How to Make SolidWorks Drawing?

SolidWorks is known for its 3D capabilities, but it also has good 2D applications. Manufacturing validation frequently relies on this well-established method of communication. In this blog, we’ll guide you through the process of generating a 2D drawing in SolidWorks.

How to make a new drawing in SolidWorks?

In SolidWorks, you can create parts, assemblies as well as drawings. Drawings that you make will take the 3D data and then it will convert that to 2D. Follow these steps to make a new drawing in solidWorks:

  1. Launch SolidWorks
  2. Select File > New or just click on the paper icon on folded corner or press CTRL+N
  3. Select “Drawing” and click “ok”
  4. Select the Sheet Size and click “ok”
creating new file in solidoworks
creating new drawing in solidoworks
selecting sheet size for new drawing in solidworks
new drawing sheet created in solidoworks

How to Add a new model in SolidWorks Drawing?

To create a SolidWorks drawing:

  1. After creating the drawing, add model views of the desired part or assembly.
  2. If you’d like to follow along with the sample steps, download the sample model.
  3. Go to the Drawing tab and select the Model View command.
  4. Choose your model from the PropertyManager (or browse and open it if it’s not open).
  5. Click on your drawing sheet to place the front view.
  6. Place a top projected view above the front view with a click.
  7. Create a right projected view to the right of the front view.
  8. Place an isometric projected view in the top-right corner of the initial front view.
  9. Exit the command by pressing the Escape key when all views are placed.
  10. To add more projected views later, select the base view, and use the ‘Projected View’ command from the Drawing tab, then repeat steps 3-8.
model view in solidworks drawing
opening sample model in solidoworks drawing

How to give annotations to a SolidWorks drawing?

To add annotations to your drawing views follow these steps:

  1. To communicate design details, such as dimensions, select the ‘Smart Dimension’ command from the Annotation tab.
  2. Choose an edge you want to dimension and place the dimension by clicking beside the edge.
  3. Repeat step 2 for all edges requiring dimensions.
  4. If using the sample model, ensure you call out the height, length, and width of the block. You can also utilize the ‘Hole Callout’ command on the Annotation tab to provide hole details in the sample model.
adding annotations to solidworks drawing
SolidWorks Drawing


While 3D CAD is powerful, many processes still rely on 2D representations. SOLIDWORKS simplifies this with easy drawing creation and quick annotations, allowing you to share models as PDFs. A well-defined drawing lets others accurately recreate your 3D part/assembly. To boost your SOLIDWORKS Drawing skills, explore SOLIDWORKS Essentials training!

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