What is Fluid and Different types of Fluids, PDF

What is Fluid:

Any substance that flows or deforms under applied shear stress is called as fluid. The substances which have the tendency to flow is also called as fluid.

Different types of fluids:

Fluids are classified into 5 different types which are as follows:

1. Ideal fluid
2. Real fluid
3. Newtonian fluid
4. Non-Newtonian fluid
5. Ideal plastic fluid

types of fluids

1. Ideal Fluid:

The fluid which cannot be compressed and have no viscosity falls in the category of an ideal fluid. Ideal fluid is not found in actual practice but it is an imaginary fluid because all the fluid that exists in the environment has some viscosity. So, there is no ideal fluid in reality.

2. Real Fluid:

A fluid that has some viscosity is called real fluid. Generally, all the fluids existing or present in the environment are called real fluids.

3. Newtonian Fluid

The Fluid which obeys Newton’s law of viscosity (i.e the shear stress is directly proportional to the shear strain) then it is known as the Newtonian fluid.

4. Non-Newtonian Fluid

The Fluid which does not obey Newton’s law of viscosity then it is called Non-Newtonian fluid.

5. Ideal Plastic Fluid

A fluid having the value of shear stress more than the yield value and shear stress is proportional to the shear strain (velocity gradient) is known as ideal plastic fluid.


What is a fluid?

The substances which have the tendency to flow is called as fluid.

Are gases considered as fluids?

Yes. Both liquids and gases are fluids as they have the tendency to flow.

Why is water a fluid?

Fluids are anything that can flow. Liquids are also considered to be fluids. This is because thee molecules in a liquid such as water, the molecules have a much greater freedom to move.

Video on types of fluid and detailed explanation:

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