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Thuma scored 39 points and the Tatamiroom scored 44.5 after analysis of 13 rating factors. The Thuma rated higher for sturdiness, storage underneath, weight capacity, and website. Tatamiroom rated higher for price, wood, slat gap, color options, warranty, and customer service.

ItemScott’s Thuma
Scott’s Tatami-
Room Rating
Slat gap34
Made in
Avg Score

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Scott Boyd

Thuma and TatamiRoom refer to direct-to-consumer bedding brands offering durable, high-quality, and stylish bed frames. Boost your sleeping time by seeking the ideal platform bed.

Thuma, as well as TatamiRoom, utilizes strong, sturdy, and solid platform beds alongside with fastener free joints (Japanese joinery style) to provide stylish yet quality bed frames at a reasonable price.

With Thuma, you get the peace of mind that you’re sleeping atop an eco-friendly bed, whereas Tatamiroom offers you an array of elegant yet sophisticated bed frames to match your taste. Here we compare these two brands to help you find the right platform bed:


Thuma refers to a relatively new direct-to-consumer brand that manufactures first-rate quality bed frames to cater to your sleeping needs.

Each bed by Thuma is crafted from repurposed and solid wood, which is super easy to assemble. Enjoy a long night’s sleep by buying this platform bed frame:

Product Line

Thuma combines quality craftsmanship with high-quality tech to provide a plethora of first-rate quality bed frames to enhance your sleeping time.

Rubber Wood Bed Frame

Thuma Bed offers well-designed, elegant, yet sturdy platform bed frames, combining minimalism alongside sophistication. As a result of Japanese joinery, the bed is super easy to put together.

The rubberwood bed frame is manufactured from environmental-friendly, superior quality, and repurposed rubberwood. It is not made from solid pieces, but rather small pieces glued together using the leftover wood from the furniture factory. TatamiRoom uses rubberwood also, but full solid pieces of lumber.

Quick Specs
  • 9-inch clearance for storage
  • Polyester and organic woven cover
  • Timeless and high-quality Japanese joinery
  • Spaced and well-designed slates that ensure breathability
  • Upcycled, repurposed, and eco-friendly rubberwood
  • Stylish and quality walnut colored

Slat Gap

The gaps are 3″, which is a common width. However, this will not meet the warranty requirements for all mattress brands, especially foam mattress models. Before buying this platform foundation please be certain that it will meet the requirements of the mattress you will be using.

Where is it Made

The wood is assembled and the components are built in Vietnam and then shipped to the USA.

Customer Service

No phone number or chat feature. Only a mailing address to a postal box. No response to emails.


  • Twin-Size Bed Frame: $795
  • Full-Size: $995
  • Day Bed
  • Queen-Size: $1,095
  • King-Size: $1,195
  • California King: $1,195


  • Non-toxic, CertiPUR-US foam fill
  • Green-guard certified
  • Two hand-tightened screws and assembly, which require zero tools
  • Manufactured from eco-friendly products
  • Felt wrap slats that promise durability and breathability
  • A comfortable sleeping surface

Before buying please read more about this model such as Is Thuma Worth It, 4 CHEAPER Alternatives, and Review, and compared to Zinus and Valyou.


TatamiRoom is a leading brand providing consumers access to elegant yet durable Japanese home décor. They combine quality and style to ensure customers can enjoy sleeping on top of a comfortable yet contemporary sleeping surface.

These platform beds are manufactured from 100% solid yet robust wood. The wide range of platform beds at Tatamiroom allows consumers to find a mattress that perfectly matches their needs.

Pin was kind enough to answer some questions for me through email. She was quick to respond and very helpful.

Designed for Eastern-style sleeping( with tatami mats and Shiki Futon) or Western-style sleeping using conventional mattress(without tatami mats)

Pin, Tatami Room

Product Line

TatamiRoom matches high-tech with durable materials to offer an array of exciting yet exceptional quality bed frames to boost your resting time:

Quick Specs

  • Manufactured from 100% solid hardwood to ensure durability 
  • Solid hardwood slats are 2-inches apart that enhances breathability
  • The Japanese architectural bed frame makes your bed look stylish yet comfy

Slat Gap

I am impressed with the 2″ slat gap design. I think this is the smallest gap that I can remember any bed frame having so that is impressive. This will also meet all mattress company warranties, which is very important for an expensive investment.

Each slat is 2 3/4in x 3/4in thickness with 2inch spacing to accommodate most conventional mattresses

Pin, Tatami Room

Product Dimensions

Queen60 x 80 x 9 inches
King76 x 80 x 9 inches
about 5″
about 11″ for
tall model

Customer Service

No chat feature. Their mailing address is also the address they ship the furniture from! What a novel concept lol. And they provide an 800# and Jason or Pin will actually answer the phone and emails.


Rubberwood is also used to build this brand and it uses full solid lengths of lumber. So this gets the edge for me. It seems that the Thuma should be cheaper since it is gluing scrapwood together. Go figure.

Frame rails are 3in x 4 3/4in x 1in(thickness) and Legs are 4 1/2in x 4 1/2in x 9in H(and 14 1/2in H).

Slats are also made of the same wood with 2in spacing. Our optional headboards are solid wood and attached with Japanese joinery onto the frame

Pin, Tatami Room

Storage Underneath (Clearance)

The regular Tatami bed frame is 4in clearance. The Taller model is 10in clearance.

Pin, Tatami Room

Where is it Made

These bed frames are made in Indonesia and packaged and shipped in the USA.


  • Twin: $755
  • Full: $799
  • Queen-Size: $839
  • King-Size: $925


  • Solid hardwood used in fabricating these bed frames means your bed is sure to last for years to come.
  • The interlocking Japanese joinery makes it easy for you to assemble the bed
  • These beds are super versatile and can accommodate various-sized mattresses.  
  • You can find these platform beds in a wide range of captivating colors, including walnut brown, oak brown, and so on.

Overall Brand Comparison:

Tatami roomThuma
Trial Period30 nights100 day
Warranty Period12 monthsLifetime
Return Policy30-days return policy100-day full return policy 
RefundsShipping & Handling fees are non-refundable100% cashback 
Material TypesWhole ash wood and organic linenEco-friendly rubberwood
Free DeliveryYes, via FedEx Ground excluding Hawaii and Alaska   Yes
White-Glove ServicesNoNo
Delivery Time1 to 12 days1 to 10 days
 What are Customers Saying?Thuma boasts terrible customer service and doesn’t add a phone number or chat option on their website. Some customers even tell that Thuma failed to respond to their inquiries via email.TatamiRoom is super responsive and often responds to queries within a couple of hours.

The Bottom Line

All in all, Thuma and Tatamiroom are two leading brands with a strong influence on the overall market. Both offer a variety of high-quality yet stylish sleeping surfaces to help you boost your sleeping experience. But from my experience and research, I recommend the Tatamiroom Tall model.

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Scott Boyd


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