Puffy Mattresses: Good or Bad?

Some companies are good and some are bad, and after a couple of days of researching forums, BBB, and others I found the unpleasant result that you need to see before potentially donating up to $3,000 to the toilet.

The Puffy mattresses are good, as claimed by reviews that receive commissions through affiliate links for glowing reviews. The bad: BBB rating of B with 69% 1-star reviews, many real reviews by owners indicate too soft, difficult to return, mold issues, poor customer service, and back pain.

In this article, we’ll explore the benefits, or pitfalls, of purchasing a Puffy. We’ll explain how the unique manufacturing process and the materials used work together to provide you with the optimal sleep experience ever, night after night.

This guy is NOT a fan at all.

The Good

  • Lots of options for each sleep type (back, side, and tummy and firmness options)
  • Long trial period.
  • Donate returns to charity when possible (well, the owner has to donate it).

The Bad

The below information is from the Better Business Bureau.

  • BBB rating of B with 58 owner reviews and 40 of them are 1-star reviews. I have seen some terrible companies on BBB but 69% of the owners give a 1-star review? Sham-Wow. The other 18 reviews are all 5-star, so there is no middle ground as you love it, or hate it.

    And the company is getting worse, not better. The past 50% of the reviews are actually 79% 1-star reviews!

    There have been 112 complaints filed against Puffy with the BBB.
  • It seems they don’t answer the phone or return calls
  • Same for emails
  • No refund
  • Did not send the mattress
  • Uneven with high and low spots
  • Stains
  • Stinks

I never received my mattress (shipping confirmation now says it was delivered in Colorado, while I live in LA) and have been sleeping on a couch because I gave my old one last week. The ******** ******* has been unresponsive by phone, email, and chat. I tried every means possible; I tweeted them, instagrammed them, and even messaged their CEO and head of ******** ******* on Linkedin.


TIP: I am not wasting any more of my time reading the reviews. Just avoid this company.

Consumer Reports

I don’t put much faith in Consumer Reports, but some might find the information helpful. They only reviewed The Puffy and they rated it a 67 out of 100 and 157 out of 174 mattresses.

Not flattering, but 38 owners submitted reviews and 83% said that they would recommend it to a friend. HOWEVER:

TIP: All but one review is more than two years old, back when the company seemed to care slightly about customer service, exceeding customer expectations, and basically caring. The trend has landed in the toilet.

Choosing a Mattress

You may also need to buy a base that fits your existing one. Thus, the first thing to determine is what size to purchase.

Bed size depends to a great extent on personal preferences. In most households, the choice between a Twin and Twin XL is easy, as they are usually for children or a multipurpose guest room. 

If you are sharing your bed, you and your bed partner have to agree on either a Queen or a King size bed. Then you have to decide on what type of mattress will be the best.

If you have any posture or other health problems, these factors have to be taken into consideration.

Perhaps you don’t have specific ailments but still wake up every morning with a sore back or stiff hips. Then you should choose a model that will eliminate these problems.

After one year Tara rates this mattress a 5 out of 10. And a commenter said that she also bought one from Wayfair and it had mold after eight months. Puff sent her a new one with new bed slats and the slats had mold upon delivery.

Sounds like the plastic prevented airflow, which would cause mold issues.

Choosing a Puffy Mattress

Now that you’ve decided on the size and type you need, you’ll have to decide whether you want coil, foam, or a hybrid combination of both.

Its edges are supported by the thick core and will not bounce somebody from the bed. You can sit near the edge, put your feet on the ground, and get up. 

Some people like to see the unboxing and I found this one so enjoy.

Unique Manufacturing Process

Not all foam models are manufactured alike. Its manufacturing process and the materials used often define a mattress and distinguish it from the competition.


In 2017, the first Puffy bed was manufactured, offering a new and unique concept for people with back and hip problems.

Since then, it has become extremely popular, not only with people with posture problems but with many who just need a night of restful, undisturbed sleep (source).

Special Foam Process

A Puffy’s claim uniqueness of the material it’s made of. Memory foam and polyfoam layers are used. The foam is produced using the VPF (Variable Pressure Foaming) process.

This process not only delivers high-quality, consistent foam but is also environmentally friendly. 

All foams being used are certified to have been made without heavy metals, phthalates, and ozone depleters (source UPDATE: I checked this link on September 16, 2022 and it appears the webpage has been removed).

