Will a queen mattress fit in an SUV: Yes in 40% of These 10

I spent almost two days researching cargo space measurements for 10 top-selling SUVs and learned that this information is very challenging to find.

I would think real measurements of the length and width of the cargo space and hatch door would be exponentially more helpful than a cubic foot number.

“Hey Bob, will my sofa bed fit in an SUV with 63.6 cubic feet?” Not helpful at all right?

A queen mattress fits in four of ten top-selling SUVs that I could find measurements or other evidence for. They include Toyota Highlander, a Buick, Ford Explorer, and Expedition. The other six SUVs can work with varying inches of the mattress sticking out the back and tying the door closed.

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* Allows three inches for the thickness of the hatch door.

I was shocked at how difficult it was to find this information. Car companies brag about cargo space but act like the width and height of the hatch door access area are a secret!!!

I spent way too much time trying to find this information. If you have one of these vehicles please please send me the measurements that actually important to owners and potential owners.

And why the heck does every website list “cargo dimensions” in cubic feet???? How does that help anyone to know what will fit in the cargo area? WOW. Hours and hours of my life researching this information.

Why don’t the manufacturers know how useless the “65 cubic feet” measurement is when trying to figure out if a mattress will fit?

Sure this is a good measurement if you are filling the SUV with small boxes, marbles, or beer bottle empties, but it is useless for larger items.

I think I am finished with my rant. Hot and cranky now 🙁

Bah, I give up looking for the Chevrolet Equinox with its “63.6” of cubic cargo space listed on dozens of websites. Do these sites just copy and paste each other???

Follow these steps to get the queen mattress into the SUV without damaging it:

  1. Slide the front seats up as much as possible and adjust the seatbacks to be as upright as possible to allow even more of the mattress to fit in the cargo area.
  2. Make sure that there is no traffic coming.
  3. Open the hatch and remove the rope, bungee cord, or cargo strap for holding the hatch closed (you don’t want to bury it under the mattress).
  4. You and your helper grab the mattress on each side and place the top against the SUV cargo space opening.
  5. You and your assistant push towards each other to bend the side up to make a U (or a smile).
  6. Once the mattress is folded enough to fit into the SUV start sliding it in until it touches the front seats.
  7. Approximately three inches will stick out of the back so you have to tie the hatch door against the mattress.
  8. Use a rope to tie to the hatch latch hoop that is on the bottom of the door.
  9. Climb into the front passenger seat while your helper holds your hatch door closed against the mattress.
  10. Ask your helper to toss the rope to you.
  11. Tie the rope to anything available or have a helper hold it while you drive home.

Getting Mattress in SUV Alone

Almost anyone can get a mattress in an SUV alone by placing one corner in the cargo area with the narrow end facing the SUV. Then fold the other side up and slide it in. Now you have the head or foot of the bed in the cargo area. Push and pull the mattress side to side until touching the front seats.

Will a Queen Mattress Fit in a Honda CR-V SUV?

A queen will not fit completely in a Honda CR-V even with the back seats down. Approximately 10” of the mattress will stick out the back. The hatch door can be tied closed against the mattress for a short drive home. It won’t lie flat and the sides will curl up about 16 – 20” up the walls.

How to Fit a Mattress in an SUV

How to Lower Seats in a Honda CR-V

Lowering the seats in a Honda CR-V is easy when you know how. Remove the cargo cover by sliding it to one side and lifting it up. Fold the headrests down by pulling on the release loop. Go to each side of the SUV and pull the release to fold down the seat bases. The lift seatback release and fold down.

For a visual on how to do this check out the excellent video below.

Stuffing a Queen Mattress into a Toyota RAV4

The Toyota Rav4 measurement from the back of the front seats to the closed hatch door is with the seatbacks in a normal position. So it may be possible to squeeze your 80” queen mattress in and close the hatch too.

Getting a Mattress in a Ford Expedition

Getting a mattress in a Ford Expedition is no problem due to the vast 100+ cubic feet of cargo space that is enough for queen and king-size mattresses, bed frames, and other miscellaneous items.

For tips and tricks to move a mattress check to see if it is legal to put one one roof of car here, and how to move a king alone here, with a small car here, and move one across the room with ease here.

Scott Boyd

How to Lay Seats Down in a Ford Expedition

I included a video below showing how to lay seats down in a Ford Expedition because it can be complicated with all the types of seat gymnastics they can perform.




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