Leesa Mattresses Review: Pros and Cons

Shopping for a new bed is not a process many people look forward to with excitement. The bed-in-a-box concept eradicates the need to go from store to store and compare countless brands

It is shipped directly to you in a compressed package, complete with a lengthy trial period that lets you return it if it does not fit your needs.   

Leesa offers several types of mattresses to choose from, as well as a simple shopping experience with an extended trial period. The company has created a fleet of mattresses that have extensive benefits, with very few drawbacks.

This article will delve into their different types of models with a focus on beds-in-a-box, help you learn more about the Leesa’ pros and cons, and compare Leesa with other similar companies. 


Leesa, a bed-in-a-box company that has been around since the beginning of the popularity surge, offers a variety of types. They have a substantial amount of benefits, and a few drawbacks, which you should research before deciding to make a purchase. 


There are three main types that Leesa offers. Customers can choose between all-foam or foam-hybrid.

The majority of mattresses are purchased online, but Leesa also sells them in a few brick-and-mortar stores, including Macy’s, West Elm, and Pottery Barn. 

The all-foam consists of three layers of foam to create a comfortable sleeping surface. It is breathable and allows sleepers to stay cool while resting. This model is designed with most budgets in mind. 

The two hybrid offerings have a foam top layer and either one or two layers of pocket springs for more support and pressure relief. The foam has holes punched in it to allow for breathability so air can flow freely.

The more expensive of the two features eco-friendly materials and a layer of micro pocket coils that allow for enhanced support and pain relief. 

Leesa now offers another choice for customers looking to save money while still getting quality.

There are three layers of foam, the top and bottom being memory foam. Even at a lower price point, this choice still provides comfort and support.

No matter which model a consumer decides to purchase, all of Leesa’s models offer many of the same qualities. Your purchase includes a 10-year warranty, free delivery, a 100-night trial period, and a commitment to helping people worldwide.

For every 10 sold, Leesa donates one to a family in need. Each donated mattress is specially designed for its recipient and delivered with the help of local and national partners.

Additionally, Leesa uses recyclable materials to construct their mattresses through the use of renewable energy (source).  


Although these are designed to support all sleeping styles and provide a simple selection process, there are a few drawbacks.

Even though each is compressed and sent in smaller packages, they still are fairly heavy and difficult to move without help.

Leesa offers a White Glove Delivery experience, where the delivery team will set up the new one in your home and remove the packaging and the old one.

However, this service is not included and has an additional cost somewhere in the $200 range. If you choose this add-on, be prepared to have patience while waiting for delivery during the four-hour time window. 

Additionally, there might be an odor upon their unpacking the mattress due to the volatile organic compounds (VOCs) inside the foam. This odor should go away fairly quickly, but can also last for a week or so. 

For a direct comparision between the Legend and Hybrid models please see my article here.

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How Leesa Compares to Other Bed-in-a-Box Companies

Although Leesa is touted as being one of the first bed-in-a-box companies, there are other popular choices as well.


Since the beginning of the trend, the Casper firm has been manufacturing beds-in-a-box, prompting people to trust the longevity and number of mattresses purchased.

They have priced their models to attract many different customers, have solid customer service, and have high ratings in the comfort department.

Similar to Leesa, there is a 100-night trial period for Casper. Mattresses marked for return are donated to charity or recycled, which mimics Leesa’s commitment to social awareness.

Casper also has a wide variety of options, ranging from three layers of foam to a hybrid construction of foam and coils.

Unlike with Leesa, some Casper customers have said it holds in heat and is not very comfortable. It lacks the firmness needed to move around easily and get in and out of bed without disturbing one’s partner.

However, the softer mattress will attract sleepers who prefer a more cushiony bed.

To learn more about the Casper company, refer to the information contained in my Casper review.

Tuft & Needle

The Tuft and Needle company has also been creating beds-in-a-box for many years. They have a low price point while still providing a quality mattress. Their customer service is touted as being extremely helpful for any issues that may arise. 

Both Leesa and Tuft & Needle are recognized for their firm, but still very comfortable. They also have created models that allow sleeping partners to move around without disturbing one another.

The same 100-night trial and charitable donation components are true for both companies.

Conversely, Tuft & Needle’s choice consists of two foam and one hybrid. The foam is manufactured with a cooling gel to allow heat to escape but has a cover that bunches easily under sheets. 


Like Leesa, Purple has created a bed-in-a-box designed to provide a high level of support and pressure relief. Along with these characteristics, Purple has also focused heavily on ensuring partners cannot feel each other moving around.

TIP: Many potential buyers of a Purple are concerned about their smell, so check out my article on their smells and what to do about it here Or read the overall review here.

Purple does not utilize a foam top layer, opting instead to use a gel material that hugs the sleeper without sucking them into the mattress.

Their several options have multiple layers, but the gel top layer provides a supportive and comfortable sleeping experience.

Users have noted that the Purple is heavier than expected, with long delivery times as well. Even so, Purple has cornered the market on user-friendly delivery options. 

They send their mattresses in plastic tubing that includes straps and cutting tools, decreasing the amount of waste and frustration from hauling bulky boxes up the stairs (source). 


The mattress a consumer chooses depends on the desired price point, style of comfort, and type of materials used. Whether buying in-person or online, there are many avenues for purchasing. 


This type has a spring core that is covered with upholstery on all sides. Since the springs support the body while sleeping, the quality of sleep one is getting improves with increases in spring count.

The connections between coils and the fabric surrounding them help keep its shape and firmness. 

The three layers of upholstery protect the springs inside, as well as provide comfort to the sleeper.

The insulator is the innermost layer and directly protects the coils. It is followed by the middle layer, which is usually made of a type of foam or fibers and provides support. 

The outermost layer is the quilt that provides a varying degree of softness or firmness. 

Innerspring models are popular because they are both affordable and widely available. The drawback is, they wear out more quickly than other types and need to be replaced more often (source). 


Foam mattresses are designed to cradle the body during use, as well as support many different sleeping styles. They are designed to isolate motion and offer the benefit of relieving pressure.

There are several different types of foam most commonly used in these types.

Latex foam provides varying degrees of firmness, which gives options to different types of sleepers. They are typically made from natural materials, but are quite dense and may retain heat. 

Memory foam conforms to the body, cradling the sleeper, so switching positions or getting out of bed will not disturb anyone else.

This type is known for relieving pressure and preventing pain throughout the body. They are also quite durable and will last for a long time.


Air mattresses are a lightweight alternative. Many are adjustable to accommodate different firmness preferences. New technology has even been developed to allow one to control the firmness level with a smartphone (source).

Waterbeds are similar to air mattresses because they contain a bladder inside, but waterbeds are filled with water instead of air. Sleepers can choose from different support levels, including waveless that do not move like traditional waterbeds.


A new trend, called a bed-in-a-box, is another option. They are purchased online, compressed into a much smaller package, and delivered directly to the customer.

The majority of offerings are foam, but innerspring and bladder mattresses are manufactured as well. 

Even though purchasing a bed-in-a-box takes away most of the opportunity to try before buying, many companies have created a mattress that will work for all types of sleepers. 

Some online retailers also have partnerships with brick-and-mortar stores or showrooms where customers can test before making the commitment. 

Along with streamlining the process of ordering a online, there are a large number of bed-in-a-box companies that offer added perks.

Shipping is usually free, and sleepers are allowed to try it for an average of about 100 days before deciding whether or not to keep it.

Return policies are usually quite lenient but may come with any charge for removing the old one from one’s home.

Additionally, beds-in-a-box are sold at a fixed price, which does not allow for haggling the price. Retailers might throw in a free pillow or sheet set to help convince sleepers to purchase their mattresses (source). 

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Final Thoughts 

Leesa is one of many bed-in-a-box companies that have contributed to the rise in popularity of online purchasing. They have multiple mattress types, a streamlined shopping experience, and many other benefits that support a wide variety of sleep styles. 

Leesa offers similar benefits to other bed-in-a-box companies but stands out with its individual characteristics. When looking for a high-quality model that can be purchased online, Leesa is certainly a strong contender for a top choice.

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