Recommended Wood Bed Frame

I am sure there are lots of great wood bed frames out there but I have not researched all of them yet. And it is likely impossible to get to all of them without your help.

I welcome reviews, good and bad (yes, really), and I will be happy to post them on this website.

One that I have found seems like a safe bet to me, although it is expensive. It is the Thuma bed frame that has a huge weight capacity of 1,500 lbs.

TIP: Update Jan 2, 2023: The Zinus Alexis model is 37% off at Amazon here in case you are interested. I am writing a review of Mellow Naturalista Classic (see it here) and it looks like a great option for one-third the cost of one Thuma! I will update this page with more information soon.

And more importantly… the 1,500 lbs seems like a legitimate rating unlike most fantasy ratings based on marketing strategies rather than design and materials.

You can read a couple of articles I wrote about Thuma:

Is The Thuma Bed Worth It? click here


Thuma Bed Review click here

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Please let me know your thoughts and if you agree, disagree, have a testimonial, complaint, or review of the Thuma bed frame I will be happy to post it on the website. Contact me here.

You can also visit the Thuma website here.