Is Brooklyn Bedding a Good Mattress Company: Pros & Cons

In the bed-in-a-box world, Brooklyn Bedding is one of the biggest manufactures in the US. And although you may not of heard of them you may be sleeping on their product. Many people are fans of this brand, saying that the mattresses live up to the hype.

Brooklyn Bedding pros include quality materials, custom manufacturing, built in USA, many firmness sizes, and organic options, lots of patented technology, and good cooling technology. Cons include not soft enough for side sleepers, unresponsive customer service, and a convoluted return policy.

Like any other mattresses, the offerings from this company have their pros and cons. Let’s explore these so that you can make a more informed buying decision.

Update Jan 7, 2023: The company now offers a huge selection at Amazon here.

Brooklyn Bedding Pros

After taking a deep dive into this company and its products, here are the pros that I’ve discovered:

  • Good quality materials
  • Custom manufacturing
  • Built in the USA
  • Plenty of options for firmness, size, etc.
  • Organic options available
  • Lots of patented technology involved
  • Good cooling technology

Overall, there is a good deal to like and even admire about Brooklyn Bedding. I like that they are a family-owned business and that they are keeping things kind of local with their Arizona factories and showrooms.

It’s also nice that people in other parts of the country may have the opportunity to try before they buy thanks to partnerships with various mattress stores.

Also laudable is the number of options that you have for customization. That’s pretty rare in the bed-in-a-box industry, so I appreciate being able to choose from six different collections, a variety of firmness levels and being able to customize layers if I want to.

I love the idea of all of the patented tech that appears to be going into these mattresses. Anything that helps me to sleep cooler at night is OK by me. While I’m skeptical of some of the technology (like the FIR in the Spartan Hybrid), other innovations by this company seem a lot less “out there” to me.

Cooling gel beads are widely used in the mattress industry, and it’s always admirable when a company goes above and beyond to construct better foam.

Brooklyn Bedding Cons

  • Not soft enough for side sleepers
  • Unresponsive customer service
  • Convoluted return policy

There may be a lot to like about Brooklyn Bedding, but they’re not perfect. I like to do some online scouting to uncover common complaints, and I found some for these.

Of course, I also found some for all of the other bed-in-a-box companies, so this is hardly unique.

One of the most common complaints about Brooklyn Bedding’s mattresses is that they aren’t soft enough for side sleepers.

This one puzzles me, because the company has so many models and firmness options available. I can see a particular model, such as one of the models that is only available at medium firmness, not being soft enough for side sleepers.

However, I would assume that if you’re a side sleeper, you’d know that you’d want a softer feel to cushion your pressure points.

I also see several complaints about Brooklyn Bedding’s customer service. Calling it unresponsive, some customers say that they have been forced to wait for days or even weeks to get a response.

Of course, others praise the company’s support team for being friendly, knowledgeable and responsive.

I think that some of these problems come down to the ongoing pandemic. Brooklyn Bedding makes each mattress after it is ordered, which is just not as quick as being able to ship out a ready-made models.

With worker shortages due to the pandemic and some of the factory facilities being turned over to making masks, it’s understandable that it may not be as fast and responsive as it was in the past.

Additionally, we’ve all experienced shipping delays in the last several months, so no surprise there either.

However, I do find the return policy to be pretty convoluted. It’s hardly the no-questions-asked, no-risk return policy that they describe online.

Still, it’s nice that they pay return shipping if that’s necessary when you’re exchanging your mattress.

What’s less impressive is that they don’t offer to pick up your unwanted one if it doesn’t work out. Instead, the dissatisfied customer is left to look for a local charity that’s willing to pick up a slightly used mattress.

Have you ever tried to do that? I can assure you that most charities don’t take used mattresses.

Brooklyn Bedding makes a vague promise of providing additional assistance if you’re having a hard time unloading your old one, but I wouldn’t hold my breath.

Basically, if you’re at all suspicious that a Brooklyn Bedding purchase is not for you, then it’s best to proceed with extreme caution with any company you check out.

Or, be willing to use that mattress in your guest bedroom or to give it away to a less discerning friend or family member.

Bed frame and mattress

Are Brooklyn Bedding Mattresses Worth It?

