Recommended Products

  1. Two recommended mattress companies here.
  2. Best bed frame for a fat person.
  3. Wood bed frame.
  4. Super strong box spring.
  5. Organic mattress.
  6. Platform bed frame.
  7. Trundel bed.
  8. Captain bed.

There hundreds of platform bed frames for sale around the world so it was a challenge to determine what ones to rate. So I researched the top-selling models from the top sellers where there is plenty of information available.

I scoured thousands of:

  • forums
  • manufacture websites, manuals, and assembly instructions return policies, and warranties (exciting stuff haha. I am bored while stuck in Thailand due to coronavirus so I don’t have anything better to do)
  • ratings and reviews everywhere each product is sold
  • YouTube video reviews and assembly how-to instructions

I compiled all the information into spreadsheets for each category that I had planned to include on each page, but they are much too wide and large to sift through. It is like being tortured while watching paint dry. So I will create a summary of my picks on the page for each category.

I am unbiased. Some of you may be thinking “yeah, but I bet you get a commission from the recommendations”. Well, I don’t. I have not a member of any affiliate programs. This will probably change at some point in the future and I will be sure to let everyone know that.

But here is the thing. There is an affiliate program for every single bed frame, box spring, and mattress. Yes, some commissions are more with certain products and some products cost more which would increase the commission. But I think that you will find that I am more than fair and unbiased with my picks.

I am a minimalist and my annual cost of living is less $12,000 per year. So I don’t need to sell my integrity to give BS reviews for a few extra cents or dollars.