Purple Mattresses Review: 4 Pros and 6 Cons

Of all of the new bed-in-a-box companies, Purple is one of the best known. Is that because its mattresses are superior or because they just have better marketing?

Research is beginning to suggest that it’s the latter because “underground” reviews are starting to proliferate on the Internet.

Still, there are people out there who have a Purple and love it. Does that mean that one of these is right for you?

Update June 6, 2023: This model is a good option and is on sale with 48% off on Amazon here.

The Purple mattress review reveals 4 pros including good for stomach and back sleepers, sleeps cool, durability, and can test in stores. Cons include 168 BBB complaints, 73 and 76 Consumer Reports ratings, smell, poor edge support, expensive, sag, and breakdown.

People either love or hate it Here’s a look at some pros and cons to help you decide.

Pros and Cons of Purple Mattresses

Pro 1: Good Customer Service Phone Communications

We called the number provided on the website and a human answered our call in 30 seconds and answered our questions. We rated the phone communications a 10 out of 10.

The video is the guy who did the first three videos that I posted in this article and in this one, he goes over the pros and cons.

TIP: Call, don’t use the chat feature as nobody answered me, so their overall communication performance takes a hit here.

About a month after I wrote this post I found the below quote and had to add it. The Zinus cost about 25% haha:

I’ve had the 12″ green tea queen for over a year and it’s great. Prior to the zinus I had a queen purple (moved it to my camp) and I much prefer the Zinus.


Pro 2: Good Firmness for Stomach and Back Sleepers

If you like a firm bed, then one of the Purple models may work out all right for you because of the increased firmness. This may be just what you need to help support your lumbar and keep your spine in alignment.

Pro 3: A Foam Model That Doesn’t Sleep Too Hot

Because of all of the pockets in the Purple Grid, these models have some pretty good airflow. This means that they may be able to help to regulate your body temperature as you sleep, which can be vital to ensuring that you get a good rest.

Many people mention that it actually does sleep a little cooler. However, others cannot feel a difference, so it may be a crapshoot for you, Many companies claim this, but few deliver.

Other Purple articles to help you decide:

Pro 4: Durability

Jeff was 360 – 370 lb and after three years there is no sagging at all. You can see his real three-year review below. And a super shout out to Jeff for losing 200 lb. in two years. I almost did not recognize him in the three-year review video below.

Pro 5: Test Run Options

Like all other companies, you can order it and test it at home and send it back if you don’t like it at no cost. But for a purchase of this size and weight, it sure would be nice to try before buy because it is a hassle to return a heavy mattress.

Finally, Purple is now in many stores around the US so potential customers can test it before purchasing.

Many people will know within a few minutes of lying on it if it has the potential to be the right one for them. And since these are incredibly heavy, this is a very important option IMHO.

Con 1: BBB Complaints and Consumer Reports

169 complaints filed in the past three years with the BBB and anyone considering this product should read through them before making a purchasing decision. You can read them on BBB here.

They didn’t exactly knock it out of the park with Consumer Reports either with the Purple 3 rated a 73 and The Purple Mattress at 76.

Con 2: Smell

Many people report that they cannot get rid of the smell even after a few days. This is not a shock as it is latex and it has been compressed into a mattress condom for who knows how long. I wrote an entire article on it here and I have many solutions to help solve the issue.

Con 3: Poor Edge Support

Even with the improvements that Purple has recently made to its original mattress, the edge support on these products is nothing to write home about. If you sleep on the edge of the bed or like to sit there when putting on your shoes, you’ll likely be disappointed.

But again others say the edge support was fine. See what I mean about hard to do a review summary? If edge support is important to you maybe give it a try or go for one that for sure has good edge support such as the IDLE Sleep hybrid with coils to the edges (read my review here).

TIP: A lack of edge support is a major consideration for people with mobility issues because they often need a good, supportive mattress edge to help them get into and out of bed. Look elsewhere if this applies to you.

Con 4: Expensive

While there certainly are more expensive mattresses out there, I feel like many of its competitors are providing more bang for your buck.

In many cases, they are providing a better or comparable night’s sleep at a substantially less cost. That’s just one of the reasons why I’m encouraging you to try to see and feel a Purple mattress in a store before you even think about buying.

Tip: Find a store to try the Purple and it to others on display in the store to see if you think it is worth the price and take a chance on the 100-day trial.

Con 5: Lots of Reports of Early Sagging and Breakdown

Again, this is a bit of a crapshoot as there are people saying sagging and others saying no sagging. If everyone was saying no sagging I would add this to the pros.

In some of their commercials, Purple makes a really big deal out of the durability of their Grid layer. That may be true, but it hasn’t stopped a lot of reviewers from commenting about sagging or indentations in their mattresses.

Some of these reviews mention that theirs seems to be breaking down pretty significantly within just a few months to two years.

Con 6: The Grid Layer

Some people swear by this unique, proprietary feature, but not everyone is a fan. In fact, it can be downright uncomfortable depending on your sleep position.

