What to do With an Old Bed Frame: 11 Fun Projects

There are many cool projects you can do with an old bed frame and I found a lot of them while researching the Internet looking for potential projects. I am going to have A LOT of these once I start testing and destroying brand new ones so I can create unbiased reviews.

An old bed frame can be used to make a go-cart, lawn tractor or ATV trailer, headboards, and footboard benches, welding and utility carts, garage shelves, and flower beds. Most cities and towns have furniture garage pick-up twice per year.

Update May 4, 2023: I found a smoking deal for 48% off on a Zinus frame at Amazon here.

Ideas for old Iron Bed Frames?

There are many useful, and not-so-useful but fun, projects and 11 fun ideas include:

  • ATV trailer
  • Ride-on lawnmower cart
  • Go-cart!
  • Yardwork cart (think wheelbarrow on steroids)
  • Deer cart
  • Shelving for garage or shed
  • Workbench
  • Utility cart
  • Coffee table
  • Chop saw stand
  • Cooler cart

How to Build a Trailer with Bed Frame

There are easy-to-purchase kits available online so you can just cut the rails to the length and width that you want. Follow these instructions to build a very cool trailer:

  1. Disassemble the frame.
  2. Determine the maximum width and length your rails can build.
  3. Choose your trailer width and length.
  4. Determine how you will connect the rails (weld or drill and bolts).
  5. I am going to assume that you don’t have a welder in the garage and if you do… you know how to use it. Drill holes in the rail ends and fasten them together with stainless steel nuts, bolts, and lock washers.

    If you do have a welder check and want to see how someone cut and welded the corners step by step check out the video below this list.
  6. Fill in the center with lumber such as 2” x 10” for higher load capacity and 2” x 4” for lighter loads.
  7. Purchase and install a trailer kit including axle, leaf springs, U-bolts, and hanger kit ($200).
  8. Purchase and install trailer tires and wheels ($70).
  9. Optional: wheel fenders ($50).
  10. Optional: cheap 12-volt light kit and installation ($20).
  11. Trailer tongue ($20).

TIP: If you are reading this article then you are probably interested in building your own bed frame and you can follow the steps in my article here for under $50.

How to cut and weld angle iron corners shows how to create very strong and flush angle iron corners.

If you plan to attach the rails with nuts and bolts the rails can overlap in the corners and be fastened with nuts, bolts, washers, and lock washers.

Trailer for your lawn tractor DIY video is a good step-by-step video and easy to follow. Who doesn’t want a trailer for their lawn tractor!!!

Learn how to build a go-cart with a few spare parts or cheap kits that you can buy online. Parts like the motor can be found locally very cheap or free from old lawn tractors, pressure washers, lawnmowers, etc.

This is a perfect project if you are trying to connect with your teenager with a fun project that he or she will enjoy.

And if you don’t have teenagers it is still a fun project for you and your beer buds to work on during the weekends.

Coolers are getting larger and heavier each year and when filled with food and your favorite malt beverages it often requires two people to carry from the car to the beach. A safer and easier solution is to build a cooler cart.

A utility cart can have many different designs and uses for the house or at work. The design and configuration are up to you to make sure it is useful and efficient.

This video shows building a full trailer and is for the more advanced DIY’er who has space, time, and patience.

The industrial workbench how-to video shows how to build an awesome heavy-duty workbench with nuts and bolts and welding. I can be done with both methods, or either or depending on your skills and tools.

How to build chop saw stand, but this table can obviously be used for other purposes as well.

Headboard Benches DIY

You can build benches for inside and outside your house with an old headboard. The below video uses very little lumber, a couple of 2” x 6” for the seat, and to hold it all together.

The footboard is cut to 18” measured from each end and the middle is used for bracing or other decorative accents.

The footboards are then used for the arms and legs of the bench. Pretty cool project that can be done with only a few tools and materials.

Another headboard into a bench DIY project using lumber, headboard, and footboard. It is basically building a bench and attaching a headboard.

You can do this to an existing bench just as easily so all you need is a hammer and nails or screws and a drill.

How do I get rid of an Old Bed Frame?

If you don’t want to re-purpose the bed frame you can get rid of it simply by putting it out with your garbage. It is only a matter of time before someone comes along and is more than happy to give it a new home, likely as a DIY project.

Another option to get rid of it is to take it to the local solid waste facility (the dump) the next time that you or a friend goes there.

The facility will have a steel recycling area where you can toss the rails, and it is still likely to get picked up by dump pickers.

So it may end up as a trailer or shelf after all!

Many municipalities have furniture and appliance pick-up days a couple of times yearly. Check with your local government and ask for the garbage pick-up schedule for your address.

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