Pomfret Upholstered Standard Bed Pros and Cons

I hadn’t looked at any upholstered beds yet so I looked for one with a lot of reviews to see if the rating is reflective of the product. I had been picking on Wayfair a bit lately and that trend continues with this article. Let’s take a look.

Pomfret Upholstered Standard bed pros include an adjustable height headboard, 4 upholstery color options, 650-850 lb capacity, low price. The cons include that it needs a box spring due to huge gaps between slats, 2.3% rated it 1-star, and falls apart.


  • The Pomfret headboard has two height settings 45.5 and 49.5″, which is awesome. I like this feature because if you use a box spring and a mattress you will want the higher setting so you aren’t bumping your head on top of the headboard.

    If you have a mattress with a built-in foundation or you use lumber or plywood you will want to use the lower setting.
  • It is easy to assemble, but most are now so not a big pro. However, it does have a helpful assembly video and decent instructions.
  • The packaging is high quality, to avoid damage, and this is a rarity in this industry
  • Has a distinctly European style that is very popular
  • It has a light frame for wood and upholstery construction material, yet is strong and sturdy.
  • Has a high carrying capacity, nearly double that of other models in the same price range


  • 2.3% of reviewers by owners gave a 1-star rating. This is a very high percentage.
  • You must use a box spring or a mattress with a built-in foundation.
  • You have to use a headboard, which is a problem if you want to position the bed in front of a window.
  • It doesn’t have storage space underneath. I am a minimalist so this isn’t an issue for me, but I know most people are trying to cram crap into every nook and cranny.

Is The Pomfret Worth It?

The Pomfret Standard shows its popularity with over 8000 reviews. It has an average star rating of 4.6 (technically I calculated it to be 4.585 out of 5.000. 

Based on the research I did, it appears the Shaker platform bed is so popular because:

  • Comes with a headboard. It is height adjustable with four different color upholstery options.
  • Sturdy wooden frame. The inside is made of solid wood and manufactured wood. It is sturdy and doesn’t creak.
  • Attractive upholstery and design. The crown-arched headboard design and upholstered fabric look striking. It gives you that interior design magazine looks, without breaking the bank.

I normally go through the reviews and pull out highlights and give my thoughts in a summary. But I am not wasting my time on this one as it is too poor quality. Really, what do you expect for this price?

Dimensions, Design and Construction

Deciding on a bed frame also means it has to fit your room. So, below I will list the measurements you need to know before buying it.

The Frame

Legs are made of solid wood and look solid at 3′ wide and 1″ thick.

The rest of the bed frame is completely covered in 100% polyester upholstery in an attractive upholstery, which comes in four colors:

  • denim blue
  • stone gray
  • beige
  • light grey

The weight capacity is much higher than others from Wayfair and other companies. Many similar in price can only carry about half of what the Pomfret can.


The slats are made from wood and there are 4 of them with legs in the center of each one to provide a lot of support in the middle.

 Since there are only four slats there are gigantic gaps between the slats so a box spring or box spring and mattress hybrid are required. Otherwise, you will be sleeping on a mattress with moguls or waves as the mattress will sag greatly.

Headboard and Footboard

It comes with an upholstered headboard but not a footboard. The headboard has two height options, 45.5 or 49.5″ from the floor to the top of the headboard.

There aren’t any holes or brackets to add a footboard and I can’t see why anyone would want to with the frame wrapped in the attractive upholstery.

But if you wanted to it would be easy to fasten one on with bolts and nuts.


The positive ratings of this bed provide undeniable proof that it is a high-quality option. It scores a 4.6 out of 5 after more than 8100 reviews. And if you have read my previous reviews of products from Wayfair you know that I can spot and call out the fake and bs reviews.

I am suprised to see that the 5-star ratings that I have reviewed all look legit. I did find many suspect 1-star ratings, especially one group of 15 in a row without a single one word comment. This is very rare and suspicous.

So I give the quality of this product my thumbs up.

Price point

Price Per Frame Size


*Prices updated August 4, 2020.

Pomfret Upholstered Standard Assembly

Assembly is easy and it is easier to do with two people, but most people can assemble alone.

TIP: Wayfair has a how-to assemble video on the product page here under the Show More section near the top on the right. The video shows the steps to assemble the bed frame and it is fairly easy to follow.

TIP: Assembly instructions in PDF format can be viewed on Wayfair’s website here.


The pros of the Pomfret upholstered standard bed frame are that the headboard has two height settings. There is an adjustable mattress that can be purchased for use with this model too. 

It is easy to assemble. The packaging is high quality, to avoid damage to the bed. Has a distinct style that is very popular. It has a light frame Has a high carrying capacity, nearly double that of other models.

The drawbacks are that it can’t be used with a flat box spring. You must use a box spring. You have to use a headboard, and it doesn’t have storage space underneath.

Scott’s Opinion: RUN!

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