The Best Bed Frames That Don’t Make Noise

Trying to pick the right bed frame is probably one of the best things you can do to get a good night’s rest. It is a nightmare trying to sleep when hearing squeaks and creaks all night, even more so to be woken by one whenever you change positions during sleep. 

My top choices that don’t make noise are:

  1. Olee 14-inch Heavy Duty Steel
  2. Zinus Judy Upholstered 
  3. Olee Sleep Smart Wood Platform
  4. Zinus Brock Japanese
  5. Noillats Metal
  6. Zinus Super Heavy Duty

If you’re trying to choose a foundation base that will surely not make any noise during the night, you are in the right place. 

Top Picks For Bed Frames That Don’t Make Noise 

When seeking a model that makes the least noise, and preferably none, it’s essential to look at the materials and design. It must have a good solid foundation that will be able to carry the weight needed and withstand its pressure. 

Olee 14-inch Heavy Duty Steel

  • It’s a platform foundation base
  • Made solely with steel material
  • It has steel for its slats
  • It has steel legs
  • It has various sizes from Twin, Full, Queen, and King

This is probably the most budget-friendly frame you’ll be able to find on the market. It’s entirely made of powder-coated steel from its base to its slats. Steel can be very strong if it is a quality metal or alloy with a sturdy design. 

However, you won’t find one with a headboard or a footboard built to maintain its affordability. But that is not to say that you can’t have one. You can make one of your own and attach it properly. 

You can save money by making yours stronger by adding plywood (see how here) or using 2×4 lumber for slats (more here).

Scott Boyd

Notable Features

It’s best to be used for rooms with a minimalistic or industrial design, as steel only comes in minimal colors. Its height is at least 14 inches from the ground, which means that you can use the space beneath it for additional storage. It is beneficial if you have limited space on your property. 

The Olee is also compatible with all types of mattresses. You can even use memory foam mattresses since it has a small topper on the side of the base to prevent the mattress from moving beneath the frame. 

A good sleeping system has parts that aid a sleeper’s mobility and posture functions. It must have breathability, optimal body comfort, and an ideal form. Choosing the size that works for you helps deal with these factors immensely. (Source

Available Sizes

This bed frame has four sizes available in the market. Its queen-size structure is known to be able to carry a weight of 600 lbs. Since it’s a full steel frame, you can expect it to withstand maximum weight allowance. There are also a lot of reviews about this frame model about the sturdiness despite intense activities on it. 

Assembling this frame can be done easily at home. It also has anti-slip footpads to make installation easier. The only drawback is the welded parts of the frame tend to show after just a few years of use. But this is nothing to worry about as it is expected for these types of frames.


  • It’s highly budget-friendly, especially for a quiet and sturdy model.
  • It has space underneath that you can use for additional storage for small spaces and organizers.
  • A box spring is unnecessary with this frame. It’s handy because box springs are an added expense if you choose another type.
  • It’s reportedly highly durable and can withstand intense activities on the bed without making noises.

Zinus Judy Upholstered Bed Frame 

  • It’s designed as a platform foundation base
  • The slats are made of wood
  • The legs are also made of wood
  • Has steel for its structural parts
  • Has a headboard

The Zinus Judy is a simple and well-built design for your mattress. It has strong wood as its slats and you won’t have to buy a box spring layer anymore. 

It’s made of steel alloy and is also upholstered, so you won’t have to worry about welded parts and steel showing. It’s padded with foam, so if you have children at home, you won’t have to worry much about the edges. 

Unboxing my twin Zinus SmartBase

Best Features

It has a headboard, which is becoming rare these days.

This design comes in four sizes, twin, full, queen, and king. The king-size is designed to support up to 700 lbs, including the mattress weight. Making it suitable for couples and even small family use at times. 

You can assemble it with ease. The only thing is that its parts are heavy because of the upholstered finish adding weight to the frame. But aside from this, you will be able to finish the assembly without any professional help. 


