Nectar Sleep review: scam? lawsuit, 95.5% 1-star, complaints

I spent a day researching this company and got more than enough to quite early. This is the most shocking of all the investigations that I have performed to date and I can’t imagine a company having worse comments by customers.

Disclaimer: I have no option, I am just compiling information from sources on the Internet.

Nectar sleep reviews are horrible with the BBB issuing a warning about this company and 95.5% of customers rating 1-star, 74% of Consumer Reports reviews 1-star, buyers at Consumer Affairs rated a 1.8, Reddit threads are full of horror stories calling them a scam. Yet on their website a 4.7. FTC sued them.

Nectar Sleep Website Reviews

I find this interesting. In my research, I found the BBB, Consumer Reports, Consumer Affairs, and Reddit are pretty consistent with the ratings, complaints, and comments. On, there are more than 30,000 reviews with an average 4.7-star rating.

Hmmm, most of the reviews are a few words to a couple of sentences long. Interesting. All the other website reviews are paragraphs long.

Also, the top of their webpages shows 30,000+ reviews, but only 21008 listed at the time I looked at it on September 21, 2020.

Do your own investigation and compare the style, length, depth, and tone of these glowing reviews and compare them to the previous websites, or anywhere else you can find them.

Considering another company, check these out:

Nectar Sleep Reviews and Owner Complaints

There is a lot of negativity out there with this company and I thought it would be helpful to others to put together the harder to find information.

Federal Trade Commission (FTC)

The FTC sued Nectar Sleep and apparently, Nectar has settled. So what does that mean?

“According to the FTC’s complaint, Nectar Brand LLC claimed in promotional materials that its mattresses were “Designed and Assembled in USA,” but in fact the mattresses are wholly imported from China, with no assembly taking place in the United States.”

Federal Trade Commission

Better Business Buearu (BBB)

The BBB has a warning in red:



For my article looking at this company more in depth please read this information.

1,615 complaints filed in the past three years and 158 owners submitted reviews that is an average of 1-star out of 5. Update as of what we see on November 7, 2020:

Check out the statistics in the table below at the time of our review of the BBB database.

YouTube shorts video version summary

Table 1. Nectar Sleep Reviews Statistics With BBB

Stars out of 5Owners% of Total

There are numerous complaints such as:

  • poor customer service
  • can’t contact the company
  • poor, terrible, incorrect products
  • replacement not arrive
  • warranty and return issues
  • shipping errors, delays, never received product
  • scam
  • on and on ad nauseam. How is this company still in business?
Source: BBB
Another happy customer who recently purchased one

Nectar Mattress Consumer Reports

The Nectar mattress Consumer Reports rating is 73, which comes in at 129 out of 174. This is another product that Consumer Reports reviewed and also have an affiliate link for this product through Amazon. Conflict of interest perhaps? Maybe not, but it sure doesn’t smell right to me.

Table 2. Consumer Reports Owner Reviews Statistics

RecommendOwners% of Total

NOTE: Five of the 5-star reviews were two years ago.

Table 3. Recent Consumer Reports Owner Reviews Statistics

RecommendOwners% of Total
Not everyone is a hater

WARNING: The one 5-star review was the oldest of the ten that I looked at, so it might be worse than it looks, and it looks bad.

I don’t think that I have to analyze the data any further for you to know what your chance of being satisfied with an order from this company.

This reviewer actually checked back after some months of sleeping on it

Consumer Affairs

“”Nectar Sleep mattresses are good. They are made of quality materials and come at an affordable price, making them some of the best mattresses around. It’s an especially good choice for back sleepers because it provides such good support.”

Consumer Affairs

Yet there are 103 owner review ratings with an average of 1.8-star ratings. Hmmm, the owners seem to this it is crap, but the company that may receive compensation from Nectar says they are good? Interesting?

NOTE: The first five reviews listed are 5-star ratings where there are only 13 out of 103 in total. So the rating with only 12.6% of the total are listed 1, 2, 3, 4, and 5, and they are not in chronological order either. Biased?

Table 4. Consumer Affairs Owner Reviews Statistics

Stars out of 5Owners% of Total
He liked it, she didn’t until they added a free topper

Reddit Reviews and Complaints

“Nectar Sleep is a Scam” Source

Nectar Sleep is a Scam…There is no gel memory foam sewn in the cover…The tag says it is Classic Brands which is a company that makes cheap stuff (And guess what brand the foundation is too. You can buy the same one $100 cheaper on amazon)…The pillows are not the Nectar pillows with Tencel covers. They are cheap, unbranded ones with the tags cut off and stuffed with poly fill and shredded poly-foam.

RippinAndTyrion, Nectar customer, 7 months ago,

Wow, those are scathing comments and I don’t know if they are true. If you have information about this please contact me.

“PSA for new Nectar Mattress Buyers” Source

Reddit user nfreak1 started the thread PSA for new Nectar Mattress Buyers and I am assuming that PSA in this case means Public Service Announcement.

The complaint:

I decided to take off the cover and much to my surprise the one inch of gel memory foam that was supposed to be quilted into the cover was not there


User bedroomguru is the first to respond and he states:

Nectar online is sourced in China, Nectar sold via stores is made here and again as I understand it’s made by Elite Foam in GA. (Likely some other OEM partners too).


He also provides very helpful insight into the bed-in-a-box companies vs stores, but he does own mattress stores so keep that in mind.

There are another 32 comments in the thread and there is a lot of helpful information owners share so it is well worth reading if you are considering “getting in bed with Nectar”. I could not resist the pun, sorry.

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