IDLE Sleep Gel Foam Mattress: It’s Worth It

I have seen so many of the same type of YouTube reviews for this mattress that I just had to create my own. I am sure that there are people other than 30 year old white men with beds who sleep on mattresses.

The IDLE Sleep Gel Foam mattress is a popular brand with incredibly good backing from IDLE with an 18-month trial and exchange period, 12″ thick and 5.5 and 7 firmness options, good motion isolation, and responsiveness. The bad includes not best for side and stomach sleepers and soft on edges.

UPDATE: On September 16, 2022 I checked the Idle Sleep website and their other sister company websites and it appears they are out of business

Scott Boyd

IDLE Sleep Highlights

  • 18-months trial
  • Lifetime warranty
  • Mattress Height: 12-inches
  • Mattress Firmness: Medium soft to medium-firm (5.5 – 7)
  • Free shipping & 100% cashback

Gel Memory Foam at a Glance

The good include:

  • 3-layers of proprietary foam
  • Breathable cotton cover
  • Porous structure for maximum airflow
  • HD base for stable support and long-lasting use
  • Natural and eco-friendly flame retardants
  • Sag-free construction

The bad include:

  • The Exchange Policy requires $300 to exchange to get the 18 month trial period with the second mattress. This helps prevent people from habitually returning a mattress every 17 months.
  • It is not flippable. Ok, ok, I know this is not fair as there are only a few two-sided mattresses available on the market, and Idle offer two so I guess I am expecting too much. And I am having a hard time finding bad things to say about this mattress too.
  • Soft on the edges, like every other foam mattress so this may be a little harsh.
  • Excessive shrinkage at hips and shoulders for side sleepers
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What Is IDLE Sleep Gel Foam?

The IDLE Sleep Gel Foam is an all-foam mattress designed by the leading bed-in-a-box, known for its premium-quality products and extra-long trial period. Made of proprietary memory foam, the bed is typically designed for back sleepers to provide remarkable spinal alignment.

The brand buttresses its claim of “two is better than 1” with its dual firmness options.

IDLE Sleep launched in the past decade. This popular brand manufactures all its products in the US to guarantee quality and durability. With a commitment to provide restful sleep to all, the company offers a wide array of mattress types, including hybrid, natural latex, and all-foam.

Its 18-month trial period allows you to home-test the mattress in all seasons to ensure consistent performance. The company is confident with the quality of its products, thus backs them with a lifetime warranty.

For Continental US residents, IDLE Sleep offers free shipment and easy return and exchange, if you prefer another mattress instead. At $749 for the Queen size, this highly regarded sleep surface offers great value for money.

The mattress is backed with CertiPUR-US certification ensuring the mattress is free of ozone depleters, PBDEs, mercury, and lead, thus a safe option.

Its patented foam and proprietary Airflow technology make the mattress highly suitable for hot sleepers.

Mattress Construction and Material

Let’s have an in-depth review of the mattress design and its material. Here, we will go layer-by-layer and discuss each specification in detail:

The Top Cover

This all-foam gel mattress is wrapped in a quilted cotton cover that is cool and soft to touch. Its zippered configuration allows you to remove for it easy cleaning. Made of cotton yarn, the covers are suitable for washing at home; this is good because who wants to drag the protector to a dry cleaner company.

The First Comfort Layer

Beneath the cover is a 3-inch proprietary Cooling Buoyancy Foam with gel infusion to wick away heat and moisture. It is a perfect blend of cushioned comfort and subtle bounce to offer quick response and ease of movement. The resilient structure prevents stuck-in feel, pre-requisite for combination sleepers.

The Transition Layer

Next is the 2-inch thick Buoyant Foam layer, relieving backaches in any posture you sleep. Its perforated structure prevents heat-trapping for regulating the sleep temperature efficiently.

Although it’s springy, the dense structure provides incredible motion absorption for undisturbed slumber.

It gives a smooth transition from a cushioned, soft comfort to resilient and firm support for maximum spinal alignment and pressure-point relief.

The Support Layer

The Last is the HD polyfoam base to provide a stable and sturdy foundation. It resists sagging and increases the longevity of this highly comfortable sleep area.

It perfectly complements the two bouncy layers to balance quick response and compression, without breaking down the mattress.

It is wrapped in organic cotton fireproof material, offering a natural flame retardant free of chemicals.  

 Mattress Features

  • Works well with slatted, box spring, platform, and adjustable foundations
  • Proprietary foams
  • Maximum air circulation
  • Cradled support
  • Firm comfort
  • Incredible spinal alignment
  • Remarkable pressure-point relief
  • Cushions sore joints
  • Exceptional motion isolation
  • Highly responsive
  • Ease of movement
  • Affordable
  • Available in multiple sizes from Twin to Cal. King

Mattress Firmness and Feel

IDLE Sleep comes in two different firmness levels: medium-soft and medium-firm to cater to a wide range of sleeper sizes. Ideally designed for back sleepers, the mattress is well-suited for people with petite to average-weight.

The soft cushioned top perfectly pairs up with the firm bottom layers to provide comfortable firmness, ideal for relieving sore muscles and aching joints. However, the mattress firmness level varies due to the sleeper size and body weight.

As you sleep on your back, the resilient top layer uplifts your body while the firm layers keep your body well-supported and conform to body curves. The mattress offers adequate support to petite and side sleepers but is too soft for those who sleep on their stomach.