  • It’s relatively easy to assemble; you can even install this part as part of your DIY projects at home.
  • The wooden slats provide excellent support as it is cut into not-so-thin pieces. It’s also great in reducing noise.
  • The upholstered steel frame helps eliminate any noise during use.
  • The height is not so high or low; it’s perfect for adults and even for children of more advanced ages.

Olee Sleep Smart Wood Platform Bed 

  • Its a type of a platform foundation base
  • Made with wooden slats
  • It has a wooden structure
  • Its materials are mainly made of wood
  • It comes in three sizes: Full, Queen, and King

Wooden models usually don’t have any springs or metal parts which immediately eliminates the main cause of the noise. Despite having no springs or metal in its frame, this type is very durable. 

The Olee Sleep Smart Wood Platform is designed to have 11 legs for better weight distribution. It has slats across the frame to support almost any type of mattress. It also has a stopper on all sides to keep the mattress from sliding off. 

Available Sizes

You can get the frame in full, queen, and king sizes. The brand has not released a specific figure for the maximum “payload”. I would guess that it’s close to the weight capacity of other Olee models. It also doesn’t require a box spring, so you won’t have to spend additional costs. 

It doesn’t include a headboard but is made with solid wood, unlike other particle board wood that is only made of composite materials. 

One thing about it is it tends to slide over wood and some tile flooring. So if your floor isn’t carpet I highly recommended that you buy non-slip furniture pads. 


  • The wooden material is great for rooms and spaces decorated with a rustic or tropical theme.
  • It’s noise-free because of the solid wooden slats used as the base of the mattress.
  • You can use it for all thin, thick, and even memory foam mattresses.
  • It has ample space underneath for extra storage if you’re trying to maximize your space use.

Zinus Brock Japanese Bed Frame

  • Made as a platform foundation base
  • Has wooden slats
  • The frame is made up of wood and steel
  • It has a built-in headboard
  • It comes in four sizes: Twin, Full, Queen, and King

The Zinus Brock Japanese model is also very minimalistic in design and material use (my favorite style). However, that does not mean that its quality is reduced similarly. The bed frame has a very sturdy design as its structure is built mainly on solid acacia wood and metal. 

Materials And Structure

It comprises a wooden platform with finely cut wooden slats for mattress support. The headboard is made of steel. 

The said frame is relatively shorter in height compared to other models. But it’s because its base and sides are made with solid wood, so you won’t have to take extra time cleaning the area under your bed.

There are four sizes in which the Zinus Brock Japanese is available twin, full, queen, and king. The twin size has a weight capacity of 350 lbs.

You also won’t have to buy an additional box spring because of the solid platform finish. One thing about assembling this is it can be a bit heavy for smaller and elderly people, considering the solid wood for the base and sides.


  • It is made up of sturdy materials like solid wood for the most part and steel for the headboard finish.
  • It has a very minimal design that suits a lot of aesthetical features in a room.
  • It is suitable for latex, spring, or foam mattresses.

Noillats Metal Bed Frame 

  • It has steel slats
  • The frame is steel
  • It has a built-in headboard
  • It comes in only three sizes: Twin, Full & Queen

The Noillats is made of a metal platform for a more traditional look. Despite being so, it is still noise-free as its steel, including the slats, holds everything together well. 

It has a built-in headboard and footboard that helps to hold the mattress in place. It also has 12 legs that come with a non-slip pad to prevent the bed frame from sliding on tiled or wooden floors. 

Available Sizes

It states that the Noillats queen frame can hold up to 500 lbs of weight, which is low compared to other heavy-duty models, especially for couples. 

The only thing that you have to worry about is the kind of mattress you use. Since the slats are made of steel, it has a higher chance of pressing through the mattress if the mattress is not thick or solid enough. It is best to buy at least a 6-inch mattress to avoid this. 

You can assemble the Noillats in just a matter of minutes. Because of the metal frames, the entire package is not too heavy and can be done by a single person. Ensure you tighten the bolts enough and occasionally to avoid any damage or squeaky sounds. 

