2D Drafting & Drawing


Our 2D Drafting Services Includes:

✔ Construction Drawing
✔ Assembly Manuals
✔ Shop Drawings
✔ Mill Work
✔ Presentation Document

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2-D drawings are detailed drawings for a project. Your drawings will be in a detailed format along with labels, dimensions, and hatching can be added. We offer the possibility to create as many 2D details as needed from furniture, complete rooms, shop fittings, fair booths, etc.

The foundation of any successful project lies in precision and clarity. With our 2D Drafting and drawing expertise, we provide error-free construction drawings, assembly manuals, shop drawings, millwork plans, and presentation documents. These essential elements ensure that your designs are executed with absolute accuracy and that your ideas are conveyed eloquently to all stakeholders.

Construction Drawing: Our detailed drawings provide the plans you need to build your project. They’re like the building’s recipe, showing every measurement and detail.

Assembly Manuals: We create clear, easy-to-follow manuals for putting together products. It ensures your customers have a smooth experience with your items.

Shop Drawings: For manufacturing, our shop drawings show exactly how things need to be made. They’re like the instructions for crafting metal or wood pieces.

Millwork: When it comes to millwork, precision is crucial. Our drawings ensure everything is measured and cut perfectly for smooth manufacturing and installation.

Presentation Documents: We create professional documents that help explain your design ideas to clients and others. They include drawings and visuals to make your vision clear and persuasive.

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