Queen Headboard With King Mattress : Is it Possible?

Indeed, the compatibility of a queen size headboard with a king size bed hinges on the particular headboard type in use. The standard measurements of headboards align with their corresponding bed sizes. Some headboards are made to have precise bed dimensions. They have a fitment challenge on different bed frames. Thus, a careful assessment of dimensions becomes crucial to ensure a seamless fit in exceptional cases like the Florida King Bed. Before we discuss about the steps to use queen headboard with king mattress. let us first understand how to check the size of the headboard.

queen bed with king headboard
king bed with queen headboard

How to measure a headboard for a bed?

A headboard does more than you might think. It protects your wall, gives your head a comfortable backing, and stops your pillows from sliding off. And let’s not forget the style factor that it adds a finishing touch that ties your bedroom’s look together. But, before you get carried away admiring that perfectly crafted headboard, take a moment to confirm that it’s the right size you’re looking for. To keep it simple I have prepared a chart for the size of headboard for different variety of beds below.

Headboard Size Chart

headboard size chart

Size Difference Between Queen Headboard And King Headboard

Size Difference Between Queen And King Headboard

Steps to use a Queen Headboard on a King Bed

white wooden bed without headboard

Step 1 : Adapting Headboard Width for King-Sized Bed Frame

Take off the headboard from the queen bed. Measure its width and compare it to your king-sized bed frame. If there’s a width difference, use wooden posts on the headboard ends or intermittently along its front to make up for it. Keep in mind that each headboard varies, so decide on the best way to add the posts and adjust the width.

Step 2 : Customizing Headboard Posts for Height and Extension

Trim the posts to a length that harmonizes with the current height of the queen bed. Two 6-by-8s or 8-by-8s can be employed on each end, or alternatively, opt for five 4-by-4s evenly distributed along the headboard. Smooth the posts’ surfaces to align with the finish of the existing queen headboard. For those extending with 4-by-4s, divide the headboard into four equally sized sections.

Step 3 : Fastening Headboard and Posts

Create three pilot holes in both the posts and headboard ends, ensuring alignment between the headboard and adjacent post. Insert lag screws through the post and adjoining headboard, counter-sinking them, or alternatively, drill suitable-diameter holes for the cam fastener mechanism. If you opt for cams, install and securely tighten them.

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king bed with headboard
queen bed with headboard


Using these easy steps you can easily make use of a queen bed headboard on a king bed. If you have any queries feel free to let us know in the comments.

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