How To Choose A Bed Frame 

Many essential body processes happen during the night when we are deep asleep. It’s essential to have the vital tools to help one achieve a comfortable sleep for this to happen.

Selecting the right bed frame involves measuring your mattress and checking your room space. You should also look into the type of frame, its support, and the design of your preferred foundation. Lastly, you should be aware of its materials.

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Choosing Your Bed Frame 

A bed frame is the support system of your mattress. It’s supposed to help you get the quality sleep that you need. And unless you choose one that is right for you, you may encounter long-term issues like back problems, muscle soreness, and even joint pain.

The right model will reduce back discomfort, improve sleep quality and alleviate other stress-related symptoms. (Source)

Things To Remember

  1. Measure Your Mattress

If you’re only replacing your bed frame, it’d be best to know the exact mattress size so you can keep using it.

Both the mattress and the foundation need to fit together correctly. Some stores sell ones that have different dimensions when compared with models from other stores. 

It’d be best to get the official mattress measurement before shopping. 

  1. Check Available Space In Your Room

Consider the available space that you have in your room. Leave at least 2 or 3 feet on one side and the foot end. 

For 15 tips to help you with your purchase check out my helpful list here.

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  1. Choose A Mattress Support Type

Mattresses are better-taken care of when there’s support beneath them. Without this, your mattress can start to deteriorate faster than an average one should.

There are two options you can choose from for the support; these could either be a platform or box springs. 

Platform models have the frame and base integrated. These are known to last longer compared to box springs. 

Check out my recommended models here (one of which I have in my “camper van”

Scott Boyd
Scott at his tiny home (I am slowly building it) and installing the Zinus Smartbase with a five-inch mattress in my Dodge Caravan I use for camping and a cheap crash pad.

A box spring support would raise the height of your mattress and will effectively absorb any shock and vibrations. But the springs can wear out depending on the pressure, weight, and activities. 

  1. Choose The Kind Of Frame You Want

There are two types, integrated and separate. Separate do not have any headboard, footboard, or side rails attached to them. At the same time, integrated types have these decorative elements attached. 

If you’re saving up space, choose a separate foundation as its size tends to be bulkier than integrated types. 

  1. Decide On The Height Of The Bed Frame You Want

Consider the height you want to be sleeping at, and get in and out too! Choose what is comfortable for you. 

If you are prone to back pain and leg issues, then a thick model can be helpful for you. But if you prefer your mattress closer to the ground, you can opt for a lower model. 

A higher model also allows an increase in airflow volume. It specifically affects the heat release rate and heat flux. (Source

Some stores can sell you customized models for your preferred height. Or you can adjust it cheaply with my DIY tips.

  1. Choose The Correct Type of Legs

Remember that it will not only be carrying your weight but also the weight of your mattress. 

Look for frame legs that will not scratch or damage your flows. There are bed frames with wheels on the legs if you’re looking for something more portable and easy to move. 

  1. Consider The Materials

Wood and metal are often the top picks for materials as these two can be very durable and long-lasting. 

What differentiates the two is how they look. Look for the material that will work well with your preferred room design. 

Hardwood is a bit heavy as a material but is worth it. It will give your room a wood accent if that’s what. 

Another material that you can look for is metal which is a bit cheaper than hardwood. Some metal foundations bend easily if not appropriately reinforced on the frame. 

See my informative article comparing both materials here.

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  1. Choose The Proper Support System
Choose The Proper Support System for your bed.

Make sure that the slat system is durable enough. The slats are frames that serve as the base for the mattress. 

The design of your bedding system will significantly improve your sleep quality. Our bodies benefit from consistent sleep quality, and a bedding system is a solution. (Source

Choose strong slats that won’t bend easily. Look for hardwood slats like poplar or beech to ensure they last for a long time. Read about my easy and cheap DIY solutions to improve slat and platform strength here.

The spaces between the slats also significantly influence how it will support your mattress. Avoid those that have too much space between them.

Some stores place big slats across the entire frame for extra support. 

