Idle Sleep Adjustable Base Review: One of the Best?

The importance of a good night sleep is becoming much more understood and appreciated by an increasingly knowledgeable market. This is pushing manufacturers to create new and better designs and the consumer is benefitting.

Idle Sleep adjustable base review includes pros and cons like remote control bed adjustments, 60 degrees range, high weight capacity due to smart design and quality materials, good value. The foot section is not adjustable on the cheaper model, and the company recommends an Idle Sleep mattress.

UPDATE: On September 16, 2022 I checked the Idle Sleep website and their other sister company websites and it appears they are out of business

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Key Points:

Idle Sleep is one of the most innovative brands with ultra-modern products.

Its contemporary bed base is famous for advanced features, maximum comfort, and sleek design.

Made of a sturdy metal frame with six legs and an upholstered platform, the bed base is tested for its durability and proven to last for years.

This bed base is highly adjustable, which means you can set its position for optimum support.

Available in six different sizes: Twin, Twin XL, Full, Queen, King, and Split-King

The product offers excellent value for money. The Queen Size Adjustable Base costs only $550, a fair price, given the number of benefits and customization it offers.

A Quick Recap:

Best Suited For:

This bed base is ideal for individuals who suffer from snoring, acid reflux, and back pain problems, as they require custom positioning of the mattress.

Summary of The Pros Idle Sleep Bed Base

  • Many adjustable positions
  • A split frame is available for two different sleep positions.
  • The two premium models have adjustable leg positions.
  • The top premium model has two USB ports for easy charging of your electronics while you sleep or surf in bed.
  • Sturdy materials
  • Easy to assemble
  • Versatile and modernistic features
  • Ideal weight capacity
  • Wireless remote control (wired on the base model, but I prefer this as I can then FIND IT!)
  • May help acid reflux and snoring
  • Boxed shipment
  • Quick and free delivery
  • Great value for money
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Summary Of The Cons

  • Only works with Idle Sleep or other similar mattresses. If you want to see out a helpful and detailed review of the Idle Sleep Hybrid mattress (you can check it out here).
  • The more affordable budget model does not have adjustable legs.
  • Those who require custom foot settings may need to buy pricier versions.
  • For an adjustable foot section, you need to purchase one of the two premium models, which are expensive.

Although Idle Sleep custom settings to improve sleep comfort, the basic versions come with limited adjustable positions.

Also, the footboard is fixed, which means you can only change the bed frame’s position from the top.

However, it works well for people with snoring and acid reflux issues.

Those suffering from back pain and sore joints or restless leg syndrome (RLS) may need the Premium and Premium Plus as they offer a higher number of positions and adjustable foot settings.  

Additionally, the bed frame only works with Idle Sleep mattresses; other mattresses may not provide maximum support and can even break down.

Photo Source: Idle Sleep

Why Is Idle Sleep Adjustable Base Good for Most People?

Idle Sleep is a US-based online bedding company with a wide range of sleep products, including mattresses, bed bases, and pillows to provide undisturbed sleep.

If you are looking for an ideal sleep environment for optimum support and comfort, Idle Sleep Bed Base is a good choice.

With its adjustable bed frame, this upholstered bed base offers maximum pain relief and ergonomic spine support to mitigate pressure formation.

TIP: Unlike its traditional counterparts, Sleep Idle adjustable bed base meets the custom preferences of each sleeper type. You can raise or lower the base for several different positions. to help with acid reflux and snoring to make your significant other not want to smoother you will a pillow while you sleep 🙂

This product could actually help to save your marriage or a late-night pillow face mask.

Typically, adjustable bed bases are suitable for people with underlying health issues, including sleep apnea, fibromyalgia, and snoring.


The Idle Sleep Adjustable Bed Base comprises a solid, metal frame rigorously tested for its durability and long-lasting support.  The strong and sturdy base features six legs and an upholstered platform covered in soft charcoal fabric for added aesthetic appeal.

For maximum edge support, the bed base is layered with a resilient polyfoam to prevent any difficulty when getting in and out of bed.

