Is Tempurpedic Worth It? Yes For Some Products

It makes sense to go as luxurious as you can afford when updating your sleeping setup. This is where knowing your options is going to be useful for buyers.

Tempurpedic is worth it if your budget is $2,000-$5,000. The mattress, pillow, breeze, and topper are all worth if due to the quality of the materials, high indentation load deflection (ILD) ratings, excellent design, and comfort.

One of the first questions that people run into once they begin comparing prices and features is whether or not this company is worth spending a lot of money on? The next question usually involves whether or not some of the accompanying upgrades or add-on products are worth it. Let’s explore!

Is the Tempurpedic Mattress Worth It?

There are five models to choose from. Prices range from about $2,000 to close to $5,000. How much you actually pay is simply going to come down to base price and available promotions offered by specific retailers. Here’s a rundown of the current roster:

These models all use the same base Temper material and multi-layer blueprint. Finding the right model is mostly a matter of gauging the importance of various “bells and whistle.”

It’s important to understand what we’re getting when we invest in Tempurpedic versus what you might get with an option like latex.

You would see a multi-layer construction if you were to peel away the layers. The top layers are made from something called “Tempur foam” that helps to mediate firmness.

Next, you’re looking at two to three layers of added foam support for certain models. What is the benefit of a layered design? Generally, this way of building out allows for better breathability.

That’s because air is able to flow through the mattress instead of simply “getting stuck” in a way that creates heat buildup.

Layering also helps a mattress adjust to your form without necessarily being structurally compromised.

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When Shopping for a Tempurpedic Mattress

TIP: Be sure to look up something called an indentation load deflection (ILD) when shopping. This is the metric that’s used to measure mattress quality based on its ability to resist pressure.

Models with higher ILD numbers will have denser foam.

While finalizing your choice, it can be helpful to know that clinical assessments show that people suffering from back pain generally had better outcomes for pain reduction when using medium-firm over those who were given firm mattresses.

Some Notes on the Tempurpedic Experience

The genius behind the way a Tempurpedic performs and feels comes down to its ability to absorb the force of your body evenly. This even absorption allows for pressure points in your body to come into contact with your mattress in a way that helps to eliminate the need to adjust your body or toss and turn in the night.

Of course, there are several mattress options on the market that do something similar. The thing that makes Tempurpedic stand out is that you’ll notice that it adapts to your body much quicker than many alternative mattresses.

That can be a big help if the goal is to get to “lights out” as quickly as possible once you settle in.

The Cool Factor

These are designed to prevent overheating while you sleep. They feature a cooling material that helps to keep surface temperature much lower than what you’d get with fabrics that absorb heat.

There is actually a “breeze” line that offers options for more intense cooling and ventilation. We’ll cover those models in just a moment.

Some Thoughts on Materials

Generally, the two main types to choose from when shopping around for new bedding are latex and polyurethane. Tempurpedic has a made name for itself by offering intuitive, supportive memory foam (learn what makes it different here) made from polyurethane.

However, some recent research calls into question the idea that polyurethane really is the most luxurious option.

One study from 2017 that compared body-contact pressure profiles of latex and polyurethane found that latex mattresses edged out polyurethane competitors in terms of performance.

The study found that latex mattresses were able to reduce peak body pressure on the torso and buttocks while also achieving a higher proportion of low-pressure regions when compared to polyurethane designs.

In summary, latex has been proven to be better at distributing pressure across a variety of different sleeping postures than polyurethane.

Where does that leave us with determining if Tempurpedic is worth it? There are a few factors to look at. First, These are among the most expensive options out there.

It’s nearly impossible to argue against the idea that it will provide a good sleep experience. We’re really looking at a matter of deciding if the experience you’re getting is worth the price point in light of the fact that there are so many other options there.

Looking at the fact that alternative options made from latex may actually provide better comfort means that a standard model may not ultimately be the best choice.

However, the caveat I will add is that some of the specific models may be worth it because they offer very targeted sleep solutions. Let’s explore that idea next.

Is the Tempurpedic Pillow Worth It?

The company actually offers a variety of different pillows with options for shredded and solid-state fill types. However, every pillow design does consist of patented Tempur material.

Some of the perks that go along with investing in a Tempurpedic pillow include face contouring, neck support, elevation, “cool” gel, and moisture-wicking technology.

You really have to investigate each pillow option to decide what you like. Tempurpedic’s pillow line is actually comprised of about 15 pillows meant for every “type” of sleeper and combination sleeper.

That means that a pillow that’s perfect for “back sleepers” my not offer what a “neck sleeper” needs.

The overall thing to say about these pillows is that they are worth it for people who prefer to sink into their pillows instead of resting their heads on the surface.

Is the Tempurpedic Breeze Worth It?

The TEMPUR-PRObreeze and TEMPUR-LUXEbreeze are designed to absorb excess heat while you fall asleep while also maximizing flow. The difference between the two models is that the LUXEbreeze offers a four-tier cooling system with an extra feature for ventilation instead of a three-tier cooling system.

While the TEMPUR-PRObreeze will keep things a full three degrees cooler, the TEMPUR-LUXEbreeze promises an eight-degree shift.

Both models feature a zip-off cover that essentially preserves coolness for you to ensure that you’re not coming into contact with a room-temperature mattress when you turn in.

In addition, your mattress actually continues to control heat absorption while you sleep to help you avoid the dreaded dead-of-the-night sweats.

Is hopping to the “breeze” line worth it? The answer is that the extra price is worth it if you’re a hot sleeper. The way the “breeze” line handles airflow does make a noticeable difference in sleeping experience.

Is the Tempurpedic Topper Worth It?

You might be intrigued by the Tempurpedic topper if you’d like to upgrade your sleep experience without making a huge price commitment. What’s interesting about the These topper is that it actually feels more like a miniature mattress than a mere support boost.

The topper measures in at 3 inches in thickness. It delivers that same slow pressure response that These mattresses are famous for offering. You’ll definitely get some of that “sinking” effect that occurs with a full-scale design instead of just resting on top of the topper.

The big benefit of the Tempurpedic topper is the price. We’re talking about hundreds of dollars instead of thousands when you go with this option. However, a topper does come with limitations.

You’re not necessarily getting those cooling benefits that come from the multi-layer design of a complete mattress. Overall, a topper is worth it if you’re just interested in a more comfortable sleeping experience without making a huge investment.

However, this option should not be considered a “portable” substitute for the full Tempurpedic experience.

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