Standard Nail Size Chart & Nail Terms [PDF]

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Standard Nail Size Chart

Nail SizeGaugeShank Diameter

Shank Length

Head Diameter

(Fractional Inch)
Standard Nail Size Chart
Nail Size Chart
Standard Nail Size Chart PDF

Types of nails

The different types of nails are as follows

Aluminum Nails: for Architectural Metals

  • Aluminum nails, crafted in various shapes and sizes, are tailored for secure fastening in aluminum architectural metals.

Box Nail: Sleek Design for Specialized Applications

  • This nail, resembling a common one but with a thinner shank and head, offers a sleek design ideal for specific applications.

Brads: Small, Tapered Nails with a Unique Lip

  • Brads are small, tapered nails with distinctive lips, providing an alternative to full-headed or small finish nails.

Floor Brad (‘Stigs’): Angular Fasteners for Floor Boards

  • Flat, tapered, and angular, these fasteners, known as ‘stigs,’ efficiently secure floorboards in place.

Oval Brad: Split-Free Nailing with Fracture Mechanics

  • Oval brads use fracture mechanics, allowing split-free nailing, especially effective for anisotropic materials like regular wood.

Tacks: Sharp-pointed fasteners for Various Materials

  • Tacks are short, sharp-pointed nails, commonly used with carpet, fabric, and paper, offering versatile fastening solutions.

Brass Tack: Corrosion Resistance in Stylish Fastening

  • Brass tacks resist corrosion, making them suitable for stylish furniture where contact with skin salts could cause issues.

Canoe Tack and Carpet Tack: Specialized Applications

  • These specialized nails cater to specific applications, such as canoe tack for watercraft and carpet tack for flooring.

Upholstery Tacks: Elegant Attachment for Furniture Coverings

  • Designed for furniture, these tacks elegantly attach coverings securely to various upholstery pieces.

Casing Nails: Damage-Free Removal with Tapered Heads

  • Featuring smoothly tapered heads, casing nails enable damage-free removal during window or door casing installations.

Clout-Nail: Precision Fastening for Roofing Projects

  • Designed for roofing, clout nails offer precision and secure fastening in roofing applications.

Coffin Nail: Versatile Fastener with a Slang Twist

  • A versatile nail used in coffins, the term also carries a slang connotation referring to a cigarette.

Coil Nail: Efficient Pneumatic Nail Gun Compatibility

  • Coil nails, designed for pneumatic nail guns, offer efficiency through coil assembly for rapid use.

Common Nail: Sturdy Standard for Framing Projects

  • Sturdy and reliable, common nails with a smooth shank and flat head are the standard choice for framing.
Types of Nail 
Types of Nails PDF
Types of Nail Hardware

Convex Head Roofing Nail: Umbrella-Shaped Precision

  • With an umbrella-shaped head and a rubber gasket, these roofing nails provide precision in fastening metal roofing.

Copper Nail: Corrosion-Resistant Choice for Copper Applications

  • Crafted from copper, these nails resist corrosion and are ideal for use with copper flashing or slate shingles.

Corrugated Fastener (Wiggle Nail): Reinforcing Furniture Joints

  • Corrugated fasteners, or wiggle nails, reinforce furniture joints with their unique corrugated shape.

D-Head (Clipped Head) Nail: Tailored for Pneumatic Nail Guns

  • D-head or clipped headnails, common or box nails with part of the head removed, are suitable for pneumatic nail guns.

Double-Headed Nail: Temporary Fastening for Easy Disassembly

  • Double-headed nails, used for temporary fastening, facilitate easy disassembly when needed.

Dowel Nail: Sharp on Both Ends for Versatile Use

  • Dowel nails, with a piece of round steel sharpened on both ends, serve various applications without a traditional head.

Drywall (Plasterboard) Nail: Hardened and Ring-Shanked

  • Short and hardened, these ring-shanked nails secure drywall efficiently, making them ideal for plasterboard installations.

Fiber Cement Nail: Designed for Fiber Cement Siding

  • Crafted for fiber cement siding, these nails provide reliable and secure fastening in this specialized application.

Finish Nail: Minimally Visible Wire Nail

  • Finish nails, with a small head, remain minimally visible or can be driven below the wood surface for a clean finish.

Gang Nail: Structural Support Using Nail Plates

  • Gang nails utilize nail plates for structural support in various construction and woodworking projects.

Hardboard Pin: Small Nail for Fixing Hardboard or Thin Plywood

  • Hardboard pins are small, square-shaped nails designed for securing hardboard or thin plywood in place.

Horseshoe Nail: Stable and Secure for Hoof Attachment

  • Designed to hold horseshoes securely on hoofs, these nails ensure stability and durability.
  • These diverse nails cater to specific needs, offering smart solutions for a range of applications in construction, carpentry, and various industries.

Joist Hanger Nail

Specially designed nails, also known as “Teco nails,” are crafted for use with joist hangers and similar brackets. They feature a 1-1/2 x .148 shank, commonly applied in metal connectors like hurricane ties.

Lost-Head Nail

  • Known as a finish nail in construction.

Masonry (Concrete) Nail

  • A hardened nail with lengthwise flutes, ideal for concrete applications.

Oval Wire Nail

  • Nails are characterized by an oval-shaped shank.

Panel Pin

  • A small nail designed for use with a plastic strip.

Gutter Spike

  • A substantial, elongated nail specifically crafted to secure wooden gutters in place.

Ring (Annular, Improved, Jagged) Shank Nail

  • Nails featuring ridges encircling the shank, providing enhanced resistance to pulling out, such as the HurriQuake nail.

Roofing (Clout) Nail

  • A short nail with a broad head is commonly used with asphalt shingles, felt paper, or similar roofing materials.

Screw (Helical) Nail

  • A nail designed with a spiral shank for improved grip.

Shake (shingle) Nail

  • Small-headed nails specifically tailored for nailing shakes and shingles.


  • A small nail with either a headless, tapered shank or a square shank with a head on one side.

Square Nail

  • A cut nail is widely used in construction.

T-Head Nail

  • Shaped like the letter T for specific applications.

Veneer Pin

  • A specialized type of nail for veneer applications.

Wire (French) Nail

  • A nail with a round shank is sometimes referred to as a French nail due to its origin.

Wire-Weld Collated Nail

  • Nails held together with slender wires, designed for efficient use in nail guns.


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