Thuma vs Valyou: The Winner Is:

Thuma vs Valyou bed frames comparison reveals that Valyou is more worth it for customers wanting to save money, have more color choices, require a higher level of customer service before and after purchase, prefer stronger WHOLE ash wood over rubberwood leftover pieces glued together from Vietnam.

Looking For a New Bed?

Thuma and Valyou are two leading brands offering sturdy, modern, yet stylish. Enhance your sleeping time with the help of the perfect platform foundation.

Both brands use state-of-the-art techniques to manufacture robust and solid platforms. Both high-quality and stylish foundations are available at a budget-friendly price.

With Thuma, you can enjoy sleeping in an eco-friendly bed, whereas Valyou provides you access to multiple color schemes that complement your room’s aesthetics. Here we compare these two brands, but I would only CONSIDER ONE OF THESE (and this one for about $220 at Amazon).  


UPDATE May 4, 2023: I found a 48% sale on a comparable Zinus full at Amazon here!

Scott Boyd

Thuma is a popular brand that manufactures a single high-quality model to match your unique sleeping needs.

Product Line

Thuma puts their everything in crafting first-rate quality frames out of high-quality materials and via futuristic techniques:

Rubber Wood Bed Frame

Thuma is a combination of artistic sophistication and classiness. For this reason, their rubberwood bed frame is manufactured from first-rate quality products to ensure a sturdy, sustainable, and comfortable sleeping surface.

It is produced from high-quality, eco-friendly, and repurposed rubberwood and uses a Japanese joinery technique that is strong and easy to assemble.

Quick Specs
  • 9-inches clearance
  • Timeless and quality Japanese joinery
  • Upcycled and repurposed rubberwood
  • Polyester, a woven covered headboard
  • Walnut colored finish
Rubberwood from Vietnam

According to Assessment of the Properties, Utilization, and Preservation of Rubberwood from the Journal of Wood Sciences green rubberwood (recently cut) moisture is 52% and after it is air-dried it is 17.2%. I hope that the rubberwood used in the factory in Vietnam is using dry wood to prevent future drying, which results in shrinking.

Shrinking will cause the frame rails and legs to not fit together as precisely as when the factory workers cut the notches and lengths for fitting joints together.

the sustainability aspect of this product is that it uses remnants from a factory in Vietnam and the pieces are cut and glued together to repurpose it.

Another concern I have, and it is a big concern, is what extra visitors might come with the package. Air-dried wood does not kill insects like the kiln-dried process. In the US and Canada lumber used in the construction of a house must be kiln-dried primarily to kill any insects that are living in the wood.

I am waiting to hear back from Thuma, but based on my experience in Vietnam and living in neighboring Thailand I would bet big money (if I had any) that the wood is not kiln dried.

I visited a furniture factory here in Thailand and there is little quality control or inventory management. There are just heaps everywhere, and none of it was properly stacked. It looked like a giant just dropped handfuls of wood around the factory and property.

Weigh Capacity

Although it is rated for 300 lb more than the Valyou (1500 vs 1200) I would guess that they pretty much have the same weight capacity based on the design, joints, and wood. Since neither company has paid a structural engineer to determine the real capacities these numbers are only guesstimates.

  • Twin-Size: $695
  • Full-Size: $795
  • Queen-Size: $895
  • King-Size: $995
  • California King: $995
  • Non-toxic, CertiPUR-US foam fill
  • Two hand-tightened screws and assembly requires no tools
  • Green-guard certified
  • Fabricated from environmental-friendly products
  • Felt wrap slats to reduce mattress movement


Valyou is a relatively new brand producing a chain of comfortable, durable, and stylish bed frames.

Product Line

Valyouoffers the perfect balance between revolutionary techniques and quality products and smart engineering.

Solid Frame

Valyouoffers customers access to an expansive world of durable and comfy bed frames. Typically, these are manufactured from durable and optimum solid wood to ensure you can count on them to last for years to come. 

Quick Specs
  • Robust slat construction which is perfectly spaced
  • The high-quality Japanese locking structure
  • Japanese craftsmanship ensures a sustainable and neat bed frame
  • Combines whole ash with medium-density foam and an organic cover to provide a comfy sleeping surface

Ash is a strong hardwood weighing 41 lb per cubic foot and 690 kg per cubic meter (source). This is about 8% denser than the rubberwood used in the construction of the Thuma.

Ash has a hardness rating of 1200, which is a little less than oak yet is about 20% lighter.

Valyou used whole pieces of ash rather than lego/puzzle/plywood type of construction. This is not as environmentally friendly since the process is not using scrap.

Valyou Weight Capaity

Valyou’s weight capacity is rated at 1,200 lb, but I don’t put too much faith in the weight capacity ratings. I have not seen a single company provide a structural Engineer’s report or even an opinion for a bed frame.

Companies basically put a number out of their butts and until one of us fools actually perform some testing nobody will know the actual capacity.

I am developing a testing protocol that I can use on every bed frame that I can get my hands on, but this is an expensive project so it will be slow going. I am going to start with a cheap Ikea model and I will update this article so you can check out my testing and the results.


The average price of Valyou’s product varies from $499.9 to $649.99. (check out my article comparing Thuma to the TatamiRoom model)

  • It is manufactured from durable whole ash wood
  • A wide range of exciting colors including walnut, black leather, grey, beige, and so much more to best meet your taste
  • Handmade and durable to ensure high standard performance
  • Breathable and pressure-relief
  • The futuristic Japanese assembly requires no more than a single screw and five minutes

Overall Brand Comparison:

Trials and
Trial Period14 nights100 day

12 monthsLifetime
Return Policy14-days full return policy100-day full
return policy1
RefundsFull returns minus 20%
of what you initially paid
100% cashback 
Whole ash
and organic linen
No Fed-Ex- $29.99Curbside
Delivery- $99Inside Delivery
$250Inside and Package
Removal- 295   
1 to 12 days1 to 10 days

Note 1: I have seen a LOT of people complaining that they cannot get a refund because they cannot contact the company due to unanswered emails. The only other communication option for customers is to send an actual LETTER to their postal box service and hope they respond.

Or you can stop by the owner’s apartment in San Francisco (yes, apartment. Not a factory or office from the look of the address in Google Maps. Check out my article here for more information and links to the mailing address and “office” address. I also compare it to the similar Zinus frame here).


The Valyou bed frame is perfect for sleepers seeking a mid-century design, colorful options, durable and sturdy bed. At the same time, Thuma is ideal for those who want to lower carbon footprints while sleeping on a long-lasting, sturdy, and sustainable foundation.

Both brands fabricate elegant, stain-resistant, and breathable models that boost your sleeping experience. However, Valyou adds a shipping price to your order. However, it is still cheaper and a much better deal.

All in all, you can enjoy a luxurious and undisturbed sleeping time by investing in a durable bed frame similar to Thuma for a lot less money, a better buying, and substantially greater post-purchase customer service for warranty and returns.

Another option that I would buy over a Thuma is the Zinus that looks similar, performs almost as well, and costs about half so you can go on a mini-vacation with the savings. Read about my more in-depth review of the Thuma Bed here, and about more alternatives that will perform just fine at a fraction of the price here.

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    • Thank you for your comment! Thuma and Valyou are indeed similar, and I can help highlight their features and differences based on available data. If you have specific criteria you’re interested in, feel free to let me know!

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