Do remember that thermal conductivity or heat flow on metal materials is more conductive than on other bed frame materials. So, carefully consider the type of mattress you’ll be using with this model. (Source

The only complaint is that there’s nothing to hold the mattress from slipping sideways. North to south is not an issue due to the aside from the headboard and the footboard. 

It can still slide on the side parts from time to time. One can efficiently resolve this by using foam padded tape on the mattress to stop frying too much.

Zinus Super Heavy Duty Platform Bed Frame

  • Has steel slats
  • It has a steel frame structure
  • Four sizes are available: Twin, Full, Queen, and King

The Zinus Super Heavy Duty can support an extremely heavy weight of up to 4,400 lbs. It’s an excellent option for families that like to sleep together or just anybody who wants to spend time doing various things on the bed. With this comes its feature of being noise-free. 

It comes from an entirely metal frame and steel. It is at least 12 inches in height, so you can still use the space underneath for storage. It has four sizes, twin, full, queen, and king size. 


You can use the Zinus Heavy Duty base with any mattress as long as you use a non-slip mat or tape to help keep the mattress in place. It does not have a stopper or a lip to stop the mattress from sliding around, so you should consider using a non-slip pad. 

Remember that a mattress should be synergistic, which means you should coordinate the bed and mattress to function effectively. If there is a mismatch between the two, it can cause issues with the user. (Source

One of the features I like is the amount of space underneath (at least 4 inches). You can also use this space to store any items you see fit. 


  • It can carry a weight load of at least six times more than regular models.
  • It has space underneath for storage. You can keep small to medium-sized items underneath as long as it is under 14 inches. 

What Type Of Bed Frame Makes The Least Noise? 

What Type Of Bed Frame Makes The Least Noise? Find out at

Platform bases have a durable foundation for almost any mattress, and a solid frame, meaning equal weight distribution across the entire bed frame, can reduce squeaky sounds. 

The best material is either metal or wood. Both are sturdy and make little to no sound, even with deterioration over time. China and Vietnam are the top exporters of wooden bed frames to large countries worldwide. (Source

Ultimately, remember to do proper maintenance on the bolts on the frame. It will reduce the chances of damage to the frame joints. 

What’s The Purpose of Bed Frames? Is Squeaking Inevitable?

A good bed frame is the primary foundation of your mattress. Sleep quality is largely determined by physical factors like mattress firmness which is influenced by the base. The quality can largely determine your quality of sleep. (Source

There are low-quality models that eventually get noisy during use. Some give off squeaky, creaking, and even sliding sounds—all of which you should avoid if you seek a good night’s sleep. 

Its purpose is to hold your mattress in place. It is why you have to know the measurement of your mattress when choosing a model; you don’t want to end up with something too big or too small for your mattress. 

If the bed frame is too big for the mattress (read my article about how to fix this situation here), it will tend to move around a lot. You can have misaligned sheets and lumpy mattress parts if it’s too large for the bed frame. 

They also have to support the entire weight of a mattress physically. Since mattresses have become more evolved, the quality has to keep up with it. It is why it’s essential to find a durable bed frame if you’re looking for a long-term investment. 

Research shows the uneven distribution of pressure factors such as weight and force can negatively affect the structure. (Source

A weak base will only cause your mattress to deteriorate faster. Sagginess and shape deformation can affect the quality of experience for the sleeper. A deformed mattress may not be able to provide the necessary body support a person needs. 

A strong foundation will hold its shape, but unless it’s extreme steel, it’s likely to loosen over time, causing squeaks or other noise. Noise is only inevitable if you don’t maintain the connection points and retighten them periodically.

Common Types Of Bed Frames And The Noise They Make

You’ll find a lot of models on the market today. If you’re buying one, you must know the basics about the types you’ll come across and which might be noisier than others.

Here is a brief list of the most common bed frames you’ll see in the market today: 

Platform Bed Frames

It is a traditional foundation with four legs and is elevated from the ground. It has a minimalistic design that you can incorporate with different room designs. 

