Custom Millwork Vs Casework: Which one is Better

millwork vs casework
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Every interior design project, whether commercial or residential, cannot be complete without woodworking. Woodworking comprises custom Millwork or commercial Casework which are similar but with significant differences. Many of us take these two terms as synonyms because carpenters interchangeably used them.

Millwork is something that is produced in a mill and it is custom-made. Whereas, Casework can be called modular. Casework is usually made in standard modules or blocks with clear instructions for assembly. These standard blocks can also help in customization, just like lego blocks. 

It is important to know the exact meaning of these two terms and the differences as well. In this article below you will get to know more about custom Millwork and Casework architecture. This helps you make a correct decision before investing. It also helps your woodworker or carpenter to give you the best advice.

What is millwork?

Millwork is when the product is made according to the client’s specific needs. Products are either manufactured at the installation site itself or manufacturing is done at the factory site. After that, millwork installation is done on-site according to the client’s preference. Crown moldings, wall paneling, chair rails, fireplace mantels, stairways, switch plates, custom cabinetry, etc. are some examples of custom Millwork. Although the civil jobs of flooring, and ceiling are not covered under Millwork. Millwork adds an extra charm or contributes to the extraordinary beauty of the product.

How custom millwork works

  • Keep a record of the exact dimensions and geometry of the space.
  • Make technical drawings or millwork shop drawings using these measurements. Designs guide the carpenter throughout the process of millwork product fabrication and help to obtain accurate results. 
  • The truncated product pieces are then taken to the site and installation is done according to the client’s specifications to get the final product.

What is casework?

Casework includes all forms of indoor and outdoor furnishing items made for storage purposes. It refers to the manufacturing of furniture having case-like structures. For example, kitchen cabinets, wall cabinets, storage cabinets, books cases, cupboards, shelf units, etc. In other words, Casework architecture is prefabricated pieces of furniture manufactured after following standard instructions.
Commercial casework could be exposed exterior or semi-exposed interior and concealed surfaces, modular, or floor or wall-mounted. In conclusion, the skill and technique that goes into making casework architecture are infrequently appreciated as it is a hidden furnishing beauty.

Millwork vs Casework

ProductionMillwork is fully custom-made and has unique features. It is produced in limited numbers as the same product cannot be used for another project.Casework is mass-produced after following standard instructions. For example, cabinets made in the factory have similar structures, designs, wood veneers, etc.
PriceMillwork products are more expensive because it is fully customized. Manufacturing is done at the installation site therefore time-consuming.As the product is mass-produced it is available at a much more affordable price range. In other words, it is ready to assemble pieces of product.
Satisfactory RateCustom Millwork gives 100% satisfactory results. No need to compromise on your needs. As it is fully customized it integrates seamlessly with home decor resulting in the overall beauty of the place.Low customer satisfaction as clients may have to compromise on need. For example, the shape, color, and finish of the product may not integrate with the home decor.
FlexibilityMillwork products are permanent fixtures. Once it is installed, removal or replacement is a hectic task.Offers higher flexibility in terms of swapping. Hassle-free replacement of damaged parts.

Casework or Custom Millwork. Which one is better?

Which one to choose is dependent on the following factors;

  • Project type
  • Location of the project
  • The total budget of the project

It is difficult to choose one over the other. Because both are types of woodworking used in furnishing residential and commercial projects. One needs to utilize both these techniques to complete the project and gain satisfactory results. For instance, woodworkers recommend Commercial casework for the kitchen, bathroom, laundry room, etc. However, for the furnishing of a living room or bedroom Custom Millwork is recommended.

However, two types of woodwork run parallel to each other and both are equally important. Casework can be used for furnishing both residential and commercial places. Casework installed at commercial places is application-specific where the aim is to meet the basic requirement at the lowest cost.

However, for residential projects, semi-custom Casework architecture is preferred, like furnishing the kitchen, bathroom, and laundry rooms. Most homeowners prefer Casework for kitchen areas because of the availability of superior quality semi-custom cabinetry at an affordable price. You can order Casework like ordering a product. It is readily available at home improvement stores and material suppliers.

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