The Leesa Legend vs. Hybrid: The Full Comparison

Both Leesa legend and Hybrid are exceptional mattresses that do more than guarantee you a comfortable night. The Leesa hybrid is ideal for average and lightweight back sleepers and lightweight side sleepers.

While they have some unique sets of similar features, they’re from the same brand. They have some crucial significance that makes them exceptional for sure sleepers. One of the main similarities is that you can return them and get a full-cash refund if you don’t like them after 90 days.

In this article, we’ll conduct a detailed case study to help uncover the differences between Leesa Legend vs. Hybrid and help you find out the right option for you.

What Is the Leesa Legend Mattress?

Leesa Mattress is one of the new entries in the bed-in-a-box business launched in 2014, with its initial line of mattresses being the Leesa Original. And to separate themselves from other mattress firms, they pledged to always donate a single mattress for every ten mattresses purchased. Leesa Mattress still does that, and over the years, they have introduced other options, including the Legend and Hybrid mattresses. (source)

Its Features

Over the last few years, they introduced this Legend mattress, where top-tier support meets comfort. The legend mattress is a luxurious dual-coil hybrid designed for sustainability; after all, its covers are a perfect blend of recycled fibers, merino wool, and organic cotton. (source)

But, what stands out the most for this mattress is that it features a 2-spring unit containing over 1,700 springs and an additional layer of back support foams and plush comfort. (source)

Leesa legend is more costly than Leesa hybrid mattress, but you can get it at a discount of about 17% from Amazon. And if you don’t have the cash, you can get it at a hire purchase. All you have to do is pay $111.06 monthly, and you will enjoy your beauty sleep on your high-end mattress after 18 months. (source)

Leesa Legend vs Hybrid Comparison Infographic
Leesa Legend vs Hybrid Comparison Infographic


It is ideal for all sleeper types



  • Costly
  • Legs are toothpicks
  • The frame is string thin
  • Not firm enough to support heavy-weight individuals
The Leesa Legend vs. Hybrid

What Is a Leesa Hybrid Mattress?

As one of Leesa’s award-winning mattresses, many folks in the United States patronize the hybrid mattress. The advanced support of over 1000 wrapped pocket springs combined with high airflow and high-performance, high-performance premium foam guarantees extra comfort. The premium foams with the Hybrid mattress provide bounce, pressure relief, and body contouring, while its spring guarantees edge-to-edge support. (source)

The perfect combination of springs and foam targets specific places on your body. The Hybrid’s unique design guarantees that shoulders, hips, and back will be well supported; therefore, you will have a cooling comfort all night long. (source)

If you are considering ome of these models you can learn more details about the brand and models in my article here.

Scott Boyd

Getting The Perfect Sleep

When purchasing this mattress, you will pursue perfect sleep for everyone in your family. One of the key things that stand out for this unit is its 6-stack layer, including a soft and stylish top cover and premium foam base foam. (source)

When comparing Leese Legend vs. Hybrid, we should always know that the Hybrid is a bit cheaper. But Leesa Hybrid is generally not a cheap mattress, and as a high-end product, it is worth its price; luckily, you can get it at a discount at Amazon, where they sell the Full-size mattress for $1,199, but you can get it at 25% discount. You can even pay $66.61 monthly for 18 months if the price is too high.


  • Offers edge-to-edge support
  • Being comfortable it can help enhance your sleep
  • It conforms to your body shape
  • It has four layers


  • Not ideal for petite individuals
  • It has fewer springs which makes it a bit firm


 Leesa LegendLeesa hybrid
Composition5 layers of premium foam composed of over 1,700 dual-layer pocket springsfour layers of premium foam and over 1,000 pocket springs
Minimal motion transfer         ✓          ✓
High performance, High airflowResponsive cooling top layer         ✓      ✓
Breathable cover, super soft         ✓      ✓
GOTS-certified organic cotton and merino wool cover         ✓ 
Form + spring hybrid for advanced comfort and support        ✓      ✓
Dual-layer pocket springs for superior comfort and support        ✓ 

 Leesa Legend vs. Hybrid: Features Face to Face

Editorial Image: Leesa

Construction and Design

Leesa Legend

The 12 inches Leesa Legend mattress has a unique construction that begins with dense, supportive foam. And on top of this foam, Leesa added some 6 inches of pocketed coils followed by another foam layer, which is considered standard for most high-end mattresses, but what makes it stands out is the 1.5″ layer of micro coils and foam that can improve your sleep. (source)

Generally, there are very few brands with microcoils, including the WinkBed and Brentwood Oceano, which use these microcoils as extra supportive layers and guarantee localized compression, just like Leesa legend. But what makes this mattress different is how Leesa Mattress arranged them. The microcoils and foam are on the same layer, which allows this mattress to offer /less/more pressure relief on certain parts of your body.