  1. Choose The Design You Want

Think about the entire design you’re trying to pull off in your room, and then match the color, size, and bed frame type. 

Modern designs usually pair best with metal foundations, while traditional designs work well with wood models.

Types Of Bed Frames 

A bed frame has at least three parts: the head, foot, and side rails. Some designs have legs, but some styles do not need frame legs. A large aspect of this is the style of the foundation itself.  

Here are a few types that you can consider when you’re buying your next one: 

  1. Divan

This bed model is perfect for you if you’d like extra storage underneath. The foundation includes a drawer where you can store any item. It’s ideal for keeping organized.  


  • The solid structure under the mattress makes its design more durable and long-lasting.
  • It has a lot of purposes. You can store almost anything under the bed, plus you don’t have to get another cabinet as it already serves like one. 


  • Because of the solid structure and design, this type is a bit difficult to move around the bedroom. See my tips on how to move the bed around with ease here.
  • These are also more expensive compared to others because of their multifunctionality and extra material required.
  1. Platform Foundation

These are the type you usually see with spaces under them as the design stands on four legs. Most minimalistic people choose this type of bed for the design. Its sleek design makes a room appear neater. 


  • The design does not take up much of your floor space.
  • The space under the bed can be a storage place.
  • You can use it with any mattress.
  • You won’t have to buy a box spring.


  • Can be firmer because of the wooden platform used under the mattress.
  • Is relatively lower compared to the usual Western design.
  1. Sleigh

This model has a high footboard and headboard, making it distinct from other types.


  • Both sides can act as your headboard to position yourself in any direction.
  • If you’re up for designing your room with a theme, then a sleigh bed will add to the statement you want to make. 


  • Sleigh beds are heavy because of the extra material used for the two headboards. You may have a hard time moving it around on your own.
  • Since it’s designed more like an enclosed model, you may have trouble sleeping in it if you’re tall.
  • It was more expensive because of the design.
  1. Trundle

If you’ve ever experienced staying at a vacation home, this type has a built-in pull-out frame for another mattress under the one on the surface. 


  • These are great if you frequently get house guests that sleep over at your place.
  • It is space-saving because once you finish using the 2nd bed, you can push it back to the frame of the original one.


  • Because it has to detach and move around quickly, some materials can break loose.
  • The pull-out bed is a bit smaller compared to the usual types.
  1. Loft

If you’re working with minimal space, a loft style will most likely be your pick. Since 2017, loft beds have become famous for their very modern and, of course, their space-saving style. 


  • You can fit tables, sofas, and even chairs under the loft bed.
  • It acts as an upper-floor spot for your mattress.
  • Maximizes confined spaces.


  • This design is not advisable for rooms with low ceilings.
  • You may have trouble climbing up its stairs for bedtime.
  • It’s not safe for kids, at least the ones below eight years old.
  1. TV

Bed frames these days are now keeping up with technology. You’ll be able to find models with an attached flat-screen today. The screens are connected to the footboard. 


  • You won’t have to make a separate space for television anymore.
  • The TV height is adjustable, so you won’t have trouble looking for a position to enjoy your TV Bed frame.
  • Most headboards for this type have built-up cushions, so you get the whole theater vibe you desire.


  • You may find replacing the built-in TV set a bit more troubling if it starts to malfunction.
  1. Canopy

A typical canopy bed comprises four posts to which you can attach curtains or linens that you want to design your bedroom. These usually have four legs, just like a platform foundation. 


  • It adds a regal type of accent to any bedroom.
  • The enclosure structure can make one feel cozy and homey when staying in bed.


  • If not cleaned regularly, dust can quickly build up at the top of the frame.
  • You cannot use it in rooms with low ceilings.
  • It is not as moveable as others.
  1. Wrought Iron

Wrought Iron models are metal frames that give off their industrial design. It is the typical choice for bachelors who live alone in apartments or condominiums. 


  • The use of metal material makes them long-lasting and durable.
  • There’s not much maintenance needed with metal compared with wood.
  • These contain lightweight materials, making moving them around much more manageable.