Unfortunately, there are people mentioning online that they have to “break in” that Purple Grid to make it comfortable.

To me, that’s insane. If I spend well more than $1,000 on a mattress, it should feel fantastic from the first night. The company says here that it may take 21 days for your body to adjust and it may be sore… Imagine if hotels worked like this.

Sorry sir, you will find the mattress comfortable and pain-free after you stay with us for more than 21 days.

Said no hotel ever!

An Overview

When Purple began around 2016, they offered only the original Purple. The line has expanded considerably since then, with the company now offering three different mattresses, mattresses for kids, seat cushions, pet beds, bed frames, pillows, bedding, and sleep masks.

The company does most of its business online. However, its products are offered in brick-and-mortar stores as well.

To make its offerings stand out from the competition, it heavily touts its proprietary Grid layer, which is made out of a super-stretchy and exclusive Hyper-Elastic Polymer.

TIP: Because of the grid design of the Hyper-Elastic Polymer layer, Purple may sleep cooler than other foam models. I have seen comments by owners who sleep hot that state that they are happy that they sleep even slightly cooler.

The Purple Mattress Story

It has its beginnings way back in 1989 when engineer brothers Tony and Terry Pearce decided to “change the world.” Tony’s background was in aerospace materials while Terry’s was in manufacturing and design. Initially, they teamed up to design and manufacture sporting goods and wheelchairs made with high-tech carbon fiber.

Desiring to design a better wheelchair cushion, the brothers developed a material called Floam in the 1990s. Floam eventually made its way into numerous medical and consumer products as an important cushioning factor.

Over the years, the brothers made improvements to Floam, looking for ways to make it more affordable and to find additional uses. This is when Purple really began, as Hyper-Elastic Polymer was invented in 1996.

What set Hyper-Elastic Polymer apart from other materials was that it was soft, strong, and able to stretch to 15 times its size. Experiments revealed that the material relaxed under pressure to relieve pressure points. Soon, it was being incorporated into numerous products by manufacturers around the world.

In 2013, the brothers decided it was time to use their Hyper-Elastic Polymer in their own design. Their dream became a reality after they created the Mattress Max, a machine that could produce their proprietary material in great quantities at an affordable price.

By 2016, the brothers had introduced the original Purple to the world, calling it “The Ultimate No-Pressure Mattress.”

Do the products live up to the hype?

Purple’s Shipping Policy

Purple will ship your mattress for free in the contiguous 48 states. Fees are charged for delivery to Alaska and Hawaii, though it is less than transparent with regard to how much those fees are. The website simply says that these are calculated at checkout.

They are shipped via FedEx, and people who purchase the Hybrid mattress can pay an extra $149 for white glove delivery. An order for a Hybrid Premier includes white glove delivery without additional charge. White glove delivery isn’t available for those who buy the Original Purple.

TIP: White glove service involves the delivery and setup as well as the removal of your old mattress. Purple draws the line at removing your old box spring, and they don’t recommend using it with a box spring.

If available, you may want to see if retailers in your area have Purple in stock. This may give you the opportunity to try before you buy.

Purple’s Return Policy

Like many bed-in-a-box brands, Purple offers a 100-night sleep trial. They won’t initiate the return process until you’ve given the mattress at least 21 nights.

If you sleep on it for at least 21 nights and still aren’t satisfied, then you can call the customer service line at 888-848-2305.

A representative will begin the return process provided that you are still within the 100-day trial period.

It must be undamaged and clean in order to be eligible for a return. Customers receive a refund equal to the purchase price.

Returned mattresses are frequently sent to local charities or a haul-away service will pick it up free of charge to the customer.

TIP: If you buy a Purple from another retailer, then you will have to arrange your return through them rather than through Purple. Be sure that you understand the store’s return policy before you buy it.

The Warranty

Like many other bed-in-a-box companies, Purple places a 10-year warranty on their mattresses. This is a limited warranty that only applies to the original owner. Warranties are only honored when it shows an indentation of more than one inch without any weight on it.

TIP: The warranty is voided if the Purple is not placed on an appropriate foundation. This includes a box spring, which is not considered appropriate.

Tears, stains, and other damage that was caused by the owner are not covered by the warranty.

If it is found to be defective and is protected by the warranty, then it will be repaired or replaced without charge. However, the owner does have to pay any shipping and handling charges that may be involved.

Does a Purple mattress actually hold up over a 10-year period? No one’s sure at this point since the company isn’t that old. However, there are reviews on the Internet suggesting that sagging is a relatively common problem with Purple mattresses, though the sagging rarely meets the extreme that would fall under a warranty claim.

Are Purple Mattresses Good?

With Purple’s mattresses, there seems to be a real love ’em or hate ’em attitude. Some people swear by them while others say that they are the worst ever.

Some of this I can chalk up to everyone having their own preferences. However, it’s also worth noting that the waffle-shaped Hyper-Elastic Polymer layer gives these a really different feel that just doesn’t appeal to everyone.

That’s why I strongly recommend that people try to find a brick-and-mortar retailer that sells Purple so that they can try it for at least a few minutes before they buy.

