Thuma Bed Review: Good or Bad For You

This Thuma bed review is likely unlike most others because I don’t give a crap if it results in a positive or negative review. I have no ties to the manufacturer and I am just passing my days working on the website while stuck in Thailand during the pandemic.

Are Thuma beds good? Yes. The good includes a very strong and sturdy wood frame with high weight capacity, minimalist design, corner locking system, two color options, a lifetime warranty, and a 100-day trial period. The bad includes expensive and the headboard is not attached.

UPDATE May 4, 2023: I found a 48% off sale on a comparable Zinus at Amazon here!

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Key Points

  • Thuma is a contemporary brand selling a single product direct-to-consumer.
  • Thuma bed weight limit is 1,500 lb.
  • Its easy-to-assemble bed frame is known for its quality, minimalistic design, and modern architecture.
  • The bed comprises of repurposed solid wood, interlocked pieces, and two-hand tightening screws.
  • The frame is available in five different sizes: Twin, Full, Queen, King, and Cali. King.
  • Its products are slightly pricey as a luxury brand with a Queen Size bed frame costing $995. However, the products come with 100 nights of risk-free trials for easy returns for a safe long-term investment.

A Quick Recap

Best Suited For

People looking for simplistic designs, durable structures, and eco-friendly elements.

A good alternative is save $550 with this one with 900 lb capacity.

Scott Boyd

What’s So Good About It?

  • Minimalistic design.
  • Made of repurposed wood, premium quality foam, and recycled plastic felt.
  • Quick and easy assembly.
  • Lightweight, three boxed packages.
  • Japanese joinery and inter-locking system.
  • Walnut polish complements most room décor.
  • The headboard is available in two colors: Charcoal Grey and Natural Linen.
  • Sturdy, noiseless, and motion isolated built.
  • Cork padded legs for stable placement.
  • Felt wrapped slats for a durable fixture.
  • Offer 1,500 pounds load capacity to support heavier mattresses and big built sleepers.
  • Lifetime warranty and 100 nights risk-free trial.

What Is Bad?

  • Semi-usable headboard
  • Pricey Deal
  • Additional shipping cost to Canada, Hawaii, and Alaska

Although the headboard is plush and provides suitable support, it doesn’t work in a free-floating setting. You need to set it up by the wall to prop up the pillow board between the wall and the mattress. Only then will it let you rest your head and keep the pillows in their place.  

Secondly, there are quite a few budget-friendly options available in the market, making Thuma a weak contender. However, eco-conscious buyers find it a safe alternative with easy payment systems through Affirm.

You will also need to pay an additional cost for shipment and curbside delivery. The charges vary as per your location.

Why is Thuma One of the Best Bed Frames?

If you are looking for a low-profile bed frame with simple yet elegant construction, Thuma is the right choice. Typically the quality of beds wavers as they become aesthetically appealing; however, that was not the case with Thuma.

It is one of the most incredibly well-made bed frames, using eco-friendly materials and durable structures. The bed can last for years and thus come with a lifetime warranty and 100 nights risk-free trial.

Check out this owner review at Reddit here. She is a super light sleeper and could feel slight movements when her partner moved at night. She admits to being super-picky and I think it actually is a pro rather than a con.

Before you buy check out my articles where I compare it to Zinus here, Tatamiroom, Valyou, 4 CHEAPER ALTERNATIVES, and is it worth it here.

Scott Boyd


Thuma Bed is famous for its premium quality materials that attract customers to make the purchase. It is a handcrafted product made of repurposed, rubberwood trees without the use of MDF, plywood, or OSB. Instead, you get an all-natural organic mattress frame for a healthy and safe sleep area.  


Its double-strength slats comprise the same repurposed wood. For increased durability and noise reduction, each slat features an eco-friendly felt made of recycled plastic.

With its design-built features, the slats stay in place without any chances of slipping and mattress movement. The spacing is perfect for maximum support and breathability without the need for box spring or bed skirts.

The Headboard

Its minimalistic design increases the overall appeal of the bed frame. The headboard comes in two colors: dark charcoal grey and light grey, designed to add comfort and improved functionality.

Accentuate the aesthetics by covering it with bright-colored throw pillows for a bold fashion statement or leave it bare to imply serenity.

The soft foam comes with a 100% polyester linen weave cover for an exquisite look. It works perfectly well between the mattress and the wall.



This USA-based company implemented Japanese joinery for elegance, appeal, and durability. The frame interlocks at the four corners, offering sturdy, anti-slip joints that do not need visible, clunky hardware attachments.

The entire frame features a walnut finish for a classic look that could last for years without getting out of style. Its surrounding edges are thick and flat to give the mattress a nice, chunky border.

