How to Open a Sofa Bed?

Have you bought a new sofa bed and confused about how to open it? Don’t worry. In this article I will explain you in detail about how to open and close a sofa bed.

Sofa beds or couch beds are great for guest beds. These folding beds perform two in one function. Pull out couches are convertible sofas that can also be used as a bed. They can be used as sofa when you want, and transform to a bed when you need. They are efficient and saves space.

Steps to transform a Sofa to a bed

Steps to Open a Sofa Bed

It doesn’t matter if your sofa bed model is new or old, its working is almost the same for all. There is a center bar which needs to be pulled up and outwards. This makes it easier to fold. Following are the steps that you can follow to transform a sofa bed.

  1. Pull out all the Seat Cushions
    Take out both the back cushions and the box cushions. Keep them aside.
  2. Spot the bar
    When you remove all the cushions, you will see a bar. This is the opening mechanism in all standard sofa beds.
  3. Pull the bar up and out
    Pull the bar by griping with both hands. This will make the bed unfold and the frame will lie out completely.
Steps to open a Sofa Bed

Steps to Close a Sofa Bed

Following are the steps that you can follow to unfold a sofa bed:

  1. Removing Pillows and bedsheet
    Before folding the sofa bed remove the pillow, bedsheet and blanket from the bed.
  2. Lift from the end of the sofa bed
    Pull the frame from the bottom until the legs of the sofa bed are in air.
  3. Angle the backrest
    When you push, it will slide into sofa frame and it will form the backrest of the sofa bed.
Steps to Close a Sofa Bed

Does all sofa beds work in the same way?

There are minor differences in how the bed is concealed within the sofa. The “book” style, as detailed in the futon section, involves a single piece that folds up, resembling the way a piece of paper is folded down the middle. In contrast, the other type is the pull-out sofa bed, where the sofa frame remains stationary while a separate bed frame pulls out.

How does the Opening Mechanism of a Futon work?

In the process of unfolding a futon, you’ll notice the presence of a metal bar designed for you to grasp and pull. This action extends the bottom half of the bed, making it lie flat. Unlike sofa beds, where mattresses are tucked within the sofa frame and need to be untucked and unfolded, futons operate more straightforwardly. Think of them as a single, large unit, much like a giant sheet of paper with a crease in the middle. To use a futon, simply ensure both halves of the “paper” lie flat, providing a spacious and comfortable sleeping surface.


I hope you are clear about how how to open a sofa bed for a comfortable sleep. Feel free to ask in comments if you have any questions.

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