Linenspa Mattress Types, Pros & Cons, & Complaints

Linenspa Mattress Pros are budget-friendly, have good edge support, CertiPUR US certified, and very few complaints of smell and off-gassing.  Cons: only a 30-night trial, 5-7 day delivery, not very comfortable, and an ok 10-year warranty. Complaints: too firm, sagging, and did not fully expand for days.

Types of Linenspa Mattresses

Memory Foam Hybrid

Linenspa manufactures hybrid mattresses of two types; memory foam hybrid and latex hybrid. The memory foam hybrid comes in three different heights, aka 8, 10, and 12-inch.

The top comfort layer is 1.5-inches and contains high-quality polyfoam. The pressure-relieving memory foam used contours cradles your body curves to offer maximum comfort.

If you go for the 10-inch mattress, the top layer goes up to a beautiful 2.5-inches to deliver fantastic plush. The 12-inches further enhance your sleeping experience by ensuring proper spine alignment. 

Next is the foundation layer, which is about 6.5-inches in height. The size may differ slightly based on the model you select. However, all of them contain optimum quality Bonnel tempered steel springs. This hybrid mattress’s typical innerspring design offers you a certain bounce that effectively contours your pressure points.

The spacing between these durable springs offers excellent air circulation. In turn, it keeps your temperature regulated through the night.

The top encasing these two layers is a plush and comfortable polyester blended quilted cover for extra comfort and incredible pressure relief. Together these layers provide a medium-firmness suitable for most sleeper types and average body sizes.

Linenspa Memory Foam Hybrid Pros and Cons

  • Various firmness allows sleepers of all kinds to benefit. 
  • Hot sleepers will appreciate its temperature regulation features. 
  • A good option for those purchasing on a budget
  • The medium firmness makes it a superb choice for back and stomach sleepers.
  •  The perfect balance between plush and bounce offers maximum pressure relief.
  • Heavy stomach sleepers may experience discomfort due to a plush firm.
  • Side sleepers under 130 pounds might feel like they’re sinking or sagging.

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Linenspa Latex Hybrid

Latex Hybrid combines latex buoyancy with steel coils’ support to offer premium quality. The 10-inch latex hybrid contains two main layers with a soft cover sitting atop it.

This comfort layer is 2-inches and is made of high-quality foam and latex. Since it’s highly responsive and buoyant to support tossing and turning in the bed, without any stuck-in feel.

It cradles your body curves and provides ample lumbar support for backache relief. 

Underneath this layer is the 7-inch base. It contains high-grade individually-encased coils to support the rest of the mattress appropriately.

Quality materials are used to ensure longevity and sustainability.

The foundation comes with foam edges that eradicate the bad edge problem that latex mattresses often have. 

Over these two layers is a 1-inch foam-quilted layer that conforms to your curves. The added comfort ensures you’re in for a good night’s sleep.

Linenspa Latex Hybrid Pros & Cons

  • It offers excellent motion isolation. 
  • Because of zero motion transference, it’s a good option for couples. 
  • The sturdy base, combined with a soft comfort layer, lets multiple sleeping personas enjoy sleeping on it. 
  • It comes with good edge support that lets you enjoy sleeping on all corners of the bed.  
  • Heavyweight side sleepers might experience sinkage
  • It’s more expensive than the rest of the models.

Linenspa Gel Memory Foam

The Gel Memory Foam option contains a total of 5-inches. It consists of two layers with a cover encasing it. The surface layer is engineered from high-quality memory foam infused with gel. The layer contours your body and relieves all pressure points.

The moisture-wicking feature of this foam keeps your body at an optimum temperature throughout the night. In turn, it ensures you feel relaxed throughout the night. 

The second and last layer is a 4-inch base. The foundation base uses high-density foam that offers excellent support to the rest of the mattress.

The optimum quality material means you can count on it to last long. 

Encasing these two layers is a super soft and luxurious fabric cover. Since the fabric is a breathable material, it promotes excellent air-circulation. 

Linenspa Gel Memory Foam Pros & Cons

  • It’s perfect for people who tend to sleep hot.
  • CertiPUR-certification ensures materials free from harmful chemicals and ozone depleters.
  • Since it is firm, back sleepers will enjoy a comfortable night’s sleep.
  • It’s a good option for stomach sleepers since it eradicates any sagging they may experience in a plush bed
  • A low-profile means it is a good option for bunk beds and trundle beds. 
  • It isn’t the right option for side sleepers. It will leave gaps between you and the bed, which leads to uncomfortable spinal alignment. 
  • A firmer may create pressure points on the shoulders and pelvic for people who prefer a plush or soft feel. 

Linenspa Innerspring

The Innerspring model boasts a 6-inches layer with a comfortable quilted cover. The tempered steel coils inside this 6-inches are high-grade material. These supportive spring coils offer your bed a bouncy and comfortable feel. It means it is a good option for combination sleepers.

Available at Amazon for $264.

Sitting atop this fantastic spring layer is a quilted fabric cover.

It is fire-resistant, which makes it a good option for kid’s beds. Not just this, but it fits perfectly in bunk beds, trundle beds, and day beds.

Linenspa Innerspring Pros & Cons

  • The innerspring mode provides exceptional support. 
  • Due to its buoyancy, a bed is an excellent choice for combination sleepers. 
  • Its high firmness level makes it an incredible option for back sleepers.
  • Contains motion transfer, making it unsuitable for couples. 
  • They last for a comparatively shorter time. 
  • Since they are incredibly bouncy, they don’t offer ample contouring. 