The Legend mattress has a base support layer and a quick response layer composed of over 1700 pocket springs for motion isolations, stability, durability, and edge-to-edge support. On top of this layer, you will find the transition layer, the zoned support layer, the memory foam recovery layer, and the comfort layer below the cover. (source)

Leesa Hybrid

On the other hand, the Leesa Hybrid mattress has fewer layers than the Legend mattress, which means it is a tad thinner. The Leesa Hybrid mattress is about 11 inches thick, and unlike the Legend mattress, the Hybrid does not have handles. Therefore, moving it around the house can be a tad tedious.

Its bottom layer has about an inch thick of supportive foam that helps set the foundation of this mattress. The next layer is the 6 inches-thick section of the coil layer, which helps make the bed responsive, supportive, and more durable. On top of the coil layer, you can find the support foam and the memory foam, which is about 1.5 inches thick and helps with pressure relief. (source)

The upper layer right below the mattress’s cover is a 1.5-inch thick aerated premium foam which creates more neutral foam and is a bit softer. In terms of design and construction, we can confirm that the Leesa legend wins; after all, it does have everything to keep you comfortable, plus the fact that it has handles to help move it around your house is a bonus.

Mattress Cover

The Leesa hybrid comes with a soft, stitched cover made from a perfect blend of rayon and polyester, one of the best covers on the market. And we do appreciate the fact that it is very soft.

What makes it stand out is that it’s removable, but this doesn’t mean you can remove it and hand wash it. After all, it is not machine washable, and if you have to clean it, please use warm water, mild detergent, and a piece of rag.

On the other hand, the Leesa Legend’s cover is made from 100% organic cotton, recycled fibers, and merino wool. The merino wool helps wick away the moisture making it comfortable and guaranteeing you a peaceful night. So if you love recycling things like me, then you should go for the legend mattress; after all, it does help protect our environment. (source)

Therefore, for me, the automatic winner when it comes to mattress covers is the Leesa Legend mattress, which does more than guarantee us a peaceful night; it helps us clean the environment.

Temperature Regulation

Generally, both the Leesa Legend and Hybrid can help with temperature control, but the hybrid mattress is way better. The Hybrid mattress is firmer; therefore, you can sleep on top of the bed instead of sinking into it, which can help keep your body cooler.

After all, less of the cover will be touching your body. Other than that, it does use coils to remain firm and also help with the circulation of air; plus, the aerated upper foam also comes in handy when it comes to airflow. (source)

On the other hand, the Legend mattress isn’t as firm as the Hybrid; therefore, it can be neutral regarding temperature regulation. Therefore, the Legend mattress may be thicker than the Hybrid but less firm; therefore, the automatic winner is the Leesa Hybrid regarding temperature regulation.

Active Pocket Springs

Leesa has done everything humanly possible to make its products as comfortable as possible, but the comfort level varies with the mattress brands. For instance, the Leesa hybrid comes with plus 1000 active pocket springs that guarantee you advanced support.

Therefore, you can sleep comfortably on your side, back, or front. These springs can quickly respond to your sleeping style and movements while sleeping.

But if you need more edge-to-edge support and comfort, you can try Leesa Legend’s two spring units with over 1,700 springs.

Therefore, it can guarantee extra comfort, and with the additional support foams, you will always have an exceptional sleep every night. Therefore if comfort is your main goal, then the Leesa Legend mattress wins thanks to the unique design and extra springs. (source)


The firmness of any mattress plays a crucial role in its durability and level of comfort; therefore, it is one of the critical factors you must consider when purchasing a new mattress. And in terms of firmness, the legend mattress can be considered medium.

Still, if you’re heavy, this mattress may feel a bit softer, particularly between medium and medium-soft.

Therefore, it’s the best option for side sleepers, including folks who change their sleeping styles several times at night.

Generally, over 60% of the world’s population is side sleepers, but if you are petite, you can sleep comfortably on your back or stomach; it will be a bit firmer. But for heavy back and stomach sleepers, it can be too soft.

