Sleep On Latex Mattress Review, Complaints, Pros, Cons

Ok, so the first thing I notice on their website is that there are no reviews for the Pure Green Natural Latex Mattress. When I find this now my “spider-sense” starts to tingle.

Sleep on Latex mattress pros include cheap, assembled in the USA. Cons include poor owner reviews, mold, hot, poor quality, natural latex claim is suspect, few certifications, foam and covers not cut straight, the persistent stink of chemical and rubber, motion transfer, sags and cavities, and very heavy.


  • Cheap. This is about $400 less than any other mattress claiming 100% natural latex and materials.
  • Flippable
  • I have not seen any complaints about their customer service or return policy so that is a huge Pro since unhappy customers are the first to take to the Internet to share their bad experiences. Update: I found one complaint about poor customer service.
  • Same-day shipping from Illinois, so only two or three days shipping to most customers.
  • Assembled in the US so the company is contributing more to the economy than importers who only receive prepackaged mattresses and ship them out.
  • QA/QC (Quality Assurance/Quality Control): Although the company has little control over the quality of the materials they receive from overseas it does have complete control over the assembly quality.
  • They claim Dunlop latex.
  • The videos of the construction process at the factory are great and you can see them on its website. I have not seen this on other websites and kudos to them for doing this.

Considering another company, check these out:


  • 10-year warranty. I know. Ten or twenty years ago this would have been amazing, but these days it is meh. Most mattress companies offer 15 or more years so this is underwhelming.
  • 11.8% of reviews on Consumer Reports stated that the mattress was too soft while 15.7% reported it was too hard.
  • Typical latex smell.
  • Some complaints of it being very hot.
  • The more concerning statistic that I see in the buyer reviews at Consumer Reports is 11.8 percent reported cavities or sag. Perhaps this is why there is only a 100 day trial period?

TIP: Buy the firm and if it is too firm you can add toppers to get the firmness that is best for you and your partner. If you buy the medium firmness and it is too soft you are SOL (not Sleep On Latex, but Sh** Outta Luck).

TIP: For flippable mattress owners the handles make life much easier. Use the handles to pull the mattress to one side of the bed frame until near the edge. Then life up and flip. This is much more challenging without handles because there is nothing to grip to pull the mattress to you.

I read about one person who did not pull the mattress to one side enough and the flip landed on the nightstand and busted the lamp.

  • Heavy. This bad boy is a beast at 146 lbs for a queen that is only 9” high. That may be a good thing as an indication of quality materials, but you will want two people for flipping, rotating, and moving.

Sleep On Latex Mattress Reviews & Complaints

I have scoured the Internet to find reviews and comments by real owners who purchased and sleep on this mattress for some actual helpful information.

Table 1. Consumer Reports Reviews (81 Rating. But Many Complaints)

HighlightsScott’s Thoughts
Too soft, returned it after a few weeks. No problem with the return and refund.This is a good sign that the company stands behind its return policy, unlike some others.

The reviewer claims that his hips sink too deep and cause back pain. He also states that the hips are the heaviest part of the body, which is only potentially true with pear body types.
And at 150 lbs he is not likely a pear body type.
Two years and super happy with it.These are the reviews that I like. Almost half of these reviews are by owners that have not yet reached the one-month break-in period.

So the overall high score is impressive.
Another owner with two years of experience and find it the best they have owned.Some people love the mattress and at this price that is great.
Too wiggly, like a water bed.I got a kick out of this description.

Latex can certainly have more motion transfer than memory foam, it is a trade-off sometimes.
Many said they would buy again and these are owners who have been sleeping on it for more than 6 months.Many like their mattress and many hate it. Good thing for the 100-day trial.
A combination of reviews stating” like sleeping on jelly, hot, stinky, smells like chemicals even after one year, sags, and “I sink”.Yup, sounds like a 4.5 rating to me lol.

