Idle Flippable Mattress Review: 2 For the Price of One

This review took me much longer than I expected. There is a lot of research to do and it ended up about twice as long as I expected. I hope someone finds it helpful so I didn’t waste my time 🙂

My Idle flippable mattress review looks at reviews from existing owners, videos of customers receiving and testing mattress. It has 11 layers (not 12) and three firmness options, choice of organic Talalay or Dunlop Latex, GOT and Certipur certifications, lifetime warranty, and 18 month trial period.

UPDATE: On September 16, 2022 I checked the Idle Sleep website and their other sister company websites and it appears they are out of business

Scott Boyd

Idle Flippable Mattress Reviews

The below video is a real guy, not a professional reviewer who never actually sleeps in the mattresses they review. But Scott, have you slept in this mattress that you are reviewing?

No, I have not. I have no opinion about its comfort. I am stuck in Thailand and cannot have one shipped here.

I spend my days doing research on the Internet and sharing my findings because nobody else is doing it. So hopefully my effort helps others or my time really is being wasted haha.

Hmmm, maybe I will buy one and have it shipped to my parents for them to try out until I can get home. I will bounce this idea off of them in the morning as it is 9:45 am in Thailand and 11:45 pm in Nova Scotia.

The next video shows a couple who received this mattress and they share their initial thoughts on their purchase. It is the older model from two years ago and there have been many upgrades since this video, but I think it has value for anyone thinking about purchasing this model.

Buyer Rating 4 (on Idle Website)

This buyer loved the customer service, mattress, and the company. The one-star deduction was because the mattress was more firm than she expected. The company solved the problem by providing a topper, although slightly complicates changing the sheets.

My take on this is that ordering a mattress is like ordering a steak.

If I order a Medium Well steak I might think it is perfect, da wife thinks it is raw, and brother Burkie might think it is burnt shoe leather.

Same with mattress firmness. So if more than one-third of buyers are happy I say Sham-Wow, that is a super success!!!

Now, as with a steak, it is how the company handles the issue that is important. And it looks to me like Idle Sleep helped the buyer to get a mattress that works perfectly for her.

I give some props to the company for solving this and turning an unsatisfied customer into a happy one.

The next video is another couple who received the bed in a box. I find it funny that the wife shows the camera the special cutter for cutting the plastic without damaging the mattress.

And then we see her husband cutting the plastic with scissors. Men do not listen, do we???

Buyer Rating 5 (on Idle Sleep Website)

This was my favorite review of the amount of quality content provided by the buyer. The husband is 6’6” and 250 lb and most importantly they have owned the mattress for 2 years!

So this review is so more valuable than the “professionals” on YouTube who spend 30 seconds on the mattress and then give their opinion haha.

The highlights:

  • Love it
  • Owned it for 2 YEARS and it is like new.
  • Her husband had been a mattress killer until now.
  • California King
  • She makes fun of the companies lying about their “flippable” mattresses haha. I guess technically any mattress can be flipped. Sounds like a lot of car salesmen out their peddling mattresses.

If you catch them in a lie they just say they consider it the same. So watch out for this with other companies. Hmmm, I am going to put this on my Todo list: Find these lying companies and write an article about this issue and list them.

I consider this a very important review since it is after two years of use with two people, one of which is big and heavy. I also agree that many mattress companies try to BS the potential buyer with the flippable/rotatable lingo.

Buyer Rating 5 (on Idle Sleep website)

This is a heartwarming review as the buyer has arthritis & polymyalgia and can sleep much better now. Super happy, but she does say that it is a little warm, which foam mattresses are.

Firmness Options

There are two firmness options, well three if you count one on each side of the flippable mattress. So they are:

  • Luxury Firm: has a firmness rating of 9.0 – 9.5.
  • Medium: has a firmness rating of 6 – 7.


This mattress is a BEHEMOTH at 14” thick and a whooping 2.4 density. Density is a measurement of weight per volume.

Even some of the best-sellers like Nector and Casper are “only” 2.2 and 1.6 respectively.

Weights and Costs

Table 2. Idle Hybrid Flippable Mattress Weights and Costs

[amalinkspro_table id=”5277″ new-window=”off” nofollow=”off” addtocart=”off” /]


12 layers, TWELEVE. Wow, ok the foam layer list in order:
  1. Thermocontrol cover
  2. Natural fire-resistant barrier
  3. 1” of contouring foam quilted into the cover
  4. 2” cooling buoyancy foam
  5. 1” supportive transition foam
  6. 6” quantum edge to edge pocketed coil springs (1,000 springs, wow)
  7. Repeat layers 5 through 1.

Now I am not a mathematician, but that sure looks like 11 layers to me. Counting the springs as two layers is a neat bit of marketing, but it is 11! Shame on your marketing department.

I do like that they designed the coils to the edges so you won’t sink ‘n’ slide off the bed when you sit on it to put your socks on or hold your face in your hands while dreading the upcoming day.


They are offering two free memory foam pillows and these puppies are worth $115, so that is a nice bonus.

I only ever had one pillow that I really found comfortable and it was made with memory foam so I am a fan of two freebies.


The Hybrid is Certipur certified so there are no toxins in the foam and you won’t get any off-gassing fumes when you first open the plastic bag.


You have two options to choose from and both are certified by GOTS (Global Organic Latex Standard), which you can read about here if you are bored.

  1. Talalay Latex: Customers had been requesting and inquiring about Talalay Latex so they designed the bed. It is a very expensive latex due to the manufacturing process and the price point reflects that.

    You can read about how to make Talalay Latex on Wikipedia here.
  2. Dunlop Latex: This latex option was recently added to make the mattress more affordable for buyers with a smaller bed budget. The process for making Dunlop Latex is simpler and consumes less energy. This allows Idle Sleep to offer its Hybrid for $500 – $700.


