How to Make a Twin Bed Bigger?

Getting a good sleep is super important. It can be tough when you’re stuck on a small twin bed that’s too small for you. Maybe you can’t afford a bigger bed right now because of limited space or a tight budget. Fortunately, there are some simple things you can do to make your twin bed bigger.

Best ways to make a twin bed bigger

Following are the ways in which you can make a twin bed bigger:

Eliminate the Bed Clutter

Decorating your bed is nice, but plush toys and too many pillows can be uncomfortable for sleep. Reduce the number of pillows and opt for a fluffier comforter. Clear clutter around your bed like hanging decorations or stored items on your headboard. This will make your bed feel more spacious.

remove the mess from a twin bed to make it look bigger

Reconsidering a different Headboard

A twin headboard can make your bed appear larger and keep pillows in place, but some might be too large, taking up valuable space. Check for overlap between the mattress and the headboard, especially with headrests. Consider a headrest that’s built behind and under the mattress to save space.

using a different headboard to make a twin bed frame look bigger

An angled headboard with a headrest can also extend your bed effectively. If you lack a headboard, it’s a good option, but if your current one is bulky and encloses the mattress, consider replacing it with a more minimal design.

Buying an additional Platform Bed Frame

Standard bed frames are basic, but platform bed frames offer added benefits. They have built-in sides that can serve as steps, armrests, or extra sleeping space. The mattress is usually centered, surrounded by wooden or upholstered borders. Some platforms have borders flush with the mattress, creating more space. These frames are lower to the ground, making the twin bed seem larger, and can be a space-efficient choice for both comfort and accommodating extra sleepers.

buying an additional platform bed frame to make a twin bed look bigger

Using Bed Extenders

Want more space on your twin bed without spending a lot? Try bed extenders. They can turn a twin into a twin XL or slightly larger. They fit beside your mattress and work well with a bed bridge. Make sure that the extender fits the bed frame. Adjustable metal frames are best. This may not be useful if you have a one-piece frame.

If you don’t want to change your frame, some extenders go between your mattress and the wall. They stick to the sides and stay in place. You can also use them at the head or foot of the bed for extra length if you’re tall.

Adding length to a foot bench

Adding a bench at the foot of your bed is a popular modern bedroom decor choice. If you find one that’s almost level with your mattress, it effectively extends your bed’s length, which is great for taller people or if you have a pet sharing your bed. Your furry friend can snooze on the bench instead of crowding your space. For the best look, go for an upholstered or cushioned bench that matches your comforter.

It’ll blend in seamlessly, especially if you drape the comforter over it. Many foot benches come with storage inside, which is handy if you tend to clutter your bed with extra stuff. You can store decorations and free up legroom at the same time.

Using a loft under the bed

A twin bed can feel small if you use it for activities other than sleeping. You can use a loft bed to make more space. It raises the bed, and you can put a desk or sofa underneath. Some loft beds also expand the sleeping area.

Loft beds come with handy features like stairs and storage. They’re cost-effective and can make your twin bed feel bigger. If a loft isn’t an option, use bed risers to lift your bed a bit. This provides space underneath for storage bins.

Properly utilizing the room layout

Bed Placement: Do not place your bed in the center of the room. Place it along the walls. If you have a window alcove, put your bed there to create extra space.

Window Seat: If your room has windows, consider getting a window seat. These are usually the size of a small sofa and come with comfortable cushions. While it might be a bit costly, it can make your twin mattress feel larger and add style to your bedroom.

Headboard with Storage: Look for a headboard with built-in shelving or storage space. This can provide more space around your bed.

Bed Extender Cushion: If there’s a gap between your headboard and the mattress, try using a bed extender cushion to fill the space.

Using a trundle

A twin-sized mattress works well if you live alone in a small space or rarely share your bed. For instance, when your kid has a sleepover with a friend or when you have a friend staying over. In such cases, a twin mattress is just too small for two people. This is where a trundle bed comes in handy.

using a trundle to make twin bed look bigger

A trundle bed is a type of bed frame that has a second mattress tucked away in a storage unit beneath the main bed. When you’re sleeping alone, you can keep the trundle tucked away unless you tend to roll out of bed at night. In that case, leave it out to catch your fall. But when you have a guest, you can pull out the trundle to create a second sleeping space. Trundle beds are a great option for occasional visitors, but the main drawback is that they are stored beneath the main mattress, so there’s a slight height difference between the two.

Final Verdict

You can make a twin bed feel larger by reducing the clutter and possibly updating your bedroom furniture. Most tips involve buying new furniture or accessories, but some simple changes can help too:

Bed Placement: Put your bed in the center of the room, removing excess stuff around it.
Minimalist Approach: Keep your bedroom furniture to a minimum and use storage that hides away items.

By adopting a minimalist design and these tips, your room will feel more spacious, and your twin mattress will seem larger after the makeover.

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