Is it legal to Buy a Mattress on Sunday?

Weekends represent optimal moments for purchasing goods, with a majority of individuals populating shopping malls, particularly on Sundays. In the pursuit of a fresh mattress, weekends stand out as ideal for shopping endeavors. Nevertheless, it’s important to note that not all states permit the transaction of mattresses on Sundays.

should you buy a mattress on sunday?

This gives rise to a question ‘Is it illegal to buy a mattress on Sunday?’

So the answer is ‘Yes’. In Washington, purchasing a mattress on Sundays is considered illegal. Despite weekends being favorable times for shopping, this particular state prohibits the buying and selling of mattresses on Sundays. This regulation originates from an old and law that may appear unusual. Let us now discuss in detail.

Can You Buy A Mattress On Sunday?

When searching for a new or used mattress in the United States, there are specific regulations that govern sales. Generally, acquiring a new mattress is unproblematic across all states except for Washington State. A curious and antiquated law in Washington dictates that the purchase and sale of mattresses on Sundays is prohibited. This prohibition is for television as well. The origins of this law remain unclear.

Can You Buy A Mattress On Sunday?

In practice, the strict enforcement of this law is not a major concern. If you find yourself in Washington and in need of a new mattress, you need not fret. The law’s enforcement appears lax, and newcomers to the state can confidently purchase mattresses without concern. Nonetheless, local residents often mention the ban on mattress transactions on Sundays.

In essence, you can indeed buy a mattress on a Sunday in Washington without undue apprehension. The law appears to be an aged and largely overlooked statute. There is no federal regulation that hinders mattress purchases on Sundays.

Laws on Selling Used Mattresses

The regulations for the buying and selling of used mattresses differ across states. Following are several legal considerations that come into play when dealing with used mattress transactions.

  • Labeling: Various states have distinct regulations regarding the labeling of used mattresses. The labeling often involves a combination of colors such as red and yellow.
  • Cleaning: Some states permit the sale of used mattresses. They must have been thoroughly cleaned and disinfected before being sold. This cleaning process must occur prior to the mattress being offered for sale.
  • Tagging: Certain states mandate the use of color-coded tags to indicate the condition of a mattress. This is particularly relevant for mattresses containing recycled materials. Additionally, proper sanitation of these mattresses is essential.
  • Filling: There are restrictions on which parts of a mattress can be sold or reused. Certain components like metal parts and springs might be subject to removal and repurposing.

The regulations governing the buying and selling of used mattresses can differ significantly from one state to another. For instance, in Washington, it is illegal for retailers to sell used mattresses, but individuals are still allowed to sell them.

Unusual Regulations in Washington State

If you are living or visiting Washington State, it’s important to be aware of some important laws. Even though some of these rules aren’t always followed strictly, it’s helpful to understand them well.

  • Purchasing a mattress on Sundays is prohibited in Washington. Despite weekends being prominent shopping periods, this rule doesn’t apply in the state. While this law might seem amusing, its enforcement is lax.
  • Remember, you can still buy a mattress without getting into any legal trouble, even though this old and strange rule exists.
  • It allows purchase of television sets and meat on Sundays.
  • The possession of dangerous animals is against the law in the state of Washington. This includes animals like bears, monkeys, tigers, and venomous snakes. The only circumstance in which an individual in Washington is allowed to have wild and hazardous animals is during their transportation to a licensed wildlife rehabilitator.

Cool Things You should Know About Mattresses

Since you’re curious about the legality of buying a mattress on Sunday, let’s explore some other intriguing facts about mattresses.

Mattresses can be Recycled

Yep, you can recycle mattresses. Normally, folks just throw away their old ones in big garbage dumps. But you don’t have to do that. You can actually recycle mattresses instead of letting them sit in those dumps. They take out the metal stuff and springs and give them a new job. Before you toss your mattress away, see if there’s a recycling place nearby. If your mattress is still good, someone else might want it, or you could sell it.

Mattresses can be Recycled

Your mattress needs to be fire-resistant

Did you know that all mattresses have to be resistant to fire? A law from 2007 says that every mattress must follow certain rules to be safe from flames. According to these rules, a mattress has to stay strong when there’s a flame on it for about 30 seconds. The Consumer Product Safety Commission says if mattresses follow these rules, they could stop around 270 people from getting hurt and prevent about 1330 injuries in just one year.

Your mattress needs to be fire-resistant

The most chosen mattress is the least favored

While it may seem interesting, the highly sold Innerspring mattresses, accounting for 80% of sales, actually receive the lowest customer satisfaction ratings. Data shows that only 63% of Innerspring mattress users feel satisfied, in contrast to 80% satisfaction among memory foam mattress users and 79% satisfaction among waterbed owners.

Mattresses Rested on Ropes

Before platform foundations and box springs became common, mattresses used to be supported by ropes. These ropes were woven in a crisscross pattern to form a base. This is where the saying ‘sleep tight’ comes from. People had to frequently tighten the ropes to keep the bed from sagging.

Mattresses Rested on Ropes


That’s all from me! Now you’re aware that in Washington, it’s against the law to buy a mattress on Sundays, but people don’t always follow this rule. In other states, you can buy and sell mattresses any day, even Sundays. But Washington has this unusual old law that stops mattress buying and selling on Sundays.

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