Stearns And Foster Lux Estate Review: 3 Pros and 3 Cons

Stearns & Foster’s Lux Estate collection is considered one level up from their Estate collection. This means that a Lux Estate mattress should be even nicer and plusher than an Estate. I don’t think it is worth the extra price, but you should consider the following:

The Stearns and Foster Lux Estate pros: sleep cooling, many options including the split king and California king for two firmness options, and soft pillow-tops. Cons: expensive, durability, and availability for testing prior to purchase.

Wow, This is the first time I have seen a mattress on Amazon with a 5.0 star rating, and it is for this Lux model here.

Scott Boyd

Are Lux Estate Mattresses Any Good?

Models from the Lux Estate collection may be either loved or hated. For every person who swears by their Stearns & Foster, there’s another person who’s convinced that it’s the worst ever made.

The below video is a 30 second ad for a company in New Jersey, but it does show some of the manufacturing process, which I found interesting.

The Lux Estate collection does appear to have some pretty good features. It may work well for people who prefer a hybrid that combines the comfort of memory foam with the support of coils.

This also may be a good option if you prefer a softer sleeping surface. The pillow tops are thick and luxurious, at least at first.

Another good feature is the PrecisionEdge System. This provides a nice level of support across the entire surface of the mattress, and it also may help to minimize motion transfer from a sleep partner.

It’s also worth noting that the Lux Estate likely will help you to sleep cooler.

However, I’m just not convinced that the Lux Estate is worth the price you’ll pay. In doing a head-to-head comparison between the Estate and the Lux Estate, there just aren’t that many differences.

Sure, you get the Advanced Adapt Foam, but that’s the only really noticeable difference. The Lux Estate line has slightly higher profiles too.

Is that really worth an average of approximately $800 more?

This video is by a Tempur employee so he is biased, but it shows the construction and materials using a model.

Pro 1: Sleep Cooler

The Lux Estate mattresses have a nice system of air vents that really will help you to sleep cooler.

Pro 2: Two Firmnesses in One

The king and California king are available as split mattresses so that you can order two firmnesses for couples who have different preferences.

Pro 3: Soft Pillow Tops

If you like an exceptionally soft and luxurious pillow top, then this model may be a good choice for you. Just bear in mind that the pillow top may not have very good longevity.

Con 1: Expensive

Despite having some decent features, there really isn’t much difference between these mattresses and the products in the Estate line. I don’t think there are enough differences to account for the major price difference at least.

Con 2: Problems with Longevity

While Stearns & Foster may be on a quality upswing, there are still plenty of online complaints related to longevity.

Con 3: Hard to Find

If you’re determined to get a specific comfort level or topper, then you’ll have a difficult time. These are carried in retail stores, and retailers like to switch names.

An Overview of Stearns and Foster

Owned by Tempur Sealy International, Stearns & Foster is one of the most recognizable names in the industry. That’s partly because they’ve been in business since 1846.

Any company that’s been in business for that long is bound to have ups and downs. As one commenter, who claims to be a mattress salesman with nearly two decades of experience noted, he has “mixed feelings” with regard to Stearns & Foster.

Over the years, he says that Stearns & Foster went from great to really bad, then to mediocre, and now has the potential to be great again.

If things are changing at Stearns & Foster and you haven’t looked at their products in years, they may be worth a second look.

TIP: Keep in mind that Stearns & Foster is one of the largest mattress manufacturers in the world. On their website, they make copious claims about their “handcrafted” products. This claim appears dubious. Nothing that is manufactured in such large numbers in so many different factories is likely to be hand-crafted.

An Overview of the Lux Estate Collection

Let’s take a look at the features that you get with a Lux Estate model.

This first notable feature is hand-tufted support. Tufting is an essential part of the mattress-making process as it’s used to hold together the materials at various layers.

Really good tufting is what prevents those layers from shifting and sagging. Arguably, this should make the mattress more durable, which means that it lasts longer.

Some models in the Lux Estate collection replace the usual foam layer atop the coil system with a pillow top. If you’re not familiar with pillow tops, this is an additional top layer that looks like a pillow. This layer adds extra softness and padding.

Each Lux Estate collection features a cover that’s made with PrimaCool Performance Fabric with Tencel. Tencel fibers are durable, soft, and wick moisture away from the body. This means that you’ll stay cooler.

One of the main differences between the Estate collection and the Estate Lux collection is that each in this line features Advanced Adapt Foam. Stearns & Foster unveiled this new foam in a press release from 2016.

According to the release, Advanced Adapt Foam is an exclusive memory foam that features better conforming comfort as well as better durability and greater ease of movement.

In addition to foam, the Lux Estate mattresses have coils. These are the IntelliCoil Advanced system, a design that includes inner and outer coils that provide greater support, comfort and durability.

What this means is that each coil has an inner coil, with both coils being made of the same wire. This design is supposed to ensure that the coils work together to provide superior support.

Each Lux Estate has the company’s PrecisionEdge System. Located beneath the IntelliCoil Advanced system, PrecisionEdge consists of a network of smaller coils that provide additional support and help with breathability at the edges.

Accordingly, the edges should be more supportive, which is important for people who sleep on the edge of the bed.

These mattresses also may help you sleep cooler thanks to the S&F air vents, which are located throughout.

Products from the Stearns & Foster Lux Estate Collection

Stearns & Foster basically has one model in the Lux Estate collection: the Cassatt. However, there are many different options for this single model.

Available sizes range from twin long up to split California king that is essentially cut in half so that two sleepers can have their choice of options. There is also a split king if you prefer a slightly wider bed.

After selecting the size, the customer chooses either Standard Luxury Feels or Pillow Top Luxury Feels.

In the Standard Luxury Feels category, the choices are Firm, Plush, and Ultra Firm. The customer just needs to decide how soft or firm they would like their mattress to be. Each choice is the same price.

The Pillow Top Luxury Feels options are more expensive. Choices from this category include Pillow Top Firm, Pillow Top Plush, and Pillow Top Ultra Plush. These options make for a really soft and luxurious sleep experience.

TIP: Stearns & Foster has had problems in recent years with the longevity of their mattresses. A pillow top that feels fantastic for the first few months or years may break down quickly. This means that you have spent quite a bit of extra money on a feature that just doesn’t stand the test of time.

How Do You Buy a Lux Estate?

In general, Lux Estate mattresses are only sold in retail stores. If you visit a store, you are unlikely to find that they have display models representing each of the different comfort levels and types of tops.

This can make it complicated to kick the tiews so that you can determine which options you prefer.

To make things even more unclear, many retailers don’t keep the Lux Estate Cassatt name. They may advertise a mattress as Lux Estate, but they’ll give it a different model name.

Other retailers don’t use the Lux Estate brand at all, so it can be really hard to know exactly which brand you’re trying and potentially buying.

It’s the kind of needless bait and switch that I find so irritating about the mattress industry.

Should You Buy from the Lux Estate Collection?

If you can, make certain that you can try this before you buy it. Perhaps even more critical, try to visit a store that has both Estate and Lux Estate. You may not even be able to tell the difference.

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