Zinus Mattress Smell: BBB Has Current Company Alert

Zinus mattress smell of chemicals for weeks and months due to cheap materials, VOC off-gassing and glue fumes. And the research shows that this is the least of the mattress company issues with BBB stating “CURRENT ALERTS FOR THIS BUSINESS”.

Zinus Mattress Smells Reddit Reviews

There is an owner crying about the smell even after two weeks. The first week it was aired out and the second week they thought it would speed up the off-gassing if they used it (low impact version of the jumping on the mattress to help with the off-gassing method).

It still stinks and the owner is concerned that it is not healthy for their newborn baby. Mitzy is a knowledgeable and frequent commenter on mattress related posts and I had a good laugh at the response:

Really? You bought a Chinese made roll packed bed for a couple of hundred dollars and now you’re concerned if it’s safe for your newborn?


Nice Zinger. Not to be outdone BedRoomGuru provides a detailed list of costs to the product, sells, and operates a business to sell a Zinus mattress and it is a must-read.

what can someone really expect out of this purchase? I don’t expect everyone to know these things (financial breakdown) but just like momma taught us growing up if it sounds too good to be true, it probably is.

In another response BedRoomGuru states that he worked for Zinus for a couple of years and he stated in the thread:

Low-quality chemicals and additives create this off-gassing smell, as do fire retardants made of chemicals as opposed to natural materials like cotton and wool.


Pulse54 had to air the mattress out for one month.

Huntinator7 stated no smell and sleep on it within a week.


g29fan is not a fan (and holds the titles of Moderator and Expert Opinion):

It’s the cheapest shit of the cheapest shit.


The above is not directly related to the smell, but could not resist including it.

Smells like Green tea and the odor mostly went away in a couple of weeks.


User 907339 stated that he/she got high from the off-gassing for a month. Then mothballed it for two months and still goes to work with a buzz.


Not all the comments in Reddit are negative and you can see several in this thread where they said the smell dissipated in a couple of days or no smell at all.

Zinus Mattress BBB


Wow, this is the first time I have seen this in BBB. Bright red text right at the top. BBB rating of F and 118 reviews with an average of 1-star and 188 complaints in the past three years. Sham-wow.

Unfortunately, the BBB website only loads the first 10 reviews and complaints and cannot load anymore. So I cannot do a decent job of researching here.

If you have more luck please let me know your secret and I will try again.

None of the above mention smell or odor, but Zinus as not responded to all 10 complaints dating back to June. This is scary.


Another reason to carefully consider a Zinus purchase

Zinus Mattress Consumer Reports

There are only six reviews on Consumer Reports, and none of them mention smell or odor so that is a positive sign. A less than encouraging sign is the 69 rating by Consumer Reports.

Ok, I have learned enough. I am not wasting any more of my time on this company and product. I hope this information has been helpful to a few people.

Please let me know if it helped you as it would help motivate me to continue with this website. I am getting bored with beds!

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