This guy receives and tests it on an adjustable bed frame.

Foam Layers

Two inches of a low-density soft CloudComfort memory foam forms the top layer and conforms to the shape of your body. It is also infused with gel to draw heat away from your body simultaneously.

A two-inch layer of ClimateComfort polyfoam forms the second level. This layer stabilizes the inner temperature and resists contracting and expanding when the temperature fluctuates.

These two layers are supported by a core made of six-inch high-density polyfoam. A cover made of polyester covers the foam.

The original Puffy is still very popular, but for more medium firmness, the Puffy Lux is available, and the Puffy Royal has extra layers of foam. 

Short Compressed Period

As Puffy manufactures in small batches, the mattress is compressed for a short period before being delivered to you.

Image by Tanner Yould via Unsplash

Unique Characteristics

Puffy models have several unique characteristics.

Contours the Shape of the Body

The unique construction contours the shape of your body and relieves pressure, ensuring that your spine stays aligned when sleeping (source).

Isolates Motion

If you and your sleeping partner don’t want disturbances caused by each other’s movement, they may have a model that isolates motion. 

The isolation feature is ideal for two people to sleep undisturbed without the movements of one bothering the other. For example, if you’re a side-sleeper and your partner is a back-sleeper, the Puffy will accommodate both.

Easy to Clean 

It also has an easy-to-clean cover that’s fully removable and can be washed in a washing machine. The cover does not need a wash too frequently as the material is stain-resistant.·          

Temperature Neutral

They offset heat retention. The infused gel in the top foam layer and the second layer’s ClimateComfort foam ensures a temperature-neutral feel. 

Supportive near the Edge of the Mattress

Although it sinks in when you sit on the bed, it feels supportive when sleeping near the edge because of the high-density polyfoam core.

Accommodates All Types of Sleepers

A Puffy mattress’ special construction and type of foam make it ideal for everyone to sleep on in comfort. 

Side Sleepers

If you are a side sleeper, you tend to cause pressure points at your shoulders and hips, which often causes pain.

The cushions these spots and, with its body contour technique, keeps your spine aligned and ensures a peaceful night and painless waking the next morning.  

Back Sleepers

Back sleepers normally maintain a neutral spine and posture as they sleep. However, if you are a back sleeper, you need lower back support. Again, the Puffy contours to your body for lower back and hip support and keeps the spine aligned. 

Stomach Sleepers

If you’re a stomach sleeper, their beds reduce the amount your hips from sinking into the bed. If you are generally afraid you’ll suffocate when sleeping on your stomach, you don’t have to worry when sleeping. 

The foam layers are constructed to allow breathing between the layers, and thus, even if your nose is directly on the mattress, you should not have much difficulty breathing.

Combination Sleepers

Perhaps you are a combination sleeper used to shifting during the night from sleeping on your back to sleeping on your side and even sleeping on your stomach.

They will make this movement a little more difficult, but will still contour with the shape of your body in every position.

Image by Pixabay via Pexels

Availability, Price, and Warranty

They compare well with other memory foam mattresses as many “manufactures” buy from the same factories in China with different branding.

They do offer one of the industry’s best warranties.


The prices are about average for a decent-quality memory foam mattress. The thinner model sells for around $500, and the Queen Puffy Lux costs a little over $1,100.


You can order directly on Puffy’s website and via Amazon, and your Puffy will usually ship within one to three business days. If you don’t like it, Puffy will take it back for a 100% full refund. Well, they say they will. See complaints way up in the article.

Trial Period and Warranty

Puffy guarantees the mattress for as long as you own it, assuming a recent company is going to be around in the future.

You can use the it for 101 nights and return it if you’re not satisfied.

Are There Any Cons?

According to owners the company is crap, customer service non-existant, don’t refund some customers, and some don’t receive their order.

Now to discuss the product while forgetting the company as with any product.

Many complain it is is too soft.

Because of its body-contouring ability, someone over 130 lbs probably does not benefit as much as a slimmer person. If you are a stomach sleeper, you will likely prefer a stiffer mattress.

The Puffy mattress also lacks bounce, making it more difficult for the combination sleeper to change position. 

Some owners find it hot and smelly, but that is typically of foam beds.

Final Thoughts 

Do your research if considering buying anything from Puffy! Or Awara mentioned below.

TIP: BEWARE OF AWARA MATTRESS. You can read my article here about how terrible some people think they are.

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