  • Infused with gel molecules, the mattress effectively dissipates heat and moisture to provide cool and comfy snooze.
  • The buoyant texture offers uplifting support for easy movement and no stuck-in feel.
  • Its perforated foam structure promotes air circulation to regulate sleep temperature effectively.
  • The medium-firm comfort level provides maximum spinal alignment and adequate lumbar support to relieve backache.
  • The plush top layer conforms to the body curves to relieve sore muscles and aching pressure points, including shoulders, hips, neck, and leg.
  • Made of premium materials and durable construction, the mattress is available for $749 for the Queen Size on their website.
  • It is ideal for people who are on a limited but looking for a premium-quality, durable foam mattress.
  • The remarkable motion isolation properties make it a perfect match for people sharing beds with pets, kids, or partner.
  • Unlike viscoelastic memory foam or polyfoam mattress, the IDLE Sleep Gel foam works well for hot sleepers.


  • Due to its plush top, the mattress is quite soft for those who sleep flat on their tummy.
  • Those who sleep on their sides may also experience some discomfort due to limited cradling. The soft quilted top is too thin to support strict side sleepers.
  • Typical to a memory foam mattress, IDLE Sleep Gel foam lacks stable edge support, making it risky for children and elderly people. They can easily roll off the bed, leaving them prone to injuries.

IDLE Sleep Gel Foam Is Suitable For

  • Petite and average weight sleepers
  • Back and combination sleepers
  • Hot sleepers
  • Couples and those who share a bed
  • Memory foam aficionadas
  • People with back or spinal problems

Not Suitable For

  • Bulky people
  • Stomach and side sleepers
  • Those who enjoy the comfort of a traditional spring unit

Features as Per Sleep Positions

Even support
Stuck-in feelPressure formationQuick responsiveness
Backache reliefUnaligned spine and
pressure formation
Excessive sinkage at
hips and shoulder
Motion Isolation

Sizes, Dimensions, and Costs

Cost $
Twin39 x 75449
Twin XL39 x 80519
Full54 x 75649
Queen60 x 80749
King76 x 80949
Cal. King72 x 84949

The Buying Experience

As one of the leading online mattress brands, IDLE Sleep offers friendly customer support and quick delivery times. Here is how the company supports its sleepers with customer-friendly policies.

Shipping, Delivery, and Return

The company offers free Shipment all over the Continental US. You can even purchase White Glove Delivery Services for professional in-home setup and old mattress removal, at a fee of $99.

All of its mattresses are compressed and shipped in a box for easy carrying to the room of your choice.

After unboxing the mattress, leave the mattress for a few hours to decompress or you will be sleeping on a pancake.

Typically, it takes up to 14-days to deliver the mattress to your doorstep. In case of delays, you can follow-up on the order using the shipping tracking code that was emailed to you at the time of order placement.

With its mandatory 30-night break-in period, the company allows you to get accustomed to mattress feel. Typically, our body takes a few weeks to adjust to the feel of the new mattress.

Even after 30 days, if you are not satisfied with the mattress performance, you can exchange it with any other sleep surface or claim a 100% refund on returns.

If you exchange it you have two options:

  • Completely free including shipping the new one and picking up the old one. The Bad: You don’t get the 18-month trial period on the second one. This prevents the perennial exhangers from abusing the generous Exchange Policy.
  • Pay $300 and you get the 18 month trial period on the second mattress.

Warranty and Trial Period

Although made of premium materials, if your mattress has a manufacturing fault or breaks down, you can do a warranty claim.

Every IDLE Sleep mattress is backed with a non-prorated Lifetime warranty covering all kinds of wear and tear due to regular use. It even includes 1.5-inch deep indentation caused due to body impressions.

IDLE Sleep offers 547 nights of in-home testing periods on all of its sleep surfaces, including foam, latex, and hybrid beds. It is much longer than the industry standard, which varies between 90-180 nights (a couple companies offer 365 nights), to ensure maximum customer satisfaction.

It allows sleepers to measure mattress performance throughout the year.  Seasonal change can alter mattress functionality in some brands.


Will It Off-Gas?

The answer is no, as it’s free of chemicals and made of premium materials. But since the mattress is compressed and rolled in a box, it may have an initial smell that waives off within a few hours of unpacking.

Do I Need A Custom-Designed Mattress Foundation?

The Gel Foam model suits all types of mattress foundation so that it will work well with the foundation of your old mattress. If you don’t have a foundation, you can place it on the floor to enjoy an uninterrupted snooze.

Why Is IDLE Sleep Gel Foam Better Than Traditional Memory Foam?

This patented foam offers all the benefits of traditional memory, such as quick response, even weight distribution, and motion isolation. Unlike traditional foam, it doesn’t trap heat or moisture, thus offering cool sleep for even those who sweat a lot during the night.

Review Videos

Complete Overview:

Unboxing Upon Delivery:

Comparative Analysis:


IDLE Sleep Gel Foam mattress offers luxury sleep at a very affordable price and the good far outweighs the bad in my humble opinion.

Its customized foam designs give maximum comfort and incredible support to the right sleeper type and thus ensure undisturbed, rejuvenating sleep.

The mattress offers a multitude of benefits inherent to quality mattresses, but it also has its limitations regarding edge support, sleep positions, and pressure-point relief.  

However, the mattress could be a great choice for sleepers who enjoy the comfort of all-foam mattresses minus the heat and moisture trapping properties.

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