Production Drawings And DFMA Services

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DFMA is an abbreviation for Design For Manufacture And Assembly. It is a type of encryption that aids communication between two technical people or designers and manufacturers. DFMA assists manufacturers throughout the production cycle. Moreover, it stores all the information required for the production of an object. 

Production drawings are self-explanatory and accurate. It helps us to understand all the individual components of an object. In addition, depending upon the complexity of the product, production drawings are provided with assembly and sub-assembly of components.

How is DFMA Beneficial For Producers?

Product manufacturing is a costly and time-consuming process. The model may look flawless on the screen, but manufacturers may face problems while making the actual product. This is where the need for production drawings arises. The basic idea behind DFMA is to increase the profit margin and reduce the production time because it doesn’t matter how excellent your product is if it is not cost-effective.

The functionality and manufacturability of the product are kept in mind while making the production drawings. This not only cuts the additional project cost but also stretches the profit margin. Therefore, it is recommended to add DFMA to your to-do list for a hassle-free manufacturing process.

What does DFMA include?

  • Planning and designing – This step involves a complete product assessment. Study the working of every part of the product and how they interact while assembled. The aim is to limit the number of parts and combine two or more components to manage time and budget constraints.
  • Material selection – Here, the material used for your product is finalized. The use of cost-effective raw materials reduces extra costing effort and increases the shelf life of the product.
  • Process planning – To prepare a complete outline of the production cycle with all the core details of each component manufacturing, assembly, and sub-assembly with fixings like bolts, nuts, washers, etc. It also includes a complete part list, BOM, cutting list, list of materials, and assembly and sub-assembly instructions for a smooth construction process.

DFMA services at

At, you find everything from 3d modeling, Rendering to 3d Printing and CNC machining in one place. Our team of experts is from woodworking and designing backgrounds. We will assist you in the complete process of design to CNC machining. Above all, we address the need of clients and work on their specifications to provide the best possible outcome.

A 3d CAD model is made based on the input received followed by the 2d drafting and detailing of your project. CAD drawings represent all the individual parts of an object and the fixing and assembly of individual components.

The designs we provide are exact and thoroughly vetted by our team of experts. DFMA drawings created by our designers are user-friendly. Therefore, manufacturers can implement our production drawings not only with CNC machines but also with traditional tools.

Our team of experts can handle projects:

  • Modular kitchen designing: Modular, Civil, and Semi modular kitchen designing.
  • Wardrobe designing: Sliding, hinged, fixed wardrobe designing.
  • Furniture Modeling, Office furniture, or Exhibition designing: Elements are designed in such a way that one can use them for a wide range of interior projects. We also provide smart parametric options; one can adjust the dimension according to your need.
  • Shopfitting: Showroom design, shelving, Gondolas, and free-standing structure.

On your project completion you get:


3d model of your project in any file format such as dwg, 3ds, skp, stl, step, .blend, .ogb, etc.

drafting and detailing


2d drawing in pdf format or any other format as per your convenience. This includes Basic sections, plans, and elevation with level 1 dimension.


Production drawings with assembly and sub-assembly of components of the product. In addition, fixings like bolts, nuts, washers, etc.


Spreadsheet of a complete part list that is bills of material, bill of quantity, properly defined material, laminates, edge, banding, hardware, and accessories.


Drawings also include material specifications, surface finish type, and tolerances, geometric tolerances, and linear and angular dimensions with tolerances.


To bring vibrance to your site, we have a wide range of color overlay options.

Connect with us to get the best outcome for your idea. We guarantee on-time project completion with an excellent customer service experience. In addition, our support team always keeps you updated about the design progress and other details about your project. We have customized pricing for each of our clients depending on the complexity of the project.