It’s spacious enough to place a phone or remote for quick, easy access. You can also rest your shoes when tying laces and without dirtying the mattress and bed sheet.

Weight Limit

The Thuma bed weight limit is 1,500 lb, which makes it one of the stronger beds available on the market. This is a very good option for overweight people and couples who are looking for a strong bed that will last.


The catch is the uniquely designed slats offer the utmost comfort and support to the entire mattress. The felt cover ensures the slats will stay in place without letting the mattress leave its place.

They perfectly fit the frame while holding up the mattress from all the right places, thus eliminating the need to buy a spring box or foundation separately.


Aptly named pillow board as it’s soft and plush to offer cloud-like comfort. It is comfortable to rest your head on it while reading a book or watching a movie, due to its congenial support.

However, this pillow board is not conventionally attached to the bed frame and works only when you place it against the wall. I prefer this as almost all headboards that are attached to the frame flex, squeak, and creak over time. 

Due to its natural hues, this pillow board is an ideal border to keep the pillows in place and prevent you from hitting your head on the wall. Despite its sturdy structure, it may not work well in free-floating settings.


Thuma is a self-assemble bed frame that is quick and easy to set up. The product doesn’t require added tools or chunky hardware to fix the components.

Each bed frame bar locks into the adjacent one without screws or nails. Due to its Japanese joinery, inter-locked system, you can set the base within a few minutes.  

However, use two hand-tightened screws to fix the wooden bar at the center. It will allow even support to the slats.

But you will not require any screwdriver to tighten them, but since they come in an unlabeled box and therefore have higher chances of being thrown away.  

Next are the slats that perfect lock into the spaces. Being cushioned with recycled plastic felt, these slats offer strength and noise reduction. Thus, giving an overall sturdy and solid feel paired with brown walnut polish.

Within 15 minutes, the bed frame is all set and ready to use. Nevertheless, it’s the pillow board that took most of our time.

Since it doesn’t support a free-floating style, you need to push back the whole frame near the wall. This allows the pillow board to rest nicely by the wall.


Comprising of premium quality materials, the bed frame is highly durable and long-lasting. The company backs its claim with its lifetime warranty. If you think the bed frame is not the right match for you, you can opt for hassle-free, 100% cashback returns during the 100 nights trial period.

Its resilient structure perfectly holds the mattress to offer an undisturbed, peaceful slumber. Flawlessly wrapped slats absorb noise and motion disturbances to prevent creaking sounds as you get on and off the bed.

The two-part construction, Japanese joinery, and felt-covered slats combined offer a quiet sleep area for uninterrupted snooze time.

The adequately spaced slats offer support at all the right places to ensure the mattress won’t break down even after years of use. It also promotes airflow and ventilation to keep you cool and dry all night long.

Although the pillow board is plush, it offers sturdier support when pressure is applied.

Price Point

The design of the bed frame is thoughtful with optimum quality components and a semi-functional headboard. As the product sources organic, eco-friendly materials, the final price is at the higher end of the budget.

Although being a direct-to-consumer brand, Thuma has reduced the exponential middlemen cost; thus, you get great value. With its lifetime warranty, this eco-conscious bed frame is a safe, long-term investment that meets your green lifestyle.  

Price Distribution As Per Size (Updated Jan 7, 2023)

  • Twin: $ 795
  • Full: $995
  • Queen: $1,095
  • King: $1,195
  • Cali King: $1,195

Available in two different colors, you can get this mattress through Affirm on monthly installments of $84/month. This makes the bed frame highly affordable for those on a shoestring budget while keeping the 100-nights return policy intact. 


Thuma is a made-to-order brand and thus doesn’t stockpile its products. Due to this, the company takes longer than the average to deliver it to you.

Typically, it takes 1-5 business days to process your order and deliver it after additional 3-7 days.  You will get the bed frame in a couple of weeks. They will ship the product in 3 different tightly packed boxes without the use of Styrofoam and plastic sheets to prevent the mess.

Since they pack the frame in several boxes, it is lightweight and easy to carry on a flight of stairs.

Although the shipping cost varies as per your location, the company also provides free shipping if the product delivery gets delayed for a few weeks or months. This complimentary service enables the brand to build a strong, loyal customer base.


Thuma is an excellent choice for those who look for fine craftsmanship, organic materials, and a modernistic approach. Its simplistic design and regal feel make the bed frame ideally suited for extravagant allure.

Personally, I would buy this one for half the price, but I am cheap.

While the bedframe meets most of the requirements; however, the pillow board needed extra thought for improved functionality, especially in free-floating décor.

The brand is ideal for those with a green lifestyle and looking for an organic bedframe with exceptional aesthetics.

If I missed something, or if you have additional questions you can contact Thuma on their website contact page here.

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