I am fairly confident in saying that the fewer parts mean fewer connection points to the frame that might squeak. The platform bed frame is one of the best and simplest to keep quiet.


Divan models are great for those who like to maximize room space by having storage space underneath. Some models have drawers that you can use to organize your things like bedding and other accessories. 

Drawers add extra loose components that can make noise during movement while sleeping.


A trundle has an attached second mattress frame underneath. Sometimes the second mattress is just on a separate frame on wheels that can slide out into the room when in use. It is an excellent space saver! 

Due to the extra components, don’t count on these beds maintaining silence.


This model is specifically designed to be sleigh-like. It has a footboard and a headboard with a unique design, making it popular for those with special room designs. 

Having both a headboard and footboard means that you have more perpendicular connections between parts of the frame. That translates to more squeaks and less silence.


This unique design is an excellent option if you are looking for a bunk bed style but with space underneath for an office or large closet.

Manufacturers design them to have ample space for a sofa, table, and chair beneath them, making them like a second-level bed frame. (Source

Due to the large nature of its construction, it is a likely candidate for becoming noisy with movement.

How Do I Stop My Bed From Making Noise? 

How Do I Stop My Bed From Making Noise?  Follow the tips at

If you’re not looking to replace your bed frame yet, there are still different ways to try and prevent you from making any noise. 

  1. Look For The Source

You’ll get a good start in identifying where the noise originates. This way, you’ll fix the source and not the wrong parts. Check on the mattress itself, your box spring if you have one, and ultimately the frame, especially the joins. 

Some types of mattresses, like hybrid and spring mattresses, can make squeaky noises. Try lying down on your bed and putting pressure on different parts. You’ll eventually be able to determine if your mattress is making the noise and on which parts it’s making noise. 

You can test the box spring similarly by moving around on it. If you see that it’s starting to make noise, then it’s probably time you change it entirely. 

Otherwise, if the problem is not on the abovementioned parts, check the joints and skeletal parts of your bed frame. It could be a loosened joint or piece that you need to reinstall. 

  1. Tighten Your Frame Joints

Make sure you tighten the screws and bolts regularly. Repeated movement from usage can cause these parts to become loose. 

Check if the screws and joints hold well on the foundational parts. If yours is made of wood, see if it’s still appropriately attached. If you’re using other types of material for your bed frame, check for any signs of deterioration on the platform itself.

  1. You May Have To Lubricate The Joints

When joints start to deteriorate, they can become rusty and rub onto each other, making squeaky sounds. All you need to do is get a lubricant to apply lightly to the joints. 

  1. Realign Your Mattress With Your Bed Frame

Sometimes, it’s not the bed frame that may be causing the squeaking sound but the friction between the mattress and the bed frame. If this is what’s causing the noise, you simply have to use a non-slip pad to stop the noise from recurring. 

Do All Bed Frames Squeak? 

Not all squeak at first. But over time, the joints and bolts can become loose and warped, which can cause squeaking sounds. 

Loosened bolts can cause the bed to become wobbly, which can then cause further damage due to uneven weight distribution. If this happens, it may start to make a noise like squeaking sounds. , 

Why Does My Bed Creak When I Move on It? 

Your bed may creak when you move when welded joints have started to weaken or deteriorate. 

Three things influence deterioration: pressure, shear, and friction. When there’s friction between the join, if this keeps happening, it may start to make a noise like squeaking sounds, right at the bolts. (Source)  

Final Thoughts

Choosing a bed frame that doesn’t make noise involves more than just the frame time but a combination of other things like material, slat style, weight capacity, and height. Once you’ve considered these aspects, picking the right company and model will be much easier. 

If you want a bed frame that doesn’t make noise, choose a heavy-duty platform bed frame (I wrote about the top 7 strongest models here) made of wood material and thickly cut slats to ensure enough strength for mattress support. Not only is this bed frame more reliable in terms of being noise-free but also it’s one of the most durable options on the market. 


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