Wrought Iron Bed Good or Bad: 5 Pros and 3 Cons

Picture a gorgeous modern farmhouse bedroom, and it almost has to feature a wrought iron bed. While this popular bed frame style definitely has an old-fashioned aesthetic to it, it’s enough of a chameleon to blend right in with more modern settings as well.

In fact, there are many reasons to love a wrought iron bed aside from the aesthetics. These durable, long-lasting beds are tough, and they don’t require much maintenance.

Having said that, wrought iron beds (like this) aren’t the right choice for everyone. My hope is that through reading this article, you’ll be able to make an informed decision with regard to whether or not a wrought iron bed belongs in your bedroom.

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What Exactly Is a Wrought Iron Bed?

If you’re like me, then you probably weren’t even sure what wrought iron was at first. Basically, it’s a form of iron that’s incredibly tough but malleable.

Note: Wrought iron is so strong because it is mostly made of iron with just one to two percent of slag in the mix. This slag is the natural byproduct of the smelting process.

During manufacturing, the wrought iron is heated up and then shaped and bent into the desired final form. Wrought iron isn’t brittle, so it bends rather than breaks, and it is resistant to corrosion. Source

It is because of wrought iron’s properties that it is able to make such a tough but beautiful bed frame.

In fact, wrought iron beds have been popular since the 18th century with many people choosing this type of frame throughout their lifetimes.

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Scott Boyd

Is a Wrought Iron Bed Right for Me?

Wrought iron beds look amazing in a wide variety of décor styles. From farmhouse and coastal aesthetics to western or industrial chic, this is a pretty versatile style.

Of course, it helps that wrought iron beds are available in everything from plain and straightforward to outright frilly. That means if you’re going for a really romantic, fairytale-style look, a wrought iron bed could be perfect.

However, before you can really make an informed decision, it’s helpful to know the pros and cons of living with a wrought iron bed. Use the information to help you make the best choice for your lifestyle.

A white and grey bedroom with iron bed topped with floral pattern bedding and decorated with a pair of metal leaves on the wall. Northwest, USA

The PROS of Wrought Iron Beds

PRO #1: Outstanding Durability

It’s virtually impossible to beat a wrought iron bed in terms of durability. This metal is incredibly tough and solid, so you can let your kids jump on it or your 400-pound cousin sleeps on it without worrying about it sagging or breaking.

Of course, the durability of a given bed is determined not just by the material out of which it’s made but also by the quality of the construction. Before making a purchase, you’ll definitely want to examine the quality of the bed.

PRO #2: Virtually Maintenance-Free

If you’re like me, then you don’t want to spend a great deal of your time maintaining your bed frame, headboard, or footboard. In fact, that may be one of the reasons why you choose a wrought iron bed over a wood one.

Wood beds take a beating from the environment. Heat and humidity can really affect it, causing it to swell and shrink over time. Moreover, a wood bed may be vulnerable to insect activity from termites and carpenter ants.

And these have been big problems for me while living in Georgia, USA, and Thailand. The termites here eat the centers of huge trees, thatched roofs (my poor earthbag house roof!), and house beams and siding.

With a wrought iron bed, you don’t have to worry about heat, humidity, or insects. While you may need to refinish or paint a wood bed as it acquires scratches and the signs of ordinary wear and tear, this is less likely to be needed with a wrought iron bed.

TIP: You can paint a wrought iron bed to update your bedroom’s décor if you like. As long as you do the right prep work and follow the paint manufacturer’s instructions, there’s no reason why your wrought iron bed couldn’t last for decades.

The most maintenance that you’ll typically have to perform on a wrought iron bed involves occasionally wiping it down to remove dust. Even as chore-averse as I am, that’s a job that I can always get done. Source

Before you buy one check out my 15 tips first here and my top how-to choose advice here.

PRO #3: Tons of Designs

This is definitely a huge advantage of wrought iron beds. Thanks to wrought iron’s inherent properties it can be heated and then bent into an endless variety of shapes.

