Recommended Box Spring Frame-Import & Use Experience Review

There are fewer options for bed frames that require both a box and a mattress as buyers look to increase storage under their beds and grow tired of dragging an inflexible frame up a flight of stairs.

The good old standard bed frame style offers the most flexibility with many models adjustable to fit several mattress sizes. This saves money in the long run as your children grow into larger mattresses in the coming years.

These sold angle iron rails are bulletproof and can last centuries assuming you don’t drive a tank over them during house moves. They are seldom seen as the box spring cover drapes down over it to keep its ugly brawn hidden.

If you want to enhance the look of this plain and simple frame a headboard and footboard can be added very easily as they come with mounting brackets built into the rails. So if you tire of the decor of the bedroom it is easy to add a new headboard and footboard when you purchase a new mattress.

Most mattress manufacturers and resellers sell these box spring style frames as an afterthought. Many are mass-produced and shot out of the factory door and loaded into shipping containers with little quality control.

The goal of many factories will the goal is to produce them at the lowest price to sell to more resellers.

I have imported products from China off and on for about fifteen years so I know a little about how it works. And yes, there certainly are quality manufacturers in China, but the buyer must priorities quality over cost.

I have also purchased many of these frames from local discount stores where you can often find the best prices when compared to the big brand names and online options.

I suggest that you check them out if there are any in your area. It might save a few bucks and you can take it home today. I would guess that it is not as good as the recommendation below, but it may adequately fill your needs.

This type of frame almost always come with casters so you can move the bed more easily when cleaning your children’s clothes and toys from under the bed. This is about the only potential weak spot as the casters are cheap plastic that can break if you are agressive with the vacuum cleaner like I am.

I also recommend this model with 900 lb capacity and the review will be available shortly

Scott Boyd
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ModelBed Frame for Box Spring
TypeBox spring frame
Box Spring RequiredYes
Castors (wheels on
the bottom of legs)
Headboard BracketsYes
Footboard BracketsNo
Assembly RequiredNo
Tools RequiredNo
Warranty5 years
Support Legs9
Headboard BracketsYes (but not for footboard)
Twin Dimensions54″ x 71″
Queen Dimensions60″ x 76″
King Dimensions76″ x 76″
Thickness of Legs1.5″
Weight of Full22.6 lbs
Weight of Queen23.1 lbs
Wight of King25.4 lbs
Weight Capacity3,000 lbs claimed but I call BS and
will continue to research this
Assembly Time10 – 20 minutes
Tools Required
for Assembly
NoiseVery quiet. Soild frame construction
and not a universal frame so there
are no loose fitting rails connected
to each other with pins. Those bed
frames rattle and clang with movement.
Not this bad boy.

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Scott Boyd’s Personal Review

I purchased two of these in full size. They certainly are sturdy and I really like not having overlapping center rails that are adjustable to several size box springs.

Technically these are adjustable, but only about an inch to accommodate small variations in tape measure accuracy (and operator errors) at the facilities for the many box spring manufacturers.

The adjustment option is great for future bed size upgrades because these bed frames can last for centuries. But the design that allows adjustment also allows for noise when moving around topside.

The price was excellent and the product exceeded my expectations. Much better than the cheap box spring and mattresses that I purchase for them. Oops, that was a big mistake. My borders were not fans at all! I purchased the box spring and mattresses from a discount store and I won’t do that again.

Assembly was mostly easy but as is with most products produced in China, the instructions were crap. Why can’t someone selling China-made products in North America and Europe assign the instruction manual to someone from these locations???

It would only take one person FOUR HOURS to create an accurate, detailed, and illustrated guide that wouldn’t piss off every single customer. WTF? Any company in the world would be happy to hire a consultant for $10,000 to learn how they can stop pissing off 90% of their customers.

But they won’t spend $100 for a native English speaking employee with an IQ larger than his/her shoe size to perform this magic. Baffling corporate bozos. That is right, customers expect some actual WORDS in the assembly manual!

Oh, and since I am ranting this is a good time to bring up the horrific job your Chinese children are doing at labeling the parts at the factory. This goes for all manufacturers of all products. I often spend more time trying to figure out what parts are what with products produced in any country!

AspectScott Boyd’s Rating
Buying process. I am not sure this belongs in here as the product is available from many online and brick and mortar stores.4.9
Shipping: Another online purchase from the US and sent to Canada for a reasonable cost. The packaging was decent and there were no dings or scratches.4.8
Assembly: Ok, nothing great. Crappy instruction images (no words) and terrible labeling of each component. About two quick beer install.4.4
Initial quality: Tube steel and angle iron, legs that screw flush into the frame for very solid legs, I really like the solid cross braces.4.9
Noise: Very quiet and the rubber foot pads keep it from squeaking on hard surfaces.4.9

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