How To Select The Best Emperor Beds For Your Home

Hello everyone, In this blog we will explore what are the dimensions of an Emperor beds the capacity of people it fir, and so on. Feel free to write us in the comments regarding anything

What Size is an Emperor bed?

To cater to different needs beds are available in various sizes. It ranges from single sizes like 90cm by 90cm which is also called the UK single to larger sizes also referred to as Euro king or Uk super King whose size is 180cm by 200cm which thereby leads to a wide selection of products for consumers

However, there are also special bed sizes designed for exceptionally large rooms. Examples include the UK Emperor size bed frame and the American Wyoming King size bed, both measuring 84″ x 84″.Here is a comparison of the dimensions of the Alaskan King, Wyoming King, and Emperor bed sizes.

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What is the capacity of an emperor bed in terms of accommodating people?

The emperor bed, though larger than a 180cm x 200cm bed, does not provide a significant increase in size. It comfortably accommodates 2 people, even leaving space for pets or a couple of small children. However, it may become quite cramped if shared by 3 adults.

What Size is an Emperor bed in the UK?

In the realm of woodworking expertise, an Emperor bed exhibits slight variations in size across different retailers. Generally, it measures 78″ x 78″ or 200cm x 200cm. There are instances where certain retailers provide even larger alternatives, spanning 215cm x 215cm or 84″ x 84″. It’s intriguing to note that this augmented size aligns with that of a Wyoming King size mattress. When you decide to acquire an Emperor bed, it’s crucial to confirm the specific mattress dimensions required.

In the realm of beds, the Emperor bed stands out as a rarity due to its exceptionally generous proportions, which can render maneuvering a bit cumbersome. Its substantial size might present difficulties when moving through confined spaces like smaller houses or apartments. This bed aligns perfectly with more spacious abodes like expansive houses, villas, or mansions, where effortlessly transporting the mattress to the desired bedroom becomes feasible.

Here is the List of Emperor Beds

The Electric Ottoman Base

The Endurance Beds electric ottoman bed base has really impressed me and here’s why. Its innovative design supports weights up to 45 Stone and comes with a reassuring 12-year guarantee. Being UK-manufactured it assures quality. The electric opening mechanism is convenient, granting access to storage via remote control. The customization options are extensive, from fabrics to sizes and mechanisms.

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The use of extra solid MDF adds durability. The gas struts for lifting, anti-slip fabric, and castors enhance practicality. The 12-year guarantee underscores its reliability. With UK manufacturing and free delivery, it’s a top-notch choice for quality sleep.

Belmont Metal Bed Frame

I had an opportunity to spend some time with Endurance Beds’ Mesh Bases and test them thoroughly. The welded steel construction offers unmatched strength and durability, backed by a 12-year guarantee. The Belmont Wrought Iron Bed, available in various colors, strikes a perfect balance between elegance and simplicity, fitting seamlessly with my modern bedroom.

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The assembly was easy due to the well-designed base without a middle leg. Its solid construction, supported by tube uprights and horizontal rails, assures reliability. Free UK delivery and a 10% discount on Bespoke Mattresses with the bed purchase are enticing. Overall, these Mesh Bases combine strength, durability, and style remarkably. I’m delighted with my choice.

Lingwood Wooden Platform Bed Frame

I’ve tested the Lingwood Platform Bed by Endurance Beds – a charming blend of minimalism and rustic feel. Those solid 28 mms (20mm for single) x 120mm pine slats ensure both strength and endurance. Sustainability shines through with Scandinavian Pine sourced responsibly and FSC certified. The customization options are impressive, with 5 wood finishes and over 43 Farrow & Ball paint colors. No headboard gives it a clean, effective look.

Emperor bed Mattress
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Emperor bed Accessories
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Emperor beds 2023

Comfort is top-notch, thanks to those sturdy wooden slats. A 12-year guarantee and free delivery across the UK mainland are standout features. Plus, a 10% discount on Bespoke Mattresses is a nice touch. Available in various sizes, from Small Single to Emperor. The Lingwood Platform Bed nails style, sustainability, and durability effortlessly. It’s won me over!

Here is the List of accessories for these beds


What is the largest bed available for purchase?

The biggest standard bed size that can be bought is the Alaskan king in America, measuring 108″ x 108″ or 9 feet by 9 feet.
However, due to its tremendous size, this type of mattress is not widely available worldwide, and it tends to be quite expensive due to the complexities involved in manufacturing and delivery.

Which bed holds the title of the largest bed in the world?

According to the Guinness Book of World Records, the largest bed ever made was created by Commissie Zomerfeesten St Gregorius Hertme (NL) in Hertme. It measured an astonishing 86 feet 11 inches in length and 53 feet 11 inches in width.

To put it in perspective, this bed would be roughly equivalent to the length of 13 emperor mattresses and the width of 8 emperor beds.

Where can I purchase an Emperor bed?

While we do not offer emperor beds or emperor-size mattresses as part of our standard range, we can customize many of our beds and all our mattresses to fit emperor bed sizes. Our beds are typically made in standard UK bed sizes. If you are in the UK and looking for a large bed, you can explore options from our King size bed frame range or Super king-sized bed range. For more information about our products, feel free to email us and browse our selection of natural pocket-sprung mattresses.

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