Team Dizz

Sharique Tharani

Welcome! I’m Sharique Tharani, a passionate carpentry sales entrepreneur and trainer with 7+ years of experience in woodworking, CAD/CAM design, and Pytha training. As an exclusive Pytha distributor, I help machine software companies and furniture manufacturers achieve profitable results through CAD/CAM solutions and training. I strive to elevate industry standards and provide exceptional support to my customers. Outside of work, I enjoy watch collecting, mentoring engineers, and contributing to positive change in society.

Ali Abbas Khan Author at Dizz

Ali Abbas Khan

Ali Abbas Khan, a versatile professional with a Bachelor’s in Mechanical Engineering, excels as a content writer and technical SEO analyst. His engineering background, coupled with diverse experience in HVAC design, technical sales, MEP engineering, and interior contracting, equips him to navigate the digital space with expertise and effective communication.

Mohammed noaman adenwala

Mohammed Noaman Adenwala, a versatile Mechanical Engineer, gained valuable knowledge and skills in automotive technology, EV design, HVAC, FEA/CFD, and graphic design. With problem-solving abilities and an entrepreneurial spirit, he brings a unique blend of engineering expertise and creativity to drive innovative solutions.

Sana Modi

Passionate content creator at Dizz Craft & Craft Ideas, sharing sewing DIYs and creative inspiration through engaging videos. Whether you’re a beginner or experienced, join me on this journey to unlock sewing secrets, tips, and step-by-step tutorials for fashion and home decor. Subscribe and follow for behind-the-scenes insights and be part of our sewing community. Let’s sew, create, and connect!

Humera Hallari

Dedicated sweater DIY and craft expert at Dizz Craft & Craft Ideas, guiding you through the world of cozy creativity. Join me in unraveling sweater crafting secrets, sharing tips, and step-by-step tutorials. Let’s transform yarn and needles into fabulous fashion together!

Sylvester Gard

I am the video editing expert responsible for enhancing the captivating DIY craft videos created by Sana Modi and Humera Hallari. Our videos are showcased on both YouTube’s “Craft Ideas” and Pinterest’s “Dizz Craft.” Video editing is not just a job for me; it’s a true passion. I see it as akin to assembling a jigsaw puzzle, where I take their crafty footage, infuse it with creativity and magic, and transform it into something that’s not only exciting but also easy for our viewers to follow along and enjoy.