The Best Bed Frame For Purple Mattress 

If you already have a Purple Mattress or are looking to purchase a new one, then you’ve also considered the bed frame you will use with it. Purple mattresses are high-grade mattresses made available in the market today; thus, you have a comprehensive list of choices. Do you want to know which purple mattress suits your needs?

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Here is a brief list of the best bed frames for a Purple Mattress:

  • Purple Power Base – Best All-In-One Choice
  • Purple Platform Base – Best In Strength & Durability
  • Zinus Upholstered – Best In Design & Aesthetic Component (on sale 29% off at Amazon here)
  • Zinus 14-Inch Platform – The Sleekest Frame Option
  • IKEA’S Trysil – Best For Maximizing Space 

This article will examine each of these mattresses, so make sure to read on. 

Why You Need A Bed Frame 

Visibly, you may not be able to immediately see the effects of a bed frame on a mattress. But it does wonders that allow your mattress to perform well for you. 

It is because mold can quickly build up inside your mattress if you just place it on the ground. It allows its bottom part to be exposed to airflow so it can freely breathe. 

Airflow helps to prevent the build-up of moisture inside the mattress. (Source

They also prevent your mattress from sliding around your space, thus preventing it from accumulating any dirt on the floor. 

A foundation’s primary function is to support a mattress in terms of weight and pressure distribution. It is why you need a sturdy bed frame that does not wobble around easily. 

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Things To Consider When Choosing A Bed Frame

 Here are some things you may want to consider when selecting model that works best for this unique and HEAVY mattress: 

  1. Durability

You have to know if the mattress base is sturdy enough to be used with a Purple Mattress. You can push it a little or try to move it around to see how firm and solid it is. 

  1. Budget

If you’re on a budget, sticking to it may be challenging, especially when you find a bed frame that you like despite being outside your financial capacity. It would be best to remember that there are many options for all types of mattresses, and you shouldn’t allow yourself to be fixated on one design. Take your time to review models and find the right one that does its job well and that fits your budget. 

  1. Warranty

Preparing for anything that might happen in the future would be best. A good warranty means good after-sales service, which some brick and mortar companies provide compared to few online companies.

Most come some with a warranty, but do they really back it up?

This is one reason to consider Amazon as they will usually make returns easy and sometimes simply send another new one to you for free. Read my article about buying from Amazon here

The Best Bed Frames For Purple Mattress 

The common mistake for shoppers is that they tend to think that the mattress they choose makes up for the entire sleep quality experience that they seek, but such is not true. The bed frame or foundation you use to support your mattress plays a significant role in achieving sleep comfort. 

You need a solid, sturdy surface to support your mattress as you use it. It ensures that your mattress’s shape stays intact and in place. 

Purple Power Base – Best All-In-One Choice 

  • It is intricately tailored to be used with a Purple Mattress
  • Has at least three height options on the leg part of the frame
  • Has technology to preset your height preferences

I really like the Purple Power Base. It’s one of the top high-end designs for a bed frame out there. It has customization settings that make it the top option for a Purple Mattress. 

The said mattress has lighting features, massage frequencies, adjustable leg options, USB charging ports, and electrical outlets.  

It even has preset position options. It is probably one of the primary things you’ll be paying for when buying the Purple Power Base. Bed positioning and body elevation are directly related to a user’s heart rate and breathing activity which can affect snoring patterns. (Source

The frame is at least 7 inches thick and has three adjustable legs, which are 3in, 5.25in, and 8.25in. You can easily set this up depending on your height preference. Remember the general rule, thick mattresses work best on low bed frames, and thinner mattresses work well on high ones. 

The Purple Power Base mattress comes in 4 different sizes; The Twin XL with a weight of 114 lbs, Queen with a weight of 144 lbs, and King and Split King, both weighing 228 lbs. 


  • It has high technological features that provide ease and comfort during your stay in your bed. 
  • It has preset settings that you can easily navigate. It even has an Anti-Snoring position that you can choose to activate whenever needed. It can help alleviate the loudness of snoring and the throat pain that comes along with it.
  • It has a very long period for warranty coverage. It has a 20-year warranty for damages and minor repairs.

Purple Platform Base – Best In Strength & Durability 

  • It has been designed to be used with a Purple Mattress
  • Has reliable strength and durability
  • It has a sturdy frame setup

The Purple Platform Base is also sized according to the size of Purple Mattresses. Many models have been tailored after this design to replicate its durability. 

It may have very basic features, but rest assured, its strength and durability make this model worth it. It’s made with three bases instead of the usual two. It can carry intense weight and pressure over long periods. 

The size is also essential when choosing one you’ll use for an extended period. Bed space directly affects the sleep quality that you get. (Source

Size And Weight Allocation Of The Purple Platform Base

  • Twin – 28.5 lbs.
  • Twin XL – 30 lbs.
  • Full – 30 lbs.
  • Queen – 44 lbs.
  • King – 56 lbs.
  • California King – 55 lbs.


  • It has an easy design setup. Nonprofessionals can set it up as the frame mechanics are basic and fast.
  • It is noise free. Because of the high-grade materials used for the frame, it not only affects the durability but is also noise free. 
  • It can easily be processed for a return if you prefer another model if you are not happy with it. It has a 30-Day Return Policy.