  • These types can be expensive because of the quality of the materials used.
  1. Ottoman

The Ottoman model has a lot of similarities with the Divan model. However, the way the storage beneath it is built differently. There are no drawers to pull out with an ottoman bed frame, as the storage space is accessed beneath the mattress.


  • It saves a lot of space and gives you a lot of storage.
  • You can pair it with an upholstered headboard, giving it the full bed-type vibe.


  • To open the storage space, you must first remove everything on top of the bed.
  • Some hinges may come off, which can cause issues with your bed structure.
  1. Mid-Century Modern Bed Frame 

These wooden bed frames are perfect if you’re looking for a classy look for your room. These bed frames can elevate n a simple-looking space to an elegant one. 


  • Polished wood always elevates any space. This bed frame would be a great touch to your room.
  • It can blend easily with almost any room color palette.
  • It does not break easily and is not high maintenance.


  • These types of frames are usually on the expensive side of bed frames because of the materials used to build them 

How Do I Choose A Bed Frame?

How Do I Choose A Bed Frame?
A wooden double bed frame on a white background

Look for a model that is within budget and within the size that you need. There are a lot of variations of available in the market, so you have to decide what you want so you will not easily get swayed in different directions. 

Good Construction And Make Durability

If you know someone who has experience buying or constructing bed frames before, then ask them for the essential details you should know. 

Check how it is assembled and see if this is something you can do easily with a few essential tools. Be aware of models that would require special tools to build, as this can be an added cost for you. 

Find Out About The Materials Used

You want a durable foundation that can support high weight. And choose one that requires you to do less maintenance work if you’re an active person. 

See how the bed frame and slats are supported. You want one that can help the entire mattress and won’t wiggle after a few uses.

One last thing to consider is the headboard. See if you want to have a headboard. Aside from the fact that it can also add to your room’s design, it can also help you relieve physical stress. 

It can be beneficial for you for extra back and neck support. The proper head and neck elevation reduces the chance of esophageal acid reflux, heartburn, and other sleep disturbances. (Source

What Type Of Bed Frame Is Most Durable? 

Hardwood-built models are the most durable. This material does not require much maintenance and can withstand long periods of use. 

It is why buying a hardwood type it may come off as costly at first, but, in the long run, you will be getting back the worth of your money. 

Other models, such as plastic or metal, are a lot cheaper, but these materials are not known to last as long as bed frames. These products can easily acquire dents and rust, which may become problematic over time. 

It is made of hardwood if you’re looking for the most durable bed frame. 

Learn more about the strongest materials for this type of furniture here.

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Does A Bed Frame Make A Difference? 

Yes, it makes a significant difference in the way that your mattress can help support your sleep. Without the right combination of mattress and bed frame, your sleep may be disturbed by minor issues like sliding around and squeaking sounds.

The primary purpose of a bed frame is to hold the mattress in one place. It should also be able to support the weight of you and your partner also, as failure to do so will accelerate the sagging of the mattress because of uneven weight distribution of weight. 

A mattress that starts to sag can affect a person’s sleep quality because of the lack of posture support. A disrupted sleep system leaves the body unable to do specific processes that can only happen when a person is deep asleep. (Source

What Type Of Bed Base Is Best? 

If you’re looking for the best base, you’re looking for a pocket-sprung edge base. 

These pocket springs provide the same amount of high-end mattress support at a much lower price than some. Sprung edge bases also offer a fluffier and foamy feel for the bed. 

Pocket springs are padded and upholstered on the base to give a more sleek finish. 

Choose The Best Bed Frame For You

Having to buy a bed frame may seem like a mundane thing to do as it is a necessity. But as you expose yourself to the different stores that offer quality, your thinking may shift, and you may become keener toward finding the best model out there. 

If it is your first time buying a new bed frame, try checking out local stores or malls for referrals. The most imperative thing to remember is not to rush the process. Buying a bed is a big purchase, and you want to make the most of your experience.


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