Accordingly, some wrought iron beds are plain Jane and straightforward. There’s not a lot of fuss to them, and even the most manly-man out there wouldn’t complain that their wrought iron bed just looks too girly.

TIP: I think Iron beds are a great choice for single guys too. Not only do some of the designs look appropriately masculine, but your smart choice also demonstrates your eye for good value and longevity.

The wrought iron bed styles that are available today run the gamut from classic to contemporary. Choose a design with lots of scrolls and frills or one that’s all about straight lines and a few embellishments. They are all available, and many of them could look perfect in your bedroom.

PRO #4: Lighter than Expected

With all of my talk about how tough and durable wrought iron is, you may have the impression that these beds are massive and incredibly heavy.

Fortunately, that’s generally not true. Wrought iron beds probably weigh a great deal less than you expect, and they probably are lighter than most wooden beds.

Whether you’re moving or just rearranging your bedroom, shifting your wrought iron bed around shouldn’t be a problem.

PRO #5: Safe and Environmentally Friendly

You don’t have to worry about your child’s safety when they are sleeping in a wrought iron bed. These beds are designed so that even the most inquisitive kid can’t get their head stuck between the bars or scrollwork.

Moreover, these beds are ecologically clean. Allergy sufferers have no reason to avoid wrought iron beds, especially if the metal is covered with non-toxic paint.

The CONS of Wrought Iron Beds

CON #1: Quality May Vary

While wrought iron beds generally are durable and beautiful, they are not all created equal. In fact, some wrought iron beds just aren’t put together very well. They may be made from a metal that technically isn’t wrought iron or the way that the bed is constructed may be slipshod.

Accordingly, it’s wise to give a wrought iron bed a thorough inspection before bringing it home. Look for how well the various parts of the bed frame, the headboard, and the footboard are put together.

TIP: Pay particular attention to the slats or platform on which the mattress will sit. How large are the gaps between the slats? Will they be close enough to support a mattress without a box spring? Check the thickness and type of wood to make sure they are strong to prevent sagging.

CON #2: Price

Believe me when I say that there are really affordable wrought iron beds out there. As detailed in Con #1, the quality of these beds may not be desirable.

Of course, prices for wrought iron beds range from really affordable to multiple thousands of dollars. It isn’t necessary to spend a year’s worth of paychecks to get a high-quality wrought iron bed. Look for a middle-of-the-road option that represents a sensible intersection between quality and price.

CON #3: Squeaking

A lower-quality wrought iron bed may not be as solidly constructed as a higher-priced model. This may mean that you deal with quite a bit of squeaking from the bed during the night.

For light sleepers, this is a huge disadvantage. If you’re determined to have a wrought iron bed, make sure that it’s put together well enough to stay quiet.

TIP: If your wrought iron bed is starting to squeak, then you might want to examine its various joints and connections. Tightening up a screw or applying some well-placed lubricant may eliminate the problem.

Great Wrought Iron Bed Designs

No matter what style of décor you’re going for in your bedroom, a wrought iron bed will fit right in. Here are some of the best designs out there today:

Laurina Iron Bed from Pottery Barn

Wesley Allen Merrick from Western Passion

America from Heiressy

Dayport Oil Rubbed Bronze Bed at Home Depot

Winston Porter at Wayfair

Is a Wrought Iron Bed Worth It?

It might! I have to say that I’m a fan of the style, durability, and longevity of a well-made wrought iron bed. Think of it as being not so much a furniture purchase as it is an investment.

Really high-quality models easily can become family heirlooms, and even if you eventually tire of the style, it will still perform well in a kid’s room or a guest room.

Heck, your adult kids might fight over who you leave it to in your will. It’s also worth considering that these beds can hold their value pretty well. So if you have to sell it for unexpected reasons you’ll be able to sell it for a tidy sum.

If the wrought iron style appeals to you and the bed that you choose is properly constructed, then there’s no reason why you couldn’t enjoy it for decades.

To learn more about the Volcano Iron Bed company and their handmade beds check out my review with lots of pictures of beautiful artisan creations here.

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