Overall, I have to say that I have a positive opinion of Brooklyn Bedding and I think they are a good mattress company. I like the made in the USA vibe and the family-owned business model.

The longevity of the company also gives me some nice peace of mind in an industry where many companies seem to have sprung up yesterday and might be gone by tomorrow.

More than that, Brooklyn Bedding seems to offer some really solid, versatile products. I like having the choice of six different models, and the availability of some non-standard sizes may be a huge plus to many consumers.

Despite a few complaints floating around the Internet, this seems to be a solid company with a good reputation. Their innovative materials are just one more reason to give them a try.

If you are lucky enough to live close enough to a showroom, I vote that you take the opportunity to try before you buy.

An Overview

The company had its inception in 1995 with brothers John and Rob Merwin. Founded in Arizona, the company is still headquartered there and all of its wares are made in America. Brooklyn Bedding began shipping bed-in-a-box mattresses in 2008, making it one of the first manufacturers to adopt this business model.

However, unlike some bed-in-a-box companies, this one sells its mattresses both online and in brick-and-mortar retail stores. In fact, it has showrooms located across Arizona.

For those of you not living in Arizona, Brooklyn Bedding has established partnerships with stores in diverse locations such as Austin, Chicago, New York, Miami, Cleveland and Bozeman.

TIP: These locations provide you with an opportunity to try before you buy, a rarity in the typically online-only bed-in-a-box world.

Brooklyn Bedding appears to be growing rapidly these days. In 2019, they boast that they doubled their production capacity, and in 2021, they began offering six different styles.

Additionally, it is possible to purchase adjustable bases, foundations, blankets, sheets, pillows and protectors from the company.

The Company

The company started in 1995 with brothers John and Rob Merwin. In those days, they were liquidators, dropping off mattresses across Phoenix using a repurposed bread truck.

However, the brothers wanted to build a better product. They began to experiment with materials and designs, eventually opening up several retail shops in Arizona. Soon, their mattresses were being offered on Amazon. It was such a successful venture that they decided to establish their own website from which to sell their wares.

The bed-in-a-box concept was introduced to the company in 2008. Wanting to keep the whole venture local and in the family, it was decided that they would manufacture their own. The owners feel that their products are cheaper and better than the competition because they aren’t shipped from China.

Currently, the company is planning to build a second factory facility in Arizona, indicating that profits remain strong.

The company specializes in building made-to-order mattresses. In addition, they sell to other companies where they are re-branded with that company’s labels. This means that you may be buying a Brooklyn Bedding product without even knowing it.

Brooklyn Bedding’s Mattress Collections

The company currently offers six different models. Five of these are hybrids while the sixth model can be either all foam or feature an encased coil system, depending upon the customer’s preference.

Brooklyn Bedding’s hybrid mattresses include the Signature, Aurora, Sedona, Spartan, and the Bloom. The sixth model is known as the Bowery.

Let’s take a closer look at each of these collections.

The Brooklyn Signature Hybrid

The company calls this their “High Value” mattress line. All conceivable sizes are available, including those that have dimensions suitable for RVs as well as unusual sizes like Olympic queen and short king.

TIP: There’s even a split California king if you and your sleep partner can’t agree on firmness.

Some of the most notable features on this line include a quilted top that protects the mattress from acquiring indentations and provides extra cooling and a one-and-a-half-inch layer of the company’s patented TitanFlex foam. This proprietary feature is meant to be responsive like latex but has the same contouring abilities that are common with memory foam.

Signiture Hybrid Layers

The secondary layer on the Signature Hybrid can be customized to meet the sleeper’s needs as far as softness or firmness. Then, there is a six-inch layer that features nearly 1,000 individually encased coils.

TIP: Special perimeter coils provide greater edge support to make it easier to get into and out of bed as well as make it less likely that sleepers will fall out of bed.

The base layer on these is a high-density foam that reinforces the coils and helps to increase longevity.

These are offered in three firmness levels.

The Brooklyn Aurora Hybrid

Touted as the company’s “most popular” mattress, the Aurora is distinguished by a one-and-a-half inch top layer of CopperFlex foam. This patented material is designed to deliver more targeted relief to pressure points.

TIP: People with allergies or other sensitivities also may appreciate copper’s antimicrobial properties.