Granted, lying on a mattress for a few minutes isn’t the same thing as sleeping on it for several nights. What appeals for a short time may become painful over the course of several hours or vice versa.

I guess that’s why so many bed-in-a-box companies allow such long trial periods.

Having said that, I did see something curious on its website. On their returns page, it highlights a review from a customer who remarks that it took her about one month to get used to the mattress and not wake up sore in the morning.


I can understand being sore in the morning after sleeping on an old, tired, sagging mattress, but on a brand-new one? One of the reasons you buy a new mattress is so that you don’t wake up in pain.

If you’re still in pain after switching to a replacement, then it’s not the one for you IMHO.

I’ve woken up sore the day after a long run or a tough weight-training workout. I’ve definitely been in pain after sleeping on a lumpy old mattress, but I would never expect to buy an expensive new one and then wake up in pain.

I am sure hotels would go out of business if customers woke up in pain every morning due to their mattresses.

That’s why I say to proceed with caution when considering a Purple mattress. They tend to be firmer than other brands, which doesn’t make them a great choice for many sleepers.

The Product Line

Purple started out with just one model, but they have expanded their offerings to three models as well as a range of accessories, kids’ mattresses, and pet beds.

The Purple Mattress

This may be the company’s original product, but they have not neglected to upgrade it in recent years. With improved edge support and a comfy new SoftFlex cover, you may want to give Purple a try if it’s been a while.

Still, the edge support isn’t great, as is the case with many foams, or mostly foam, mattresses so people who sleep or sit on the edge of the bed may be dissatisfied.

Inside the SoftFlex cover, there are three layers. The top layer is two inches of the company’s proprietary Purple Grid, which is what gives these mattresses such a distinctive feel. Next, you have two layers of comfort foam. One is three-and-a-half inches thick while the bottom one is four inches thick.

Because it is fairly firm, it is most likely to appeal to back and stomach sleepers. Side sleepers are encouraged to look elsewhere.

Because of the chambers in the grid layer, this bed tends to sleep a little cooler than many other foam beds. Still, if you can’t get past the unusual feel of this top layer, then staying cooler won’t be much of a selling point.

The Purple Hybrid

The biggest difference between these mattresses and the original Purple is that it incorporates both layers of foam and a layer of individually wrapped support coils.

Inside a premium Stretchmax cover, you’ll find a two-inch layer of Purple Grid, a one-inch layer of two-pound density polyurethane foam, a seven-and-a-half-inch layer of individually wrapped coils, and a final layer of transition foam.

Because it’s a little softer than the original Purple, this selection may be more appropriate for side sleepers.

However, the website doesn’t really add much information with regard to their Hybrid mattress, which makes it difficult to determine what those coils will really do for you.

The Purple Hybrid Premier

This is the company’s top-of-the-line offering, and it comes at price points that prove it.

TIP: Each model seems at least a little overpriced when compared with other mattresses in this category. I’m not convinced that they are worth the extra money.

With the Hybrid Premier, you have slightly more options from which to choose. That’s because you can choose either a three-inch or four-inch Purple Grid layer. With the other two mattress choices, you get a two-inch layer and no other options.

If you’re going to spring for that extra inch of Purple Grid, be prepared to shell out the big bucks because it adds about $700 to the price. Yikes!

This mattress features the Premium Stretchmax cover.

Inside it, you’ll find your three- or four-inch layer of Grid followed by a one-inch layer of transition foam and then a seven-and-a-half-inch layer of pocketed coils.

This is all supported by an additional layer of transition foam.

Why spring for the extra-thick Grid layer? Purple says that the three-inch layer is favored by couples who have varying firmness preferences.

The extra inch is supposed to provide a weightless feel.

By contrast, the four-inch layer of Grid is supposed to provide “the ultimate Zero Gravity feel” that is especially coveted by side sleepers.

I guess side sleepers are out of luck unless they have a lot of money to spend.

Are Purple Mattresses Worth It?

I admit that Purple has some pretty amusing commercials, but it takes more than that to make a seriously good mattress.

It’s clear that the company’s founders have put in a lot of time, effort, and money when it comes to product research and development.

It’s also clear that they’ve enjoyed a great deal of success not only with their mattresses but also with the many other products into which their inventions have been incorporated.

Overall, I think that people are letting themselves get a little too carried away by clever advertising campaigns and the idea that a lot of “science” went into these mattresses.

Don’t get me wrong. I’ve got nothing against science. Some of it really does help you get better sleep. I just do not think that Purple takes it in the right direction.

This has been the most difficult review that I have done to date. For every person who loves something about Purple, there is someone who hated the same thing.

Please send me your comments, or comment below and let me and the world know your thoughts. I would also be happy to include testimonials and complaints in this article (I will need proof of purchase).

Only you can know if a Purple mattress is worth it. Try to find a local store to give it a test run.

Hey, I love the phrase “It is free to try” so order one, and if it turns out that you are one of the haters it only costs you some time and effort to return it.

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