Zinus Upholstered Button Tufted Premium Platform – Best In Design & Aesthetic Component 

  • It has an attached tufted headboard
  • It has solid mattress support
  • Designed to be noise-free during use

The Zinus Premium is a platform foundation with solid wooden slats for the mattress base. It does not loosen up over time and doesn’t get squeaky sounds during use. 

Its headboard is attached and built-in with the frame. It is designed with a cushion and has a modern tufted finish. 

Headboards also effectively reduce other undesired noises by making it much stronger when well designed, like snoring, creaking, and squeaking sounds. It’s great when reading books, having breakfast, or watching TV while in bed. (Source)  

It comes in three sizes: the Full Size, which has a total weight of 95.9 lbs; the Queen, with a weight of 103.8 lbs. and the King size, which is 110.5 lbs. 

It has a great design, especially when you’re going for a more elegant and classy finish for a bedroom. 


  • It has strong mattress support that is catered to a Purple Mattress.
  • It has padded surfaces, which means it is noise-free and is not prone to making squeaky sounds during use.
  • Its tufted headboard makes it a great finishing touch to your bedroom. It completes the overall look and function too.
  • It has a 5-year warranty that can easily be processed for customer satisfaction.

 Zinus 14-Inch Platform Foundation Base – The Sleekest Frame Option

  • It has a slim frame design
  • Built with Velcro attached for mattresses
  • Robust frame design for sturdiness

The Zinus 14-Inch Platform was designed with both strength and style in mind. It has a steel frame that encompasses the sides of the structure and the middle for a better foundation. 

It has wooden slats for the base frame where the mattress goes and Velcro attached to its structure. The Velcro is supposed to keep the mattress in place and prevent it from moving around since the sleek design of the Zinus Platform does not have stoppers on the side. 

The Zinus 14-inch platform base also has foam padded tape on the areas prone to making noises, making it noise-free. There is also an allotted space for a headboard and a footboard should you add both features to your foundation. These parts are sold separately. 


  • It has a fast assembling time. You can arrange it as part of your DIY project at home. There’s no need to schedule professionals to set it up.
  • Its foam padded tape makes it noise-free and silent even during use.
  • The Velcro has a firm grip; it does not get easily detached, so it does not make any noise.

 IKEA’S Trysil Bed Frame – Best For Maximizing Space 

  • Has allotment for headboard attachments
  • Can hold high amounts of weight and pressure
  • Fast and easy frame set up

The Trysil Bed Frame by IKEA is famous for its angled headboard, allowing users to easily sit up and read or watch at an optimal angle. It contains galvanized steel and a slatted base that works for a Purple Mattress. 

Since this is made of steel, it’s best to check if your space is ventilated well or if it’s more of a compressed and heat-prone area. When choosing a steel model, there are factors to consider, like heat resistance and heat release rate, to prevent fire progression during emergencies. (Source

This base also has additional storage space underneath with VARDO-installed boxes. 

Since it’s made of steel, it does not need extra care like wood. You can easily clean it with a damp cloth and any cleaner. Plus, it’s also made of at least 50% renewable materials, so you contribute to sustainable furniture. 


  • It has the perfect angle to enjoy reading while you’re in bed; ideal for those who like to finish a little extra work or read before sleeping.
  • It has a design that easily matches any decoration. It stands out on its own and can elevate any given space.
  • Its steel support on the sides and the middle provides a very sturdy platform for the mattress and movement during bed use. 

Can You Use Any Base With A Purple Mattress?

Can You Use Any Base With A Purple Mattress? Find out at

A Purple Mattress needs a reliable and durable foundation base. You can’t use it with just any cheap $100 model; it must be held with a sturdy platform bed frame with a box foundation or an adjustable frame.

A Purple Mattress needs a more solid base than than most mattresses. It is why the slats should only be apart by 2.5 inches maximum. Stay away from models that require a box spring to prevent sagging of the Purple Mattress. 

Is It Okay To Put A Purple Mattress On A Box Spring? 

No, putting a Purple Mattress on a box spring is not okay. It also voids the warranty. The technological and modern design of the Purple Mattress makes it perfectly functional without the use of box springs. To pair it with such is a big mistake. 

Since a Purple Mattress can stand perfectly on its own, all it needs to be paired with is a functional strong base that compliments what it needs.

 Look for a strong, durable, and solid platform base for your Purple Mattress, preferably with slats no more than 3in apart for maximum efficiency.  

Can I Use My Headboard With A Purple Mattress? 

A Purple Mattress can function with or without a headboard. But yes, you can use your headboard with a Purple Mattress. As long as you use a model that can carry a Purple Mattress and a headboard, you don’t have anything to lose sleep over. 

Just be sure that you attach your headboard to the bed frame well, so it doesn’t put unnecessary pressure on the mattress. You’ll be able to check on the top side to see if it’s compatible with your headboard. 

Can Purple Mattresses Go On Adjustable Bed Frames? 

The only thing that a Purple Mattress needs are a solid platform foundation that has a sturdy and durable design. Yes, it can go on height-adjustable models.

Make sure that the slats are not more than 2.5 inches apart since this is the optimal slat distance that can efficiently support a Purple Mattress. 

Final Thoughts

Make sure you go after durability, strength, comfort, and style when choosing the bed frame for your Purple Mattress. You should know your priorities to understand where you should lean toward when choosing. 

The most reliable model you can choose for your Purple Mattress is the Purple Power Base or the Purple Platform Base Frame. Both possess great strength and are available in various sizes. Plus, it’s got a sleek design to finish any room perfectly. 


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