These mattresses also are equipped with the company’s exclusive TitanCool technology. This is a phase-change molecule infusion that helps to moderate sleep temperature to 88 degrees. The addition of cooling gel beads that liquefy at warmer temperatures also may help hot sleepers finally get some sleep.

The models in this line include layers of TitanFlex foam, memory foam and an eight-inch layer of 1,032 individually encased coils. The base layer is one inch of high-density foam.

Once again, this collection is available in three firmness levels. It isn’t available in as many sizes as the Signature Hybrid, but that’s probably fine for most consumers.

The Brooklyn Sedona Hybrid

This is the company’s newest offering, featuring a top layer that is one-inch thick and is constructed of comfort foam. A woven cooling panel on the top helps with sleeping cooler.

Beneath the top layer is a layer of gel-infused memory foam for even more cooling and a third layer of slow-response memory foam that also has an infusion of cool gel.

Also included are an eight-inch base of individually encased coils and a one-inch layer of high-density foam.

Unlike some of the company’s other offerings, this one is available only in medium firmness.

The Brooklyn Spartan Hybrid

Do you love an active lifestyle? If so, then you probably put a high value on getting a good night’s sleep.

The Spartan is designed with you in mind. It includes a performance top that incorporates Far Infrared Rays technology so that the heat your body generates is transformed into energy, thereby aiding in your recovery.

TIP: Does Far Infrared Rays, or FIR, technology work? I don’t really know, and I’m pretty sure that I’ve never worked out hard enough to merit an investment in this technology. It might be right for you, though.

The other layers in this mattress are similar to others in the company’s collections, with features like CopperFlex foam, TitanFlex foam, TitanCool technology and an eight-inch layer of individually wrapped coils.

This one is available in three firmness levels and all of the expected sizes.

The Brooklyn Bloom Hybrid

This is the company’s effort to appeal to people who are dedicated to making their lives as green, sustainable and organic as possible.

The Bloom features materials like Joma Wool, Talalay latex and organic cotton.

TIP: It’s worth knowing that all of the foam that Brooklyn Bedding uses is CertiPUR-US Certified. This certification ensures that your purchase is free of toxins and meets stringent health standards.

Of course, this is a hybrid mattress, so you also have a layer of individually encased coils. Available in all of the standard sizes, this one comes in medium firmness only.

The Brooklyn Bowery

This one is the choice for people who prefer not to have coils because you can choose an all-foam version.

Accordingly, the Bowery is the company’s cheapest offering. It is available only in medium firmness and is available in all of the standard sizes. It is the thinnest of the company’s mattresses, which may appeal to you if you like a bed with a lower profile.

What Kind of Sleep Foundation Do You Need?

Brooklyn Bedding recommends using a support system that features minimal or no flex. This means that you’re able to use a box spring, platform or slat support system.

TIP: Ensure that slats in a slatted base are no more than four inches apart so that your mattress gets plenty of appropriate support.

If you are looking for a new foundation to go with your new mattress, Brooklyn Bedding offers numerous options like the Super Duty High Rise Platform, the Ascension Bi-Fold Foundation and the Ready-to-Assemble Box Foundation.

Looking for something more luxurious? Then take a look at the company’s adjustable base options. These are the Ascension Luxe Adjustable Power Base and the Ascension Ultra Adjustable Power Base.

The 120-Night Sleep Trial

Like many bed-in-a-box companies, Brooklyn Bedding offers a fairly extensive 120-night sleep trial for you to decide whether or not you want to keep it

Customers are required to sleep on the mattress for a minimum of 30 nights before they can begin the return or exchange process. If they are not satisfied, then they can exchange for a different model, have their current one modified or receive a full refund.

The Warranty

Each mattress comes with a 10-year warranty. This covers things like defects in the foam’s cell structure, splitting or cracking of the materials despite proper usage, depressions deeper than one inch and sagging.

Before the warranty is activated, the company may require you to prove that you have been using your mattress on an appropriate base.

As far as warranties go for bed-in-a-box companies, this one is pretty standard.


Free FedEx ground shipping is available in the lower 48 states. Typically, three to five business days are required for packages to be delivered.

If you need to ship to Hawaii or Alaska, then you may have to pay $125 or more per mattress. In Canada, mattresses are delivered via DHL, and prices for this service start at $250 for each one.

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