Puffy Mattress Pros and Cons

Puffy pros include a 101-night trial, lifetime warranty, large selection, made in the USA. Cons include too hot, sagging, poor edge support, communications as staff doesn’t answer phone emails, difficult to follow their return policies due to the inability to contact the company. Only a 67% rating on Consumer Reports.

Brand Pro Highlights:

  • 101-night trial
  • Lifetime warranty
  • Available in Original Puffy, Puffy Lux, and Puffy Royal Mattress
  • Their mattresses fall in the middle of the firmness scale, meaning you get medium firm
  • Free delivery in all 50 contiguous states
  • US-based products

Types of Products



This model is 10-inch thick and has high-quality memory foam composition to ensure comfort through the night. The gel-memory foam layer infused with the high-density poly foam allows it to cradle your body, providing both pain relief and proper spine alignment.

The top 4-inch foam layer has two layers. The first is a two-inch cooling cloud memory foam and gel-infused layer. Made out of a Visco polyurethane, it provides sufficient cushioning.

Plus, the gel layering regulates your temperature throughout the night. It also provides additional support over the edges but, despite that, you might experience sinkage.

The second layer is another 2-inch layer engineered from climate comfort polyfoam. This layer doubles as a comfort layer and as a transition layer.

With a firmness level somewhere between the top and the last layer, this layer ensures sleepers enjoy their resting time. This layer is temperature-resistant.

The last is a 6-inch dense layer manufactured from a firm core support polyfoam.

This high-density foundation layer stabilizes the whole mattress. A soft, removable, stretch-knit polyfoam cover encases the three layers. It is stain-resistant and machine washable.

Overall, it has a medium-firm, making it a good option for side and petite sleepers. However, it’s not a good choice for those weighing above 230 pounds or strictly stomach sleepers.

Both might notice extra sinkage and discomfort.

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Scott Boyd
  • Features excellent responsiveness
  • Contours well with average body sizes
  • Offers pressure relief
  • Good for those that sleep hot
  • Medium firmness provides pain relief for some side sleepers
  • If you’re a stomach sleeper, your hips might sink in, making for an uncomfortable sleep
  • People weighing above 230 will find it uncomfortable
  • Heavier and average back sleeper will notice excessive sinkage as well
  • Medium-firm may cause discomfort for those with a preference for softer mattresses

Puffy Lux

The Puffy lux mattress features four layers of soft foam working together to ensure a comfortable firm for all sleeping personas.

On the top is the encasing of the mattress made out of thin polyester. This layer is stain resistant and easy to remove. Under the cover comes the first 2-inches layer.

This layer is from the result of mixing polyester with a gel-infusion. The gel-microbeads of this layer helps regulate body temperature, whereas the softness of the foam allows you to comfortably sink in the mattress.

The contour layer is a 2-inches memory foam layer explicitly made to ensure better contouring and pressure relief.

Underneath this layer settles another two-inch layer of transition polyfoam. Its purpose is to provide comfort to your body by ensuring a neutral mattress firm.

Last is the 6-inch poly foam layer made out of durable material to hold the rest of the mattress well. It also factors into the medium-firm of the mattress.

It makes it an excellent option for side sleepers since it’s neither too soft nor too firm. However, for combination sleepers and back sleepers, it’s not a good option. Heavier stomach sleeper may also find the mattress too soft.

  • Zero motion isolation
  • Provides great spinal alignment for side sleepers
  • Medium-firm makes it an excellent option for petite and average sleepers
  • Perfect for couples
  • Too soft for strictly back sleepers
  • Heavy sleepers will notice excessive sinkage
  • The mattress can trap heat, which makes it uncomfortable for hot sleepers
  • Combination sleepers may notice discomfort when switching positions

Puffy Royal

Coming at 14-inches, the this is one of the thickest on the market. It consists of five layers made out of memory foam.

Here too, it has a soft and breathable polyester fabric. Right below the cover is a 1.5-inch comfort layer. It has a foam construction with a gel-beading feature, making it ideal for particularly hot sleepers.

After this layer is a 2-inch comfort layer working to offer a soft feel to all kinds of sleepers. This sits right on top of another 2-inch layer featuring a unique wavy edge.

Plus, the material is breathable. Sandwiched between this and the last layer is the transitioning layer. It also features excellent responsiveness, making it a good option for most sleeping profiles.

Last is the high-density base foam that supports the shape and base. It offers a medium-firm that allows side and combination sleepers to benefit from proper spinal alignment.

As for back sleepers, other than heavy sleepers, you’ll enjoy the soft sinking feeling. Strictly stomach sleeper will find it too firm to enjoy resting on

  • Provides exceptional pressure relief
  • Offers sleepers with a soft feel
  • Sturdy and durable
  • It works well for side sleepers, combination and back sleepers
  • Gel microbeads make for a cool night’s sleep
  • Not fit for those weighing above 230 pounds
  • Stomach sleepers will experience unbalanced support
  • Edge support isn’t great either
  • Not a good option for those on a budget
Back StomachSide Combination
Pleasant supportUnnatural spinal alignment Balanced supportComfortable
Sags around the hipsFoam sags around the hips and shoulders Proper spinal alignmentHard to move around in
Pressure-reliefUncomfortable supportEven distributionSoft yet firm


Puffy pillows are fabricated from optimum quality polyester and bamboo rayon. Its hypoallergenic and dust mite resistant features allow people with allergies to catch a good night’s rest. Encasing the pillow is a soft, cooling cover that ensures you don’t sweat through the night.