Sad day for me to see a former quality company go to the dark side.
I am starting to trust Consumer Reports less and less after buying”I think I learned in a few hours that CR is similar to other review sites that give questionable reviews and try to profit with an affiliate link. Very sad indeed.

I will be looking into this further.

Source of review information: Consumer Reports

Ok, I just signed up for Consumer Reports for this exact product and for research on future bed frames and mattresses.

I received the magazine in hard copy for about 15 years and ditched it about eight years ago. I think I am starting to remember why I dumped it.

They rated this product an 81 out of 100 and all categories received a 4 or 5-star rating by their “expert” review team.

WTF? They have 52 buyer reviews on their website and 18 responded with “No, I Would Not Recommend To A Friend” ratings. That is 34% negative.

This is my first time using CR for research and I am very curious how the next product reviews look.

Table 2. Reddit Reviews

SourceReview HighlightsScott’s Thoughts
RedditThe mattress is good but I hate their pillow. If you’re a back sleeper the loft is way too high and it’ll give you neck painAnother poster agreed with this statement.
A common theme seems to be that it is difficult to nail the proper firmness for buyers.

TIP: Go with a mattress that is firmer and if too firm you can add toppers to make it less plush.

You can’t make a too-soft mattress more firm.
Reddit“My SleepOnLatex mattress is already sagging” some good information here.

Table 3. Amazon Reviews

RatingHighlightsScott’s Thoughts
1Too hotI have seen this complaint a few times in the past couple of days.

If you like sleeping cool this may not be for you.
1I listed QA/QC should be a pro with the assembly factory and office being together in Illinois, but it seems workmanship is an issue.

Several complaints about the fabric and mattress not cut straight.
1Several reviewers stated issues with smell, chemical smell, stink won’t go away, etc.The company claims natural, not organic. At this price for latex, I think it is a case of you get what you pay for.

Unfortunately, buyers think they are getting a more expensive product for less money.
1Mold. Many buyers received their mattress with black mold growing on the surface and in the holes.

Others found mold later when changing the bedding.
Many have allergies to the mattress.
This is not encouraging.

Source of review information: Amazon

What Certifications?

They claim two, Oeko-Tex and the Eco Institut. There isn’t a copy of their certifications available. I will be checking on this further.

How To Know If Your Foam Is 100% Natural Latex?

Their website FAQ page answers this question… well not really. They state:

We never use any synthetic latex in our foam.  We lab test samples of our foam to make absolutely sure that it contains only natural latex.

Sleep On Latex

Ummm, ok, thanks for the proof lol. Perhaps a copy of a test? Perhaps a certification like some companies post on its website? How about anything other than the proof: “it is because I say it is” haha.

PlushBeds has twelve certifications and has the certifications logos, a paragraph state what the certification is, and a link to a copy of their certification. That is how to do it right.

Bill, on Reddit, bought one and sent it back. He is still waiting for copies of their certifications. He claims that only some of the material might be natural, certainly not all and it is not good quality.

He also mentions poor customer service and a few other items. If you want to read all he had to say then check out the longest post in the thread second from the bottom on Reddit here.

Is The SleepOnLatex Flippable?

Yes, both sides are the same. I haven’t seen it mentioned on their website except in the FAQ site. They really need to hire a marketing firm!

SleepOnLatex Price

It is cheap. Disconcertingly cheap at only $795 for a Queen size with free shipping. I have not reviewed all latex mattresses yet, but this is a lot less than the next cheapest that I have seen (again, I have not researched all of them yet).


Shipping is free to the contiguous US through FedEx and expedited shipping may be available if you contact the company. They ship from the IL so shipping times should be only two or three days to most areas of the US.

Where Is The Company Located?

Niles, IL USA. And they might want to tell their employees to stop “burning rubber” when heading home at the end of the day. I know this “might” not be their employee’s parking spaces, but check it out on Google maps here.

Where Is The Latex Foam Manufactured?


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