The two metal retainer bars keep the mattress in place to support combination sleepers, who toss and turn all night.

The bed base can work with or without the mattress foundation or box spring and supports all kinds of mattresses designed for adjustable bed bases.

For optimal performance, use Idle Sleep mattresses, crafted to offer maximum support at all pressure points for comfortable snooze time.

Moreover, the base features gears with a motorized mechanism controlled with wireless support to adjust the ideal sleep position.

You can select two different positions for the head area in the Sleep Idle Adjustable bed base. In contrast, the premium models offer four distinctive settings for the head area and the foot area.

Additionally, the premium plus version includes dual USB charging portals for easy access to charge phones, tablets, and other gadgets.

Additional Features:

Split Frame:

Besides the regular single frame, you can find split options as well, which are ideal for couples with different sleep preferences. Each sleep partner can adjust the frame settings without disturbing the other as split frames to eliminate the risk of motion transfer.

The frame works well in all sleep positions as it perfectly cradles the body curves when sleeping on sides for natural spinal alignment and support.

Even if you are a back sleeper, the adjustable base will provide resilient back support and padded lumbar comfort while keeping the spine perfectly aligned.

Ideal Weight Support

The bed base can support up to 1000 lbs, which is way above the traditional bed frames. And it looks like a reasonable rating unlike so of the foolish claims of some companies.

This means the bed base can easily support the pressure of two average-sized, or even considerably overweight, adults and the weight of the mattress.

Now if you or your spouse have been hitting the Cheetos a little too heavy and pushing towards Jon Brower Minnoch’s weight (former 1,400 lb man) then this is not the adjustable bed frame for you.

Four Different Base Positions:

These adjustable bed bases provide sleep comfort and improve resting position up to 60 degrees with the press of a button during movie time or reading a book. The bed base offers the following tilting positions and benefits:

  • Head Incline:  0-60 degrees.
  • Foot Incline: 0-45 degrees (only in premium models).
  • Benefits: Relieves snoring & acid reflux, alleviate sore joints & backache, subsides sleep apnea, and RLS.

Programmable Memory Settings:

In the beginning, you might need to fidget around to set the sleep position, ideal for your comfort. Although there are four different preset positions in the premium models, you can save up to two in the memory for instant settings.

You can adjust the bed base with wireless remote control, allowing sleepers to change the position while being in bed. The remote control is also paired with a flashlight to improve visibility in the darkness. Batteries for the remote are part of the package.

Setting Up the Bed Base:

Typically, it takes less than fifteen minutes to set the bed base in your room due to its user-friendly design. All you need to do is unfold the hinges, attach the motor, plug the cables, and screw the legs. Turn over the bed base and connect it to the power supply for smooth operations.

Price Point of the Bed Base:

The Idle Sleep Adjustable Bed Base is a valuable investment for those suffering from health and sleep-related issues. They may appear pricey, but the convenience and comfort on offer make it quite a reasonable deal.

The standard ones, available in six different sixes, cost $550 for the Queen size, whereas the premium and premium plus models cost $1470 and $1620, respectively.

Furthermore, the premium adjustable bed base comes with a 10-year warranty, ensuring optimum quality and long-term use. The standard bed base has a 2-year warranty.


It takes 2-6 weeks to deliver your bed base directly to your home without any shipment cost.

Typically, Idle Sleep uses UPS shipment for curbside delivery, but you can also opt for white-glove services and professional setup at an additional cost.

Irrespective of your shipment choice, Idle Sleep will provide you with a link for tracking your order.


Idle Sleep Adjustable Bed Base is an ideal choice for you if you are looking for customized support and comfort. The built-in features set the base’s position according to the preference of the sleepers, making it worth the price.

While keeping in mind couples’ needs, the brand offers a split design for custom settings on each side without any motion transfer.

The sturdy base made of quality materials is well suited for people with average built, making it suitable for most sleepers.

Enjoy personalized sleep experience and remarkable comfort in your sleep area due to its custom-setting options.

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