The pillow features a great loft height. It encourages a proper spine alignment that allows your head, neck, and shoulders to relax when resting.

Plus, you can easily take off the encasing to throw in the washing.

Apart from this, you can purchase the super soft and thick body pillow. These are fabricated from the

bamboo fiber with a cool, hypoallergenic cover. The blue-gel cooling memory foam of the body pillow is breathable, meaning you’ll feel cool as you cuddle the pillow through the night.


Making your nights comfier, the comforter has a unique polyester-based construction with a microfiber fill. The comforter is super-soft, breathable, and lightweight, making it the perfect option. Plus, it comes with dust-resistant features, which allows people with allergies to equally enjoy it.

Puffy fabricates extremely soft blankets made out of hypoallergenic polyester. The faux fur of this blanket offers you a cozy, warm feeling throughout the night.

Next is the comfortable and weighted blanket. It offers you the right amount of pressure to give you that ‘hug’ feeling.

The diamond patented cover matched with its mink top and cotton bottom helps increase your sleep quality.

Lastly, Puffy manufactures its sheet using high-quality Bamboo Viscose. Its naturally hypoallergenic features, alongside its soft feel, make for a comfortable and long night’s sleep.

Apart from being cozy, these sheets are breathable. Plus, the fitted sheet pockets make it easier for you to tuck it in, and they come in a variety of sizes!

Buying Experience

Puffy offers buyers from all 50 contiguous states free shipment via FEDEX. Typically, they deliver your order anywhere between one to three business days. The delivery time varies depending on your package. You can only purchase their products through their website.

Their 101-night trial offers consumers to try the product before returning. It is applicable on mattresses, beddings, pillows, bed frames, bedroom furniture, and dog beds.

In case you are not happy with your purchase, you can contact Puffy. Here they provide the customer with a full refund upon returning the mattress.

However, the return policy is limited to a single return per year in a household. And a total of two returns only per house.

Puffy encourages users to try the mattress for at least thirty days. You do have to keep it for a minimum of fourteen-trial days.

This is a bed-in-a-box product, which means carrying it inside your house, which can be heavy and awkward so ask a friend to help. Neither will the set-up require extra manpower nor tools.

Plus, Puffy offers customers a lifetime warranty. It covers all manufacturing defects and indentation. It does not, however, cover any defect made by the user.

How does Puffy mattress delivery work?

The ompany delivers its mattresses all over the US with free delivery in 50 contiguous states. However, residents in Hawaii and Alaska may have to pay a shipment fee. These heavy and large boxes are delivered right to your doorstep.

How long does it take for Puffy mattresses to off-gas?

It takes 24 hours to off-gas. A lingering smell may remain for another 24 hours. 

Where is the Puffy mattress sent before reaching me?

First, your product is picked up from a closeby factory located in the US or Canada. Next, the shipment is delivered to FedEx in two days. After this, your shipment is dispatched to reach your house in two to three days.

Should I flip my Puffy?

You don’t need to flip it. You can, however, rotate them for long-lasting use.

Do Puffy mattresses sleep hot?

Puffy mattresses do not sleep hot because of their gel-infusion layer. Their zoned layer and breathable material allow air to flow through. However, if you’re a particularly hot sleeper, the Puffy Lux may not suit you.

Common Complaints

Its website shows a 67 rating on Consumer Reports for The Puffy; they feature 31 owner reviews and five owners would not recommend to a friend. This is actually a pretty good ratio compared to many of the companies and products I have researched.

The website itself features a complaint about the mattress being too firm on one side and too soft on the other.

One common complaint is their issues with temperature regulation. Despite featuring a gel-cooling layer, many owners find that it feels too warm.

Another thing users notice is that it starts sagging after a couple of years of use. Others found it either too firm or too soft. The edge support also poses a problem for consumers.

A lot of people wrote about how their inadequate customer service. Nobody picked up customers’ calls and didn’t reply to emails either. Both of which are troublesome.

Another customer even mentioned how the company removed its negative reply. Some had trouble with the returning policies, noting down their policies were not easy since Puffy would not get back to them.

The Company

Puffy is an online brand striving to manufacture premium quality products for a rejuvenating sleep experience. This well-renowned brand offers a plethora of different sleeping products, including comfortable mattresses, cozy blankets, soft comforters, and luxe sheets.

You can even find high-quality bed frames to support your mattress or an aesthetic rug to complement your decor.

Puffy manufactures their mattresses using various types of foam, whereas most of their sheets and blankets contain 100% natural bamboo rayon.

The polyurethane and gel-microbeads in their products ensure temperature regulation as well.

The organization came into being in 2016 after the founders questioned what sleeping on the clouds would feel like. With headquarters in Los Angeles, California and serves customers across the US.


Seems like too many problems and bad experiences with owners so I would suggest that there are many better options out there.

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