Zinus Complaints: Lawsuit, BBB F, Consumer Affairs 80% 1-Star

This was an eye-opener for me considering how big and popular this company is on the Internet, and many of its products have good ratings on Amazon, Zinus, Walmart, and other seller websites. But wow, when you dig deeper there is another picture that gets painted.

Zinus mattress complaints: 196 BBB complaints and 89 appear Unanswered or Unresolved with a rating of F. 80.5% of 1-star Consumer Affairs reviews in past three years. Sagging, multiple return policies, cannot donate mattress to charity, no refund, shipping issues, poor customer support, glass fiber lawsuit, itchy and rashes complaints.

“Complainants generally allege that after a few months of use, mattresses start to sag. Customers also indicate that the 100-night trial and return policy advertised on the website: www.zinus.com is confusing and hard to use.

Consumers allege that the customer is responsible for the disposal fee of the mattresses despite returning them under the 100-night trial and it can be very difficult to find a place to donate the mattresses for free. “


Zinus Glass Fiber

Another interesting bit of information is a class action lawsuit against Zinus for glass fibers in their materials. Specifically:

A class-action lawsuit has been filed against Zinus by Cueto Personal Injury Law firm regarding glass fibers content in their mattresses. Source (UPDATE: I checked this link on September 16, 2022 and it appears this webpage was removed).

A Reddit user, four months ago, said the following:

Wait a minute is this why I always feel itchy every night??


And user DrShittyPost responded with:

I would say yes, and it’s my theory these little bastards are poking through their cheaply-made cover.


In a later post, the same user provides a list of what he used to extensively eradicate glass fibers and instructions and it is worth checking out of you have a Zinus mattress.

Washington State Department of Health has information on the effects of fiberglass on people’s health and can be read on the government website here.

Considering another company? Check these out:

The customer in the video below is MAD!

Zinus Consumer Affairs

At a glance, the Consumer Affairs rating looks positive. I dug deeper to see if there is more to the story, and there is!

The company seemed to be knocking it out of the park up until about three years ago.

It is a shame too as this is one of the older bed-in-a-box companies, which has been in business since 1979 and selling interior furniture since 2003. Source

There are might be thousands of unhappy customers if there is no company to process warranties and returns in the future if the company were to cease operations in the future.

Our YouTube summary (vertical format)

Table 1. Zinus Mattress Consumer Affairs Reviews In Past Three Years

RatingNumber of ReviewsPercent of Total
1.6Average Rating

Table 2. Zinus Mattress Consumer Affairs Reviews Overall

RatingNumber of ReviewsPercent of Total
3.8Average Rating

Zinus BBB Rating and Owner Reviews Information

The Zinus BBB rating is F due to:

“Failure to respond to 89 complaint(s) filed against business”


Not very flattering for a 33-year-old company! There were 196 complaints filed against the company and after we carefully screened the BBB public database, it appears that about half have not been addressed

TIP: If you complained to the BBB and did not receive a response then you can take it to the next level and file a complaint with the California Attorney General for companies with head office in California here.


I am surprised as I am not seeing many complaints about the company or their mattresses on Reddit considering how many large this company is. I usually find many complaints about all companies, even small ones on Reddit.

If you find comments that would be helpful to our readers, positive or negative, please forward the link to me and I will update this section. Thank you.


Trustpilot owner reviews rated the company a 2.1 out of 5, but there are only 18 reviews so not a large sample size. Most of the reviews were 1-star, a couple of 2-star, and two 5-star.

NOTE: The two 5-star reviews were the oldest, one from 2018 and one from 2019, so the trend of the company seems to be sliding towards being a bad company shows in Trustpilot as well.

Complaints include:

“Took 30+ days to deliver, so I tried to cancel and get a refund. Customer service told me they could cancel it, but then the mattress arrived and I didn’t get a refund “

Jimmy, GhostBed customer, September 2, 2020 Trustpilot

“Scammers please don’t buy from this company unless you want garbage that won’t work a week from now like a mattress that deflates along with non existent customer service”

Louisa, GhostBed customer, August 27, 2020, Trustpilot

“They sell the worse quality products, don’t honor their warranty and ignore your emails”

Anastaale, GhostBed customer, September 21, 2020, Trustpilot

“after 1 month sagging, had to change sides, because hurting my back..then less than 1 month had to go in the middle due to sagging…this one is going to the DUMP”

Rock, GhostBed customer, August 25, 2020, Trustpilot


Zinus Worker Reviews on Indeed

I am sure that there are a few disgruntled former workers venting on this platform, but there are some nuggets that can be extracted to seem to confirm the recent poor performance of the company.

At the time I looked at Indeed Zinus had a 2.7 rating from 19 reviews.

“This job was fine in 2017-18 when my old boss and supervisors was still there. But they decided that firing them was a good idea to help get orders to their customers. But they are died wrong. In 2019 when they hire a new boss and supervisors everything went down hill.”

Forklift Operator, Former Empluyee, South Carolina, Indeed

Warehouse full of Drug Dealers and Felons. Managers don’t know how to do there job. A whole bunch of DRUNKS, ALCOHOLICS AND POT HEADS


This former employee had better things to say about Zinus in December, 2019:

Zinus is a great company to work for it has it pros and cons do your job and go home , nonclimate control, you can learn different job duties it’s opportunity to grow there


A former Logistics Planning Specialist claims in November 2019 that there were even shootouts in the warehouse along with drugs. Source I was unable to find any information about these alleged shootings.

Glassdoor: Zinus Employee Reviews

There are 29 reviews at the time of writing this article from current and former employees with an overall score of 2 stars out of 5.

Some comments include:

“Benefits bonuses. Most people are easy to work with.

HR does not care & is almost non existent. Rapid growth giving more work without more pay.”

March 21, 2019, Current Employee – Anonymous Employee, Glassdoor

“This place is absolutely a toxic place to work. Everyone is depressed, but lured into this false hope that things will get better, but it never does. HR and upper management coheres together to make employees lives a living hell. Low rate in pay, micro managing, and an eletist culture at its finest. If you have ever read1984 by George Orwell. Zinus is Big Brother.”

Former Employee – Anonymous Employee, February 5, 2019, Glassdoor

These reviews go back as far as 2014 and it seems pretty consistently not awesome.

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