.6 kg
Odyssey 75-PC1230Dual PurposeAGM5511076081545.5 lbs; 20.6 kg
Odyssey 75/86-PC1230DTDual PurposeAGM5511076081545.5 lbs; 20.6 kg
Odyssey ODP-AGM7586Dual PurposeAGM498970876043.4 lbs; 19.7 kg
Optima 8022-091 75/25 RedTopStartingAGM4410072091033.1 lbs; 15.0 kg
Optima 8042-218 D75/25 YellowTopDual PurposeAGM489862077037.8 lbs; 17.2 kg

BCI group 75 lead-acid batteries weigh 33-46 pounds (~15-20.9 kg) on average.

BCI Group 94R Batteries Comparison Chart

ModelBattery TypeCell TypeCapacity (Ah)RC (min)CCAMCAWeight (lbs/kg)
ACDelco 94RAGMDual PurposeAGM8014085051.6 lbs; 23.4 kg
Deka 9A94RDual PurposeAGM8014080051.5 lbs; 23.3 kg
Delphi BU9094RDual PurposeAGM8014080052 lbs; 23.6 kg
Exide Edge FP-AGML4/94RDual PurposeAGM8014080053.3 lbs; 24.1 kg
Interstate MTX-94R/H7StartingAGM80140850100052 lbs; 23.6 kg
NorthStar NSB-AGM94RDual PurposeAGM76158840103057 lbs; 25.8 kg
Odyssey 94R-850Dual PurposeAGM8015085054.8 lbs; 24.9 kg
Optima DH7 YellowTopDual PurposeAGM8015588060.5 lbs; 27.4 kg
XingCell GH7Dual PurposeLithium7518088017.8 lbs; 8.06 kg
XingCell PH7Dual PurposeLithium54~13061015.4 lbs; ~7 kg

BCI group 94R lead-acid batteries average 52-75 lbs (~23.6-34 kg), while lithium group 94R batteries weigh ~17 lbs (7.7 kg).

How Long Does A Battery of a car Last?

Car battery lifespan varies: lead-acid (3-5 years), lithium-ion (10-20 years), AGM (6-10 years), hybrid (5-15 years), deep-cycle (3-6 years), electric car (around 15 years). Maintenance matters—keep it clean, well-charged, and check electrolyte levels. Care ensures a long-lasting battery.


Car battery weight varies based on type, size, and manufacturer. Check the label, ask the manufacturer, or look online for accurate weight information. Understanding your battery’s weight is crucial. What type of battery is in your vehicle? Share in the comments! Thanks for reading!

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