CAD Conversion

CAD conversion
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In the past designs were made on a piece of paper using basic tools, which store all the data necessary for the construction process. However, today everything is digital. CAD conversion is to convert paper drawings or blueprints into CAD format using suitable CAD software to avoid the hassle of storing bundles of paper.

CAD is the replacement of drawing boards and loose paper drawings with a computer that CAD software. A wide range of software can be used to make flawless 3d CAD drawings in a short period. In conclusion, Outsourcing CAD conversion services allows engineers, designers, and architects to analyze, archive, retrieve, copy, edit, or optimize and share complex drawings with more comfort.

Hiring CAD conversion services from a reputed CAD Company will create ease in your work. Therefore, you can focus on other core details of the project. In other words, it is the best way to convert and store complex drawings, images, pdf, and blueprints into digital format. is a one-stop solution for all your design and manufacturing needs. We have the expertise in all your design and manufacturing needs. Our team of experienced designers and engineers can convert hand sketches, complex paper drawings, blueprints, and survey notes into a complete set of architectural plans. 

Services at

  • Image to CAD conversion
  • PDF to CAD conversion
  • 2d to 3d CAD formats .skp .stl .stp .step .dwg .3ds .blend .obj etc.
  • AutoCAD and micro-station conversion
  • Raster to CAD conversion

Benefits of CAD conversion

  • For paper-intensive industries like architecture, engineering, and interior designing that are dependent on designing and manufacturing goods CAD conversions come in handy.
  • Different types of geometrical enticties or drawing tools are there like circles, ovals, arcs, lines, multigons, etc. These tools can be combined to make perfect drawings.
  • The cartesian coordinate system in CAD allows you to build 3d and 2d drawings on X, Y, and Z coordinates. Moreover, this helps the designer to specify the exact size and location of an object in drawings.
  • The use of snaps and modifiers aids the making of drawings with high accuracy and precision.
  • In addition, it offers a short lead time, high precision, and the creation of error-free high-quality images.
  • Multilayer drawings can be made using CAD. Therefore, the same design can be viewed from different angles.
  • CAD offers effortless and hassle-free management of complex designs.
  • It offers superior scalability, flawless drafting, and opportune sharing and accessibility.
  • CAD eliminates the need of hiring a large number of expensive draftsmen.
  • In addition to easy product data management. CAD conversion also allows us to redraft the document in the future.


Our team of experts can convert all kinds of drawings into error-free editable CAD format.

We try our best to complete your project within a short period of time with higher efficiency.

Highly experienced CAD engineers trained in housework on your project to give you the best results.

We think out of the box and promise to give you a creative solution for all design problems.

In addition, we can provide you with a personalized team of designers to exclusively work on your project.

To provide you with a design solution that fits into the required time and money constraints.

Contact us for any type of comprehensive advice on your project and get the solution to all your problems in a short time span. We work hard to give shape to your concepts even before they are made real.