On the other hand, the Leesa hybrid mattress is thinner than a legend; its firmness ranges between medium-firm to medium on the firm-to-soft scale. Unfortunately, the firmness/softness of this mattress is subjective; therefore, the heavier you’re, the softer the Leesa hybrid will be.

Even though it uses softer foams, it can be a bit firmer; fortunately, the top layers are soft to the touch, while the coils can guarantee tremendous support.

Soft-To-Touch, Plenty Of Bounce

The ideal way to describe this mattress is that it’s soft-to-touch with plenty of bounce. Many users have confirmed that you will feel like you are floating. Unlike the legend, the hybrid mattress is ideal for stomach and back sleepers; after all, back sleepers prefer a healthy option that can’t sink.

The hybrid mattress will ensure that your hips don’t sag when sleeping or even apply too much pressure on your lower back.  

It can also work for side keepers who need a firmer mattress, but if you’re petite, this may not be a good idea. After all, petite folks need a softer mattress where they can easily sleep on their sides.

Therefore, in terms of firmness, the Leesa hybrid wins, but if you’re lightweight, you should go for the Leesa Legend mattress.

Edge Support

Edge support refers to the support the mattress offers along the mattress’s perimeter. Fortunately, Leesa Legend has strong edges that make them ideal for couples or a family with kids. Many parents have commended it because their kids have never experienced a roll-off sensation when sleeping or playing on the bed.   

On the other hand, the Leesa hybrid comes with exceptional edge support; in fact, it holds its shape perfectly along its perimeter.

Therefore, we recommend the Hybrid for folks living in studio apartments and smaller rooms where the king-size beds can’t fit. When it comes to edge support, the Leesa legend wins.

Motion Isolation

In the past, coil beds were known for allowing the motion caused by your body turning to slosh around like a water bed, but that is no longer the case.

It is not especially true with Leesa Legend mattresses, as the coils help with motion transfer making it fun for you to sleep on them. A mattress with dual coil layers is ideal for deadening movements.

On the other hand, Leesa Hybrid is fairly great regarding motion isolation, but it is not better for light sleepers. It is better than the other innerspring mattresses thanks to its uniquely designed pocketed coils, ensuring that the springs move independently.

Unfortunately, it is not better than Leesa Legend regarding motion isolation. (source)

Leesa Legend vs. Hybrid: Stand-Out Features

Despite being from the same company, these mattresses have unique features that make them stand out. Some of these features include

  • Zoned support layer: Leesa Legend’s zoned layer features premium foams and micro-pocket springs that target your shoulders and hips for extra comfort and stability. The stabilizing foam helps with motion transfer.
  • Sustainable cover: the Leesa Legend mattress comes with a sustainable cover from a perfect blend of recycled fibers, organic cotton, and merino wool, which makes it ideal for allergy sufferers. The Merino wool can come in handy for wicking away moisture.
  • Dual-layer pocket spring: unlike the Hybrid mattress, the Leesa Legend comes with a dual-layer pocket spring that guarantees maximum support, motion isolation, stability, and durability. The dual-layer spring comprises over 1,700 micro coils attached to a premium foam.
  • Five layers for extra comfort: as aforementioned, the Leesa Legend mattress comes with five layers that help improve this mattress; the five-layer makes it softer and less firm; therefore, it’s not ideal for heavy folks and lightweight individuals.

Bottom Line

Despite being from the same brand, learning the difference between Leesa Legend vs. Hybrid can help you pick the right option for your home. After all, they’re designed for specific individuals and situations; for instance, some mattresses are not ideal for folks who are side sleepers, while others are great for heavy individuals.  

You can use the Leesa Legend Mattress if:

  • You live in a massive house and need a family-size mattress to fit your bedroom.
  • You are a medium or lightweight individual who needs a mattress that you can sleep on top of instead of sinking into it.
  • If you love items made using recycled materials and want to preserve the environment for future generations.

Things To Remember

When purchasing a mattress, comfort, and durability are critical; therefore, if you have life products made using sustainable materials, you should go for the Leesa Legend Mattress.

Use the Leesa Hybrid mattress if:

  • You love sleeping on a firm mattress that helps keep your body cool while applying pressure on specific body parts.
  • You are medium or heavy-weight individuals who dislike the idea of sinking into the mattress when sleeping.
  • You love sleeping on your sides, back, and even your stomach or changing your sleep positions at night a couple of times.                                                                                                        

Therefore, if you love to sleep on a firmer mattress that can apply pressure on specific body parts, you should go for the Leesa Hybrid Mattress.


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