Is The Thuma Bed Worth It Review: For SOME Yes

The Thuma bed is worth the price for folks with a $900 budget for a strong and sturdy bed that will last a lifetime and longer. It is worth it to anyone tired of trying cheap beds as this one won’t squeak or sag after a few months. Excellent engineering created a beautiful design and it is easy to assemble.

The Thuma bed frame is proof that simplicity doesn’t mean simplistic. There’s a lot packed into what looks like just another bare-bones, low-concept bed.

The question that many people have about the Thuma bed is whether it’s worth the hefty price. Let’s explore if the Thuma bed is actually worth the price.

Thuma Bed Design

UPDATE May 4 2023: I found 48% sale on a comparable Zinus at Amazon here!

Scott Boyd

The design is simple, minimalist, functional, very strong, and sturdy with Japanese joinery firmly holding the corners together for squeak-free peaceful nights. It also has very strong slats with small gaps truly suitable for any foam mattress.

Yes, the big “talking point” is that its design is so simple! However, simple designs aren’t exactly rare.

Any Swedish-inspired bedding that you shop for from retailers like IKEA offers similar looks. However, it’s the substance beneath the style that makes Thuma stand out.

I am finishing up a review of this one from Amazon for $600 less and I would buy it and save the $600 because I am cheap!


The quality is definitely there with the Thuma bed frame. It is crafted out of reclaimed wood. That’s a big perk if you prefer real wood over synthetic when sourcing furniture.

In addition, the company’s sourcing practices give your bedding a certain soul that other mass-produced beds just don’t offer. Thuma actually goes above and beyond to be environmentally friendly by sourcing trees that are close to the company’s factory.

That means you’re getting a bed that likely has a much smaller carbon footprint than something you’d purchase from a mainstream retailer. How’s that for sleeping well at night?

Little Touches for Comfort and Practicality

There are several “hidden” practical features that are built right into the Thuma design that help make it worth it.

First, you’re probably going to appreciate the nice bit of clearance that the Thuma bed’s underside provides. Having an “open” and airy underside simply makes it easier to vacuum under this bed.

You’re also getting 9″ of clearance that can be used for storage underneath.

The “airy” nature of the Thuma bed may have you fooled about the bed’s integrity. Did you know that most bed frames are really only capable of handling up to 500 pounds? The Thuma has a weight capacity of up to 1,500 pounds.

And unlike many other weight capacities claimed by companies I have reviewed, I believe this one! I believe that this bed can handle the claimed 1,500 pounds due to its strong wood and smart design.

Why is that important even if you don’t weigh anywhere close to that? The bed’s ability to handle pressure really demonstrates just how well-built it is when compared to many mainstream beds that might look rugged.

You can be assured that you’re sleeping on a very sturdy frame that’s designed to hold up to wear and tear even though it seems so petite.

You may be surprised that I got this far without bringing up the famous Thuma headboard. Thuma’s famed PillowBoard is the spotlight feature of the bed for good reason.

First, the headboard is really quite attractive. The headboard will become the default focal point of your bedroom once it’s installed.

The other perk of the PillowBoard is that it provides an ultra-soft and supportive layer of plush foam covered in polyester that you can rest against without the need to ever “fluff” or adjust.

I like that you don’t have to use support pillows to sit up to read or watch television with the Thuma. The plush headboard is great under any condition.

However, I suspect that a lot of people are going to be looking at the Thuma for the first time now that so many are working from home for the first time.

The PillowBoard simply allows you to sit up in bed with ease and comfort better than just about any other type of headboard design. The Thuma headboard measures 35 inches.

Cost of Thuma Bed

I have found during my review that the price is where Thuma loses a lot of people, even with a lifetime warranty. There are a few reasons that we’ll cover in just a moment. The costs were (updated April 10, 2023):

  • Twin: $895
  • Full: $1,095
  • Queen: $1,195
  • King: $1,295
  • California King: $1,295

People who are comparison shopping for beds might drop off once they see those prices because the Thuma doesn’t hold up very well when you just do price-to-picture comparisons.

The reality is that paying $995 for a queen bed at a furniture store is going to get you a very large and impressive-looking queen bed. This can make it seem like you’re getting a lot less when you opt for a “minimalistic” Thuma bed instead.

What’s more, many simplistic platform beds available from retailers like IKEA or Amazon (like these) can be scooped up for between $200 and $300.

Unfortunately, the Thuma bed can fall through the cracks a bit when you’re just shopping based on what it looks like you’re getting for the price.

We covered what makes the Thuma bed very unique among beds in terms of capacity and environmental advantages a moment ago. I’ll also say that you generally get what you pay for in terms of support when you go with a cheaper platform bed.

Generally, those beds aren’t meant to be legacy furniture. By contrast, Thuma features double-strength slats that make very strong slats, much stronger than cheaper options.

That translates to a really secure structure without the problematic “floating” slats that lots of quick-up beds have which end up sagging after a few months.

What’s more, the Thuma design ensures that you don’t need a box spring. Thuma beds can comfortably accommodate memory foam mattresses with ease.

Other companies claim this too, even when they have gaps in the slats that are larger than the minimum recommended size required by most foam mattress firms.

One more perk that goes along with buying a Thuma bed before moving on to my final assessment. This is a bed that you put together yourself. For some, that’s going to offer a big advantage over a bed that requires an expensive delivery and assembly service that has to be coordinated with movers.

Of course, the assembly process is incredibly easy and no tools are required. Some buyers might be wary of assembling it themselves if they have ever lost hours of their lives while trying to piece together furniture they dragged home from a place like IKEA.

I have assembled IKEA furniture and kitchens, so I know!!!

It’s clear that a lot of thought went into designing the frames in a way that really does allow you to put them together quickly without frustration.

Just make sure you give yourself between 30 minutes and an hour to get your bed ready to go.

Thuma Bed: Should I Buy?

You should buy a Thuma bed as it is one of the best beds I have reviewed. It is very strong and sturdy, beautiful solid wood with a minimalist design, very easy to assemble, has a believable 1,500-weight capacity, and will last for generations.

Is the Thuma bed worth it for the money it costs? It may not look that much different from an “efficiency” bed on the surface. However, I’ve outlined how Thuma’s sourcing of materials and meticulous construction put this bed in a class of its own.

Deciding if this is the bed for you comes down to a few factors. The first is how long you intend to keep this bed. It may not be in your price range if you’re just looking for a platform bed that you can use for a year while living in one place before moving on.

A cheaper platform bed may be a better option for that situation, and I like this one for $194.

However, the Thuma’s price point begins to look more reasonable if this is a bed that you intend to keep “forever” because it’s definitely designed for longevity.

This is a bed that you can leave for one of your children when it is time to move on from this world.

The bottom line is that the Thuma is a perfect option for someone who wants a minimalistic platform bed that doesn’t come with the “disposable furniture” vibe that so many simple beds out there give off.

This is also a great alternative to some of the very large beds that are offered by mainstream furniture retailers if you’ve been tricked into thinking that quality only comes in bulk styles.

Lastly, the Thuma bed serves as a nice focal point in a bedroom that can be “dressed up” or “dressed down” depending on the furniture and accents that you choose for the rest of the room.

The option to choose “Dark Charcoal” or “Light Linen” headboard fabric is also a nice touch from Thuma. This is ultimately a great bed if a price range between $895 and $1,295 isn’t prohibitive for you.

Comparison articles to Valyou here, Tatamiroom, Zinus here, cheaper alternatives, and the review here.

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