The removable cover is a great idea to make it easier to clean than using baking soda, spray bottle, and a shop-vac. I have located company literature that says the cover can be replaced too, but I cannot find it for sale on their website.

I will contact customer service to see if I can find an answer.

Mattress Protector (Optional)

They do offer the Tencel Mattress Protector and the claims include:

  • Most advanced mattress protector on the market.
  • Promotes comfortable sleeping temperature.
  • Wicks moisture away from the body.
  • Certified liquid-proof membrane.
  • More smooth than wool and cotton.
  • Eco friendly.

Table 2. Tencel Mattress Protector Cost

Twin XL98
California King184


The earlier Hybrid model had quilted foam, and it has been upgraded to buoyancy foam.

The below video is from Idle Sleep so it is pretty much a commercial, but there are a few interesting tidbits of information and it is only 1.36 minutes long so check it out.


Shipping is free to the continental US via UPS ground. These mattresses are heavy due to the quality of the materials so make sure to have someone help you when it shows up.

The mattress ships from Colorado Springs and takes between 2 and 6 days. The approximate days to ship to a few examples include:

  • Central US (Oklahoma, Arizona, Montana, South Dakota, Missouri)– 2 days
  • The west coast (California, Oregon) – 3 days
  • Eastern region (Florida, Georgia, Kentucky, Michigan, West Virginia, New York – 3 days
  • The northeast Massachusetts, Connecticut, Maine, New Hampshire) – 4 days

Don’t forget that the company has to process your order and prepare it for shipping so allow time for that also.


Idle Sleep offers a lifetime warranty. Pretty hard to beat that… actually it cannot be beaten. Well, I guess a warranty could include children after we pass on to the next world. But I don’t ever see that happening, this warranty is as crazy as it will ever get… I think.

If the mattress ever has a body sag depression of 5” they will send a new mattress to you.

I debated about including the below video as it is also pretty much a commercial and it doesn’t have a lot of information, but I decided that if the 1.11 minute helps one person than I should include it.

If you are seriously considering buying a mattress than more information the better I think.

Idle Sleep Return Policy

This return policy really makes the purchase risk free as they offer 18 month trial period. Yup, 1.5 YEARS (I actually had 180 days listed here. I guess I had a hard time getting my head around this) to give it a go to see if it is the right mattress for you.

In my humble opinion, this shows the confidence the company has in its products and its determination in providing customers with risk-free online shopping.

If their products were crap they would lose money and be out of business quickly with the cost of shipping a lot of mattresses back to the factory, where they would likely be destroyed anyway (who wants a used mattress?).

Returns are free including the shipping. To start the return process email there customer support team at

One requirement prior to returning the product is to wait 30 days after you receive the product so that you have time to get used to it.

This is primarily for mattresses so that sleepers’ bodies can get used to the new mattress and the also the mattress can get broken in.

They have the same policy for all products since it is more difficult to have several policies for different types of products.

It also gives Idle Sleep some time to try and make you happy or fix the issue with your bed frame, foundation, mattress, or accessory.

Once Idle Sleep receives the product return they will start the full refund on your credit card and they will send out an email with the information.

TIP: Do not waste your time calling as they outsource their phone support and this company does not have access to customer orders… so I am not sure how much “support” they can provide. Perhaps they can help with pre-purchase and installation questions.

Idle Sleep Exchange Policy

The Exchange Policy allows you to return your mattress and exchange it for another one within 180 days. Now, they have to have measures in place to prevent scumbags from abusing the system by exchanging their mattress every 170 days for the rest of their useless lives. So there are two options:

Exchange Mattress Option 1

You can pay a $300 “restocking” fee (really it is a scumbag prevention fee) and Idle Sleep will pick up the mattress and ship it back to the factory at their cost. This can be a good option in some situations such as:

  • You ordered a firm mattress and after a few months, you decide you need a medium firmness. Ok, no problem, $300 is a LOT cheaper than buying a new mattress or suffering through the next 10 years on a bed that is too firm.
  • You ordered a flippable mattress with one firmness, but have the same situation as above.
  • You ordered a queen size and then 12 months later you move into a McMansion and your new bedroom is the size of a football field. Well, the queen is going to look like a doll bed in there. So exchange your queen for a king 🙂
  • You are a single dude living in a frat house so the full size is plenty big for the closet-sized bedroom.

    Being drunk all the time you failed to think about graduating a year later, getting a job, buying a house, and moving in the girlfriend, boyfriend, or whatever. Time to upgrade dude.
  • Maybe you bought a king-size bed for your child a year ago. And now we have a global pandemic and there is no work, which means no money for the mortgage.

    Oh oh, sold the house and downsized and the king won’t fit into the child’s new bedroom without touching all walls. Good thing you can exchange it! Oh, and don’t laugh, I know someone who wishes they could do an exchange right now.
  • Maybe you and your SO are eating too many twinkies and getting zero exercise while watching Netflix all day during the pandemic and have outgrown your mattress.

    Don’t laugh, since I stopped building adobe and earthbag buildings as a hobby and now sit in a chair all day researching the Internet and hydrating with cheap beer I HAVE PACKED ON 25 pounds! WOW 🙁

Exchange Policy Option 2

I almost forgot about option two while looking at my tummy table. 20 minutes ago I was laughed at for having my breakfast sitting on my tummy while finishing up a paragraph. Ugh. Time for a seven day fast!

Ok, ADHD go away. You can save the $300 bones by giving up the 180 day trial period on the second mattress. This seems like a no brainer option to me since you are already family with the company and the mattress, but it is up to you.

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