What are the Main Types of Scrapers?

Scrapers are mostly used in the manufacturing industry to get rid of extra material from a piece of work. Before learning about the different types of scrapers, let us first learn about the definition of scrapers.

Scraping Definition

Scraping involves smoothing out elevated areas on a surface to ensure parts fit together accurately. This helps to eliminate carbon accumulation from various components like cylinder heads, pistons and crankshafts.

Types of Scrapers

Following are the main types of scrapers:

  • Flat Scraper
  • Half Round Scraper
  • Three Square Scraper
  • Bullnose Scraper
  • Two Handle Scraper
  • Hook Scraper

Flat Scraper 

A flat scraper is a tool you use to scrape on flat surfaces. Its sharp edge is curved outward, kind of like a round shape. They come in different lengths ranging from 100 mm to 300 mm. The cutting edge is created by grinding one side at an angle of 81°.

Flat Scraper

Half Round Scraper 

It’s also known as a bearing scraper since it’s used to scrape bearing surfaces. The half-round scraper comes in a shape that’s like a half-circle.

Half Round Scraper

Three Square Scraper

It’s shaped like a triangle. Along with this it has three sharp edges. This is why it is called it a triangular scraper. This tool is used to sharpen the edges of bush bearings and to scrape the inner spherical surface.

Three Square Scraper

Bullnose Scraper

These scrapers are named bullnose scrapers because they look a bit like a bull’s nostrils. People use them to scrape surfaces that are flat or half-round. The cutting edge is on a circular disc shape, covering about two-thirds of the circle. They’re really useful for scraping big bearings. To do this, you can either scrape along the length or move around the bearing’s outer edge.

Bullnose Scraper

Two Handle Scraper

People use the two handle scraper for scraping big flat areas and also for scraping sizable curved surfaces.

Two handle Scraper

Hook Scraper

It looks a bit like a flat scraper, but its tip is bent at a 90° angle. So, it’s used in places where a regular flat scraper can’t reach. The Hook Scraper makes scraping the center of big flat surfaces very easy.

Video on Types of Scrapers

Difference between Hand Scraper and Cabinet Scraper

Cabinet ScraperHand Scraper
Larger size and covers more area.Smaller size and is more maneuverable.
Ideal for large woodworking projects.Great for smaller projects and tight spaces.
Push (removes paint/varnish) and Pull (removes wood chips).Straight (removes paint/varnish) and Curved (removes wood chips).


Thus, we have successfully discussed about what are scrapers and their types. If you have any doubts or questions feel free to write us in the comments.

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