I am super happy to share a couple of compliments that I (or the website I should say) have received. And best of all they are ok with me sharing and I thank them very much.

I am not sure if it means much to you readers, but for a guy who has been plugging away on this website seven days every week for… one day short of six months. WOW.

Now I feel that I have a reason to continue. I had been thinking that I really need to find something else to occupy myself, perferably one that earns income haha. But for now this is enough motivation to continue this project while stuck in Thailand.

I am not sure if you can see the text in the screenshot,. I know I can’t haha.

Below Diana was kind enough to say: “Scott I have to say that I am greatly impressed with your website! I can see that you put a lot of work into it. I look forward to talking about it next week. I am excited to re-write my experience and get it up there. I want to share it. -DG”

Below Rimas gave us a much appreciated pat on the back: “Great, thanks. Enjoyed your website — great reviews!”