Linenspa Mattress Dimensions 

Twin39 x 75 
Twin XL39 x 80 
Full54 x 75 
Queen60 x 80 
King76 x 80 
Cal. King72 x 84 
Mattress Cost (US $)
12-inch memory
foam hybrid
$219.99- 421.99
10-inch memory
foam hybrid
$249.99- 399.99
8-inch memory
foam hybrid
$139.99- 269.99 
10-inch latex hybrid$269.99- 539.99 
6-inch innerspring$114.99-214.99 
5-inch gel
memory foam

Linenspa Firmness Options

12-inch memory
foam hybrid
Plush firm 
10-inch memory
foam hybrid
8-inch memory
foam hybrid
10-inch latex hybridMedium-firm
6-inch innerspringFirm
5-inch gel
memory foam

Buying Experience at Linenspa

LinenSpa offers an extensive range of models to suit the varying needs of different sleeper profiles. Not just that, but the brand promises customer-friendly policies that make the purchase worth it. 

Linenspa Shipment, Delivery, and Returns

Linenspa delivers bed-in-a-box mattresses in all continental US states. However, you can receive free delivery on items costing more than $50. For orders costing below the $50 range, customers enjoy a $9.95 discount. 

Typically, your shipment takes 1 to 2 days to process. However, the order takes anywhere between 5 to 7 days to reach your doorstep.

Once you place your order, you may track your package by clicking on the ‘shopping’ icon. Since the packaging and processing of your shipment start right after placing an order, you can’t cancel it. 

However, if you’re unsatisfied with the product and the quality of your sleep, you may return it for a full refund. As long as you return it within the 30-nights trial, the brand pays shipment fees and provides a complete return.

If you can’t find a box to place your decompressed bed in, you can donate the bed to charity under Linenspa for a full refund. 

Linenspa Warranty and Trial Period

LinenSpa provides a 10-years warranty on their mattress to back its claims of premium quality materials. The warranty covers all manufacturing faults and indentations due to regular use. This is the minimum their competition is offering. And the 30-nights trial far less than others that are typically 100 – 365+ days.

Linenspa Information

What Types Does Linenspa Offer? 

Linenspa offers a wide variety of mattresses. These are; memory foam hybrid, latex hybrid, innerspring, and gel memory foam.

What Materials do Linenspa Use?

Linenspa uses premium quality foam, latex, and high-grade steel coils to ensure optimum comfort. 

What frame should I use?

They work well with any bed frame you own. Be it a box spring or a metal grid, they’ll fit most bases.

Are There any Charges Upon Returning the Bed?

If you return it within the 30-nights trial, the shipment is free. Plus, you get a full refund for the item you return. 

Are the Mattresses CertiPUR US Certifitied?

Linenspa mattresses are CertiPUR-US certified, which means they are safe and hygienic sleep surfaces. It means that they contain materials free from harmful gases, ozone depleters, chemical fire retardants, and so on. 

Do They Smell on Unboxing?

Foam mattresses off-gas upon unboxing, so it may smell for at least a day. A lingering smell may persist for another day. There are not many smell complaints posted on the Internet.

Common Complaints

One of the most complaints is that the mattress was too firm. Despite being rated as medium-firm, it felt uncomfortable to few average sleepers. Some people even added that they ended up getting backaches. 

They also noted that the mattress dug into their back and hips. Petite side sleepers complained the bed was too firm, which led to an awkward spinal alignment.

Others found it sagged and was uncomfortable to lay on.

A variety of consumers added that their’s didn’t expand after several days. Despite following proper expansion steps and leaving it in the optimum place, their mattresses didn’t properly expand.

A couple of buyers added that it expanded in the middle, but the edges never opened up. 

One more common complaint among the Linenspa consumers is that the bed contained bugs. After removing the plastic, people found the bed was infested with bugs. Others wrote their bed contained bug eggs rather than the bug itself. 

Are Linenspa Mattresses Good or Bad to Buy?

Linenspa ensures they cater to all sleeping profiles by offering you a variety of mattress options. It uses quality materials to ensure the durability and longevity of its sleep products. The company has tried to keep manufacturing costs low, so the final product is affordable.

But this may have compromised the quality as we hear common complaints on sagging, inadequate support, and comfort.

It is a viable option for college students living in dormitories as they wouldn’t want to spend a fortune.

Brief Introduction of the Company

Linenspa manufactures a wide variety of sleeping products to help rejuvenate your sleeping experience. Their models come in an extensive range while also boasting varying firmness. Factories in China manufactures these all models keeping the price in control.

Linenspa bespoke of premium quality, remarkable value, incredible service, and fabulous fashion sense. 

Founded in 2003 and operates as a brand and sales division of Malouf. With separate offices, they share the same headquarters building in Logan, Utah.

The brand combines state-of-the-art technology with enviable craftsmanship to bring to you affordable mattresses suitable for various sleepers. 

They are available for purchase on their website and Amazon. If your order total is more than $50, Linenspa offers free delivery all over the US.

On the other hand, if it’s lower than that, you can benefit from their flat rate shipping option. 

Your shipment takes less than two days to process and five to seven days for delivery. Typically, they will deliver your bed-in-a-box mattress and leave it to your curbside.

Linenspa allows you to give away your bed to charity instead of the brand when asking for a full refund. Moreover, the company offers a fantastic 10-year warranty. 

Linenspa Highlights

  • 30-nights trial 
  • Options include: hybrid, innerspring, and memory gel
  • A wide variety of firmness
  • Affordable products
  • Ten years warranty 
  • Free delivery